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Discover the untapped potential of Cash App and learn how to make money on cash app in just minutes.

Cash app is one of the biggest money transfer platforms out there and I could see why. With millions of users, a lot of people are using it every single day. But what if I told you that you can be able to go ahead and turn cash app into a passive money making machine. And it’s been right in front of your eyes this whole time. Today, I’m going to be showing you the step-by-step tutorial on how to make money on cash app in minutes.

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What Is Cash App?

Cash app is a full service banking and investing app, an easy to use online peer to peer payment system for sending and receiving money on your phone. Cash app is owned by SQUARE INC. a company that has been around since 2009 founded by the creator of Twitter.

Cash app is especially popular because it’s not only great for sending and receiving money quickly between friends, it’s also a great way to use your debit cards. You can buy stocks and Bitcoin, you can transfer money easily from your bank, and the most interesting part of this is the ability to make money on cash app.

Setting Up Your Cash App

  • The first step is going to be to open up the app store if you’re on IOS or the google play store if you’re on android.
  • Then you want to go ahead and go to cash app simply type in cash app in the search bar.
  • Click on install .
  • Once You’ve installed the cash app, you want to go ahead and create a brand new account.

How To Set Up Cash App Account

After installing the app, follow these next steps;

  • Open the app and enter your email or mobile number
  • Check your email or your message app for a verification code from Cash App.
  • Copy and paste that code into the required field.
  • Add a bank using your debit card. You can skip that for later if you want.
  • Add your name. Make sure to add your real name.
  • Chose a cash tag. That’ll be the name you’ll get paid with by people. You can send your cash tag to anyone and you’ll get paid with it. It’s the same thing as an account number.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • After entering your zip code, on the next screen, you can see your friends that are on cash app if you want or you can skip that option.
  • That’s it, you’re now on cash app.

How To Make Money On Cash App

1. Referral

The easiest and fastest way to make money on cash app is through the referral system. First of all, while signing up for cash app, if you sign up with a referral code, you’re going to be giving $5 as soon as you send $5 to a friend.

The trick here is to send $5 to a friend you trust and you get $5 in return and your friend gets an extra $5 for free as well. You could then ask your friend to send you back the initial $5 you sent to them. It’s a win-win for the both parties, free $5 for the both of you.This is how a lot of people have been making so much money on cash app.

Unfortunately, cash app is only working in the United States and the UK, since those are the two locations that cash app is located in. If you’re in any of theses location, you can go ahead and do this for yourself.

To get started, you just have to click on your profile on the app, and then you want to go ahead and click on invite friends. If you go out and refer five people to go ahead and download cash app with your referral link or code, and they send $5 to anyone, cash app will give them a $5 each. And then, you’ll also receive a $25 bonus, which honestly is literal free money.

Since they’re your friends, you could just tell them to send you $5 which you’ll send it back to them in return once you both receive your bonuses. If they don’t have $5 to send, you could give it to them and once they receive their bonus and you receive yours, they could send it back to you. Only use this strategy with friends you trust.

Inviting Friends

Once you’re on the invite friends page on cash app, from your contacts, you could see your friends that are not on cash app yet and there will be an option to invite them to start using cash app.

If you see that option to invite them, go ahead and click on them, invite them to cash app, and once they go ahead and download the app, and actually go ahead and send you $5, and you go ahead and send five dollars to another person, then you’re going to get $5 for yourselves.

That’s not all, if you have a higher cash app bonus, you can may be able to get $10, $15, and up to $20. The more you use cash app to make transactions, the more your referral bonus increases with time.

2. YouTube X Cash app

Realistically speaking, I’m pretty sure that you don’t have thousands of friends so you cannot make thousands of dollars with the referral option. However, there is something we can do in order to reach out to more and more people, which is all about taking advantage of all the search volume there is around this keyword (cash app).

cash app screenshot

If you search for cash app on VidIQ keyword inspector tool, you’re going to notice it’s got some great search volume. we’re talking about over 80,000 searches. The competition is also high because people are posting content about it, but there is a lot of search volume, and wherever there is traffic there is money to be made.

