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The first website to make money online is, where you can get paid to search Google, watch YouTube videos, and play video games. This is honestly the easiest website to make money online from anywhere in the world, and it also doesn’t require any previous experience. It is completely free.

In this post, I want to share with you 25 brand-new websites that anyone can use from anywhere in the world to make money online within 24 hours. Beginning with website number one which was you can now sign up for free by entering your name or email address.

2. Wirestock

Website number two is where you can upload AI-generated images and you can make money off of that which sounds stupid to be true but it does work. You can upload hundreds of AI-generated images from mid-journey or blue willow or any other AI tool you use and you can sell the molecule.

You literally just have to upload them; you don’t even have to put captions or keywords or anything like that. You literally just submit your work in seconds and you can get paid whenever someone purchases one of those images from you. For example, if you create an image with AI just like this, you have the potential to get paid 50 dollars for that one single image.

3. Fitfighter

Website number three is kind of weird but you can get paid to generate fit pictures with AI or take fit pictures yourself, people are selling their fit pictures at But what I’ve seen is that the majority of these people are just generating these images with AI using mid-journey and they just upload it, and they sell pictures for like five dollars a piece. So if you’re comfortable with something like that you can definitely test it; it’s completely free.


This next website, which is a little bit more comfortable, is to go over to where you can get paid to listen to music. You can get paid only up to 120 dollars per year, but that’s fine because you don’t really need to do any active work. Bear in mind this is only available in the US and only for the App Store.


The next website that is available for all of us is which does pay a lot more than the previous website but it’s kind of boring because it has a lot of different surveys and offers where you have to go through different questions and answer all of that.

But you can get paid a lot more than from the previous website; you can get paid for sharing your opinion and helping those companies decide and make new and better products. So they’re just looking for someone’s honest opinion and you can get paid anywhere from 50 cents to three dollars per completed survey and you can complete as many of them as you prefer.


Next website is where you can find different affiliate programs and you can promote different companies and offers as an affiliate and you can earn affiliate commissions if you have a good traffic source.

The next website is for those that have passion for photography at you can sell your photos and you can get paid. You can earn passive income from them so all you’re going to do is pretty much just upload your photos they will sell them for you and you will earn commissions whenever someone buys those photos.


The next website is and this is for those with a passion for graphic design. But because if you go to the jobs section on the website, and you select l logo design. You’ll see that the logo design services will pay you $300, $100, $200 per completed task to literally just upload a logo.

You can just generate these logo designs and other graphic design products and you can sell them using Canva, Photopia, and Photoshop. You’ll see that some people from all around the world are making hundreds of thousands of dollars with this website.


The next is a similar website because on here you can complete different tasks and you can participate in their contests to make money online as a graphic designer. You can scroll a little bit down on the website and filter only by open contests and you’ll see that some of these literally pay you three hundred dollars per logo you upload.


The next website is This is a platform where you can get paid to complete surveys. They’ve been around for a while, they’ve given millions of dollars to their users but do not expect to get rich with this platform in particular because they barely pay a hundred, two hundred dollars a month and that’s like even if you do a lot a lot of work on it.

That’s why you need to stack as many of these different websites choose which one pay you the most and combine multiple if you actually want to make some decent amount of money online. but the reason I love this one is because it does pay instantly. So when you make some money you can instantly withdraw it and then spend it on whatever you want to.


The next website is where you can do mystery shopping from other people. So you’re pretty much going to be James Bond. With this one, people are going to pay you to do mystery shopping, go run and do mystery shopping for them and you can get paid quite decently with this website. It does require a lot of work and it’s only available in the US and Canada but if you are from those countries just go ahead and test it because it is from gluten-free.


The next website to make money online is career where you can apply for different jobs that include YouTube scriptwriting, voiceover artist, YouTube video editing, YouTube graphic designer, or just making thumbnails for YouTube channels, and YouTube channel manager.

So if you have some experience in this field make sure to go out there and apply for these positions because they can be very lucrative they can open so many different doors.


The next website to make money online is called where you’re going to be in the AI space. So you’re essentially going to be helping AI and augmented reality to make better decisions. According to them, you can essentially change the web or change the world and be a part of the next internet’s Revolution and also earn rewards and get paid through PayPal and it is completely free.


