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So, you want to make money with YouTube shorts but you don’t want to dance in front of a camera like a monkey, and you don’t want to record your face.

YouTube Shorts

Well, I’m going to show you exactly how the above channel is making $23,000 a month posting faceless shorts.

How this channel above is making a hundred thousand dollars a month with absolutely faceless shorts. And how apparently this channel is making millions of dollars on YouTube without ever recording any videos.

The best part is that you can apply this exact same system to any other platform and you can make money online even as a complete beginner with no previous experience.

One particular mistake I’ve seen many beginners make, is keeping their YouTube channels at zero views, and that’s why they’re not making money. So, I want to share that with you in this article so that you can hopefully avoid it and actually make money from your channel.

You see, the above channel called History Bypass is making over $175,000 per month just from ad revenue alone.

And if you open up any other videos you will be able to see that they are completely AI-generated. This means that the AI is generating the script, the AI is reading the script, and the images are all AI images.

Also, the shorts Channel above, is according to socialblade, is making $1.5 million a month. (That’s obviously not true because you can’t really monetize it that much with adrevenue). But there are different ways that you can make money and I will share that with you.

But they are still making a lot by posting simple facts about different things. You can literally generate that with chatgpt or just find different articles on Google.

For example, the above short which is extremely simple to make, I’m going to show exactly how you can get it all done for you. It has gotten 175k and millions of views and it’s completely faceless YouTube short.

The above Channel with faceless shorts is according to SocialBlade, getting $4 Million a month for month Revenue because they’re getting over a billion views every 30 days.

Can You Make Millions With YouTube Shorts?

Now, unfortunately, you can’t really make millions of dollars a month from ad revenue from your YouTube shorts because for example sample I have this channel below which has gotten 246 million views from YouTube shorts, these are faceless shorts but made zero dollars from ad Revenue.

However, it made a lot more money with other income streams which can be selling digital products, it can be affiliate marketing. For example, there are people inside of the online business Club who make thousands of dollars a month with affiliate marketing, but you can also get brand dealers and sponsorships, you can also promote your own digital products, you can do all sorts of different things and not just rely on other Revenue.

How To Generate The YouTube Shorts


Now, to generate those YouTube shorts you can simply use AI FACE FRENZY. This is a brand-new AI tool that will allow you to generate engaging AI videos with just one press of a button. You just click on generate AI video now and you can even have like a presenter talk into the camera which is going to make your videos a lot more engaging.

You can have AI avatars, but you can also have real-life people that can present your shorts you literally just select the person that you want, and then you click on create video and then you can have them on.

So you can just select the character, you can change backgrounds, you can select different templates, you can add stickers, you can add text, and you can also import your own media. And by doing this you can actually have like a creator for yourself for your YouTube shorts without you actually having to be in front of the camera.

Simply get the AI FACE FRENZY and create your video from scratch. You can select the Avatar and you can start editing your YouTube shorts which you can then monetize either with affiliate marketing.

You can also modify them with ads, but just bear in mind that even millions of views are just barely going to make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. So it’s not that much but you can still make a lot from Brand deals, digital products, and again affiliate marketing or CPA marketing.

What Type Of To Make

Now, before I show you the massive mistake that a lot of beginners make, you also want to do some proper research when designing what type of shorts you’re going to be creating for your channel.

What you can do is, you can go to Google Trends and see what’s trending right now. Click on trending right now, see all the topics that are extremely trending.

For example we have some Kanye West story that is trending today. So what you can then do is you can open up video IQ and then you can go to the keywords section and you can check if that keyword is trending on YouTube as well.

Just type in Kanye West or whatever you saw on Google Trends. For this example, you can see that the competition for the keyword “Kanye West” is very high, the search volume is very high as well. But the overall score is medium so maybe you shouldn’t make a short about this.

So let’s try another keyword from Google trends, “England versus Nigeria”, type that in Vid IQ and see what it’ll actually say.

According to Vid IQ the competition is high on this one, but the search volume is medium.

So, just by testing with Google Trends and Vid IQ you can see exactly which topics are trending, so you can potentially make shorts about that and get the most views possible.

Why Most YouTubers Get Zero Views

Now, the biggest mistake that beginners make when they start posting YouTube shows is that they don’t focus on the title of their YouTube shorts. They literally just randomly name them.

They put all the effort into designing the short but they don’t really put effort into the title of the short which is actually extremely important because you don’t have the thumbnail or anything that’s actually going to make people click and watch the short.

You can beat the competition just by using psychology for your titles. You can just open up some successful channels on YouTube and you can see what type of titles they are putting into their most viral shorts.

Brad Cooper actually does a very good job at keeping people watching her YouTube shorts by having these titles that are very well optimized and then playing with your psyche to make sure you click on it.

One of her titles “I don’t care if you’re a vegan” There are a lot of people that get triggered by titles like that, so she gets millions of views with her YouTube shorts.

You can definitely take a look at what Frameworks she’s using for her titles and just try to apply that to your own Niche and to generate these YouTube shorts. Just get the AI FACE FRENZY to get started.

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