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These 17 websites are literally giving away money for free, and I know it sounds stupid. I know you’re like, “Nah, that sounds too good to be true,” and I completely understand you. Now, I do want to let you know that this will obviously not make you rich. This will not replace your full-time job, but it’s just cool to know that there are real websites out there giving away real money to people like me and you.

Some of these websites are giving away free money, some of these websites are giving away free gift cards, and some of these websites are just giving away stuff in general for free. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, it doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, you can use at least one of these websites to get something for free.

15 Websites To Get Free Money

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Let’s begin with website number one, which is is a website where you can find any project that you may be starting. There are trending campaigns, and they have some very wholesome campaigns going on for thousands of dollars. Some of these have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in different industries.

Now, you obviously need an actual fundraiser for this. You can’t just go to the website and say, “Hey, I need $600 for a new PlayStation.” So it’s not going to work like that, at least with this website. That’s why we have the second website, which is


At, you can get paid to listen to music, watch YouTube videos, search Google, complete different tasks, and even play video games and get paid for that. So it is kind of like free money. You do have to do some work for it, and bear in mind that they just paused for new users.

In order to apply, you will have to enter your name and email address and join the priority waitlist. This is the highest-paying website out there when it comes to getting paid for completing different tasks and offers, but they don’t accept everyone. So you will have to wait for like a month or two months on the waitlist before you receive an email that you can now jump in and start making money from it.


In case you genuinely need donations for health issues or any of those matters, then you can go to You can apply by creating an account. Now, you obviously need an honest reason why you would need a donation, so otherwise don’t use this website.

4. Pinch Me

The next more relaxed website on our list is called Pinch Me. These guys are giving away free products so that you can tell them what you think about that. If there’s some new product in the market before the products are released for the masses, they will actually send out free samples to people to test those products and give them an honest opinion.

If you like it, if you don’t like it, if you think they should improve something, so you can give them your honest opinion, and they will give you free products for that. There are free products to try every single day, apply for multiple products at once, and you can also earn Pinch Me coins for express shipping.

You can just share feedback and write reviews on these products, and that’s why they will continue sending you free products every single day.


Next up on our list, we have It pretty much says exactly what it does. It gives you free samples of different products to test.

You can join there different waitlists, and then they will send out different products like body care products, like real-life samples that you would usually pay for, but they give them away for free on this website. Now, you can decide what you want to do with this, whether you want to sell it for a lower price or use it yourself, but either way, it’s free.


On here, you can apply for a lot of different free products. When people have something that they want to get rid of, they would come to a platform like this and list it out for free.

For example, if I have some old fridge that is still working but I don’t really want to use it anymore, I would just list it on a website like this, and someone gets to pick it up as soon as possible.


This obviously is for those who have at least a little bit of social media presence out there. If you have a TikTok account or an Instagram account, you can just come over here and apply for completely free.

When there are some companies that are launching new products, they will give away their products for free to influencers, and micro-influencers who don’t have millions of views. They would give them these free products just so they mention them in their videos. You don’t necessarily have to have millions of followers, as I said. You just need to be posting something on social media to get these free products that are sometimes worth hundreds of dollars.

After recording them, you can, of course, just sell them.


This is a place where you can also get free products that are sometimes worth hundreds of dollars. These are free products from different companies. Just share your experience. They’re just looking for an honest opinion about their products and services.

You can quite honestly just sell those products. Whatever you get for free, just write a review, and then sell it and get the actual cash.


On here, you can also get free samples and free products, which, once again, once you receive and test, you can give away for free.

You just want to click on “view free sample” on their website and you can receive the present day’s free samples by mail, and there’s like hundreds of different products that you can get every single day. Just make sure not to fall for the trap where they tell you that you’re going to get free products, but all you have to do is pay for the shipping, which is like three times more than what the product is actually worth.

So don’t fall for those kinds of scams. Make sure that if they’re sending the products, they’re the ones paying for the shipping or that at least shipping is reasonable and lower than the cost of the actual product that you are getting.


It’s a platform where you can collect free cash by completing different tasks and offers. This website doesn’t pay a lot. It only pays a couple of dollars per month, and it can be a little bit spammy. But it’s still pretty cool because you can get paid to literally create an account on Netflix, get paid to create an account on TikTok.

And it’s pretty fun, and you basically do get free cash because you don’t need to pay in order to make money from the platform.


This website will give you free money and free rewards for just scanning your receipts from groceries.

If whatever you buy, you get a receipt, well, if you scan it with this app, you’re going to get a real reward and money for that. You don’t need to actually do any extra work. Just scan what you already have, and they will give you rewards for that. So you can kind of tell that it is like free money and free rewards.


That’s because you can get things without buying anything. You can get free stuff from this platform. People are listing different products that they want to get rid of. They’re listing them for free, and you can take those products and sell them on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, or wherever you want to sell them.


Another website where you can get free products, free items. You can sell ll of the products for at least some money. You can’t get rich, but you can at least get something for free and get some money for free.


The reason this is literally free funding is because they don’t really take any fees. They give you free crowdfunding wherever you are, whatever you need funding for, they will allow you to do it without taking any fees. It’s a nonprofit organization, and you can just fundraise without actually losing anything.

Now again, this is only if you really have a big reason for this. So people are using this to fight cancer, people are using this to help the homeless and just help families around the world.

If you really, really genuinely need money right now, then you can try

15. Bra.go.

People are usually getting hundreds of dollars for their projects or whatever they’re trying to fund from this free app and website.

For whatever serious need funds, you can use multiple of these websites to maximize the donations that you are getting.

I hope you find these useful. Thanks and Happy Hustling!!

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