How To Make Money With Cash App With YouTube

Here’s how you grab your piece of the pie. You just have to open a new YouTube tab and type in cash app, you’re going to notice that one of the first videos to pop up is a simple tutorial on how to use cash app.

Those channels are not revealing any sort of secrets, or bugs, and hacks within the app that will make you rich overnight. They are literally just showing us how to use the app and that’s all they did to generate hundreds of thousands of views.

Revenue Per Mile

What’s really impressive about this is the RPM these videos are getting. These videos are basically tech videos, and it’s also in the finance niche somehow because cash app is a finance app, it is a payment processor. If I were to take a guess say they are getting an RPM of $7.5, well, that’ll be over forty thousand dollars that they have generated with their upload.

Can you imagine that for a second? uploading a single video, a short tutorial where you’re just showing how to use an app, and getting paid over four thousand dollars for it? Well, that’s precisely what these tutorial channel are doing.

The fact that there is so much search volume around the cash up keyword, shows that people are searching for it, they are searching for tutorials and if you can be the person to deliver the content to answer people’s questions you’re going to make a bunch of cash.

Faceless YouTube Channel

Now, that doesn’t mean you just have to show up in front of the camera every single day and record videos and become a Vlogger. Definitely not, that is not what I’m trying to say here. You can literally create the faceless YouTube channel that is all about tech tutorials.

You’re just going to take the most popular apps of the moment and create short reviews or short tutorials showing people how to make use of specific features.

Multiple Streams Of Income

What’s even crazier than that is that apart from the income stream that you’re getting with ads, apart from getting paid directly by YouTube, you can set up another income stream on the site. Let’s think about it this way, somebody has searched for how to use cash app and that is because they are probably a newbie, and they haven’t really used cash app in the past. They probably don’t even have an account whatsoever.

Well, and I’m pretty sure you know where this is going. You can invite them to the app, you can send your referral link and get paid for every single user that signs up. And here’s the thing, you can also leverage that within the video.

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3. Stocks and Bitcoin

The second earning opportunity that the app provides is the only platform that allows you to invest in crypto and stocks. Investing through cash up is way more convenient especially if you’re frequently using it in order to send money to your friends and receive payments.

Now, does it seem like it is the perfect time to invest in crypto? The price of Bitcoin doesn’t look that attractive, it’s only $30012.40 (as of the time I wrote this article), and when you compare that to over 68,000 back at its all-time high, things are not looking that great.

However, there are earning opportunities even in a bear market and I’m about to cover a strategy that might actually allow you to make some money over the long run.

Dolllar Cost Average

Does that mean you should just go ahead and blindly invest all of your life savings into Bitcoin? This is certainly a strategy worth considering, and I’m talking about dollar cost averaging. This is a strategy that focuses on the long, run if you’re someone who thinks that Bitcoin is going up over the long term then you may want to implement it.

Dollar costs average basically allows you to accumulate cryptocurrency at equal time intervals and here’s how it works. Let’s just say you’re willing to invest $100 per week every single monday at 5 PM, let’s say you’re going to invest without even have to look at the price.

What ends up happening is that over a long enough period of time you end up accumulating a significant amount of cryptocurrency, and if the price of that cryptocurrency goes up in the long run you’re also making some profits.

Market Volatility

The market is certainly unpredictable and volatile, but if over a long enough period of time the price is going up, then the average price is also going to be up and so your investment is going to be profitable. Again, you may want to do a little bit more work and more research around it but it is certainly a strategy worth considering.

Remember, this is not a foolproof strategy but imagine like any other strategy it is certainly not invisible. If the price of Bitcoin never goes up, you’re not going to be profitable as you might expect, you still needed to go bullish over a longer period of time.

Alright, let’s not get sidetracked with the technicalities. Cash app allows you to invest in crypto and stocks within a few seconds with as little as one dollar.

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