I think a lot of you are going to love this one because at you can get paid to play with pets and get paid to just walk someone’s dogs or just play with their cat. And they’re going to pay you some decent amount of money. Some of the people are making thirty thousand dollars a year just by taking care of someone’s pet. Now this does require pretty decent amount of work but it also pays quite well if you are really a dog lover or you really like love pets so then it’s not really going to feel like hard work.


The next episode on our list is prolific. If you go to and navigate to ‘participants’, you can participate in the research. You can help them do better research and get paid different rates.

For example, you’ll see researches that pays eight pounds per hour, which is around ten dollars per hour. So just expect that it’s gonna be around eight to nine dollars per hour to get paid to do research for them. Also, if you use free tools like scholar Ai and track GPT, you can do their research a thousand times faster.


The next website is for those who have a very nice voice because if you go to, you can get paid for completing different voiceovers and just for reading different tags for different people. Besides that, you can also write content for companies, brands, and businesses. This is also a part of Fiverr company, and Fiverr is one of the biggest freelancing platforms out there, so there is a lot of money to be made here. There’s a lot of clients that demand this high, and I feel like the supply is just not there.


The next website is called the where you can get paid to translate text and write content for different people around the world and especially for different companies and businesses that are looking for real translators and not just someone translating everything with AI.

17. Airbnb

The next website on our list is Airbnb where you can rent out different properties. But if you don’t have a property to rent out, there’s different ways that you can make money with it. There are people who spend a lot of money on Airbnb, and what 99.9% of these listings lack is better optimization, better images, or someone who is just going to help them get more customers or people renting these places.

Hosts on Airbnb sometimes make tens of thousands of dollars more. But on the flip side, there’s a lot, a lot of hosts who have great places but they just don’t even know how to optimize their listings properly and they may miss out on all of the money that’s available on Airbnb.

So if you can go out there and reach out to hosts on Airbnb and tell them that you can, for example, get better images for them or just enhance the quality of their images and bump the colors up, whatever that might be that might help them stand out from the crowd and potentially get more customers, and they would probably be willing to pay you hundreds of dollars for a service like that, and there’s endless hosts on Airbnb.


The next website over the list is and the name is pretty much self-explanatory. You’re going to get paid when you sell your gift cards. So if you have small gift cards, you can just go there and sell them here.

If you don’t have any gift cards, then you can just go to which gives you instant gift cards by for completing different tasks such as watching videos, searching the web, completing surveys, and so on. You get instant gift cards, and then you can just instantly sell them on and actually turn that into cash. You can get paid via Paypal.

19. Thredup

The next episode on the list is pretty interesting. It’s called thredup where you can clean out your closet and clean out your house if you have some old stuff laying around the house. You don’t actually have to go there and take pictures of each item and then list on eBay to try and sell it or go to Craigslist or anything like that. Just go to this website, you can just send them a bag of the items that you have around the house, and they will just send you cash for that.

So you don’t actually have to go there and sell it yourself. It’s obviously going to be that you’re going to be paid less, but in most of the cases, people just throw it away either way. So now you can pack it up in a bag and throw it away to the post office and you can potentially get paid for it.


The next website is where you can sell stock photos. So again this is for those passionate for photography, you can get paid anywhere from 1.25 to three dollars per image that you sell. You can also sell videos and audio files as well.


The next episode is where you can get paid for giving your opinion for answering different questions. You can either get gift cards, which again if you don’t know what to do with them just go to and sell them for actual cash or in some cases you can actually get real rewards and real cash that you can spend on whatever you want.


The next website on our list is called where you can get paid for all sorts of different things. There are literally thousands of different ways to make money with this app. They have a lot of different offers available for anyone who signs up but this is mostly for people coming from the US.


The next job is pretty cute, but you can go to and you can be a babysitter and you can get paid tens of thousands of dollars a year to babysit around the US. So if you love kids, if you love being around kids, you can definitely just go to, you can apply for completely free and get paid to babysit for other people, play with kids and make some money.


The next website is again a James Bond website because if you go to, you can become a mystery shopper for other people. You can do some mystery shopping for people around the world.

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