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Using AI to write your content? Bypass the AI content penalty with this

Many of you might be wondering why should I even care about creating fully undetectable AI content? As many of you know, AI content right now is more accessible to more people than ever before. Literally anyone has access to chat GPT and other AI writing models as well at their fingertips, to be able to quickly and easily create content for just about any Niche and any language that you’d like.

But with that popularity also comes some trouble and that’s what we have seen starting to spark the rumors. Alright, I’m talking about rumors like will Google penalize AI content? And ever since these rumors have started, a bunch of people have started to panic and with good reason.

Many of us have been through this show before, when Google decides to release a big update and it just tanks all of your rankings tags, tanks all of your traffic, your sales. All of that just goes to the floor from one day to the next, and that’s one of the worst positions to be in.

Many of you either have heard or have experienced that yourself, if you’ve been active on the internet over the last five to ten years or so.

What’s included;

What Google Has Said About AI Content.

However, thankfully, so far as of today, as of right now Google has come out and said that they will not be penalizing website owners who are using AI content YET. But that is a big Yet.

They haven’t, they’re they’re not penalizing just yet and I honestly feel that’s a big YET because at the end of the day we don’t know what they’re going to do tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year.

Like, I said they can easily decide that once more websites or owners start using AI content, maybe that’s when they decide to release an update because as of right now the majority of websites out there are still not using AI content.

Just so you know…

Some time ago:

  • Duplicate/PLR content worked well – Then Google penalized it.
  • Spun Content worked well – Then Google penalized it.
  • MASS/Spam Link-Building Worked well – Then Google penalized it.
  • PBN/Link Farms Worked well – Then Google penalized it.
  • ANYTIME they see something working for marketers, they PENALIZE it!

Will Google Penalize AI Content?

The signs are already there, Google are already starting to mention that they can detect AI content, and that’s basically a red flag, a warning. There’s almost a dozen AI content detectors out there even, Open AI has released their own AI content detector.

All of the signs are pointing to the direction of us having to elevate and change and make fully undetectable AI content.

And the ONE Common denominator throughout ALL SEO history is that…

They Will NEVER Warn Us About An Upcoming Penalization Update!

They Penalize FIRST and tell us AFTER, which leads EVERYONE scrambling to try and recover!

And that’s the WORST Position to be in. To have spent countless time, effort, money and resources to build a business that is making LIFE-CHANGING income only to have it DISAPPEAR overnight because the search engines decided to release an update.

What We Can Do To Safeguard Ourselves?

AI has really helped us write well optimized articles that could rank and drive traffic to our sites, links, increase sales, and have saved us a great deal.

I got you covered, there’s a tool I’ll recommend for you which can by pass any AI content detection tool, even GPTZERO (the harshest AI content detection tool online).


Bypaiss is gonna allow you to instantly Elevate the quality of all of your AI content to the highest quality possible. At the same time, it’ll make all of your AI content fully undetectable from any of the AI content detectors that are out there, and it’s going to allow you to do so for any Niche content for any language in a matter of seconds. This will help you get more traffic, more rankings, and more sales without ever having to worry about getting penalized by the search engines or the social sites.

Bypaiss is going to allow you to finally be able to feel 100% confident to grow and scale your business using AI content.

Why Bypaiss Was Built

This platform was built to allow you create fully undetectable AI content but not just that, it also elevate the quality of your content so that it can truly be passed as a human written piece of content.

Let’s go ahead see what it can do, I’ll show you exactly how this works.

How Bypaiss Works

Bypais is built as a web app and there’s literally three options that you have to choose from after uploading your AI content on Bypaiss.

With the first option, you’re going to be able to choose the readability of the content, whether you want Basics, which means it will write at a high school level. The second is intermediate which will write at a college level, and the third is the Advance which will write at a doctorate level writing, that is pretty much the highest quality that you can get.

Once you done with the first step, you’ll have to choose what the content is for, what is the usage of the content. Is it going to be general a blog post, marketing, etc. The reason for that is so that the platform knows exactly how to structure and format your content.

Let’s See A Real Example Of How It Works.

Alright, so I’m going to go directly over to chat GPT and ask the AI to write me an article.

Here’s actually a piece of content that is actually already written for me, it’s about all around intermittent fasting. So I’m going to copy the article and then I’m going to head over to GPTZERO which is honestly the harshest AI detector out there. It’s probably the best and the toughest one to actually get through.

I’m going to paste the AI content that was just written for me using chat GPT into GPTZERO, and we’ll see the result.

You’ll see that it says “your text may include Parts written by AI”. That is the article written with chatGPT.

Now, I’m going to take the AI content and I’m going to bring it over to Bypaiss. I’m going to paste it in the text box. I’m going to go ahead and leave it at intermediate, I’ll click on bypass this content and watch the system get to work for me.

Not only is it going to be improving the quality of this content, but it’s also going to make it fully undetectable.

Alright, the process is completed. But there’s one other thing that I also want you to notice, not only did it improve the quality of the content, but it also added to it. So it took it from 427 words of the original content that Chat GPT wrote and it turned it into 726 words.

I’ll write some of the words out so that you can see that it does give it a much better tone, a much better quality, and it just gives it a much more human written aspect to it.

Here’s part of the Bypassed text

The practice of intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular among Health enthusiasts worldwide. While it may seem like a new fad in nutrition science, its roots can be traced back to ancient times when fasting was often tied into religious or cultural Customs. By understanding these historical connections, we gain valuable insights about how intermittent fasting could potentially benefit our modern Lifestyles today and Beyond…

Bypaissed Text

Here’s the original text from ChatGPT

Intermittent fasting, a unique pattern of eating that alternates between periods of fasting and consuming meals has gained significant attention worldwide. While it may seem like a modern health trend, it’s origins trace back to ancient practices often tied to religious and cultural rituals…”

Text from ChatGPT

You can see that the AI content generated from ChatGPT is much more to the point, IT doesn’t really have much personality to it compared to the it’s later version processed by the Bypaiss software. One that does have a lot more personality and uses “we” and all that stuffs in it.

Checking If It’ll Passed The AI Test

So let me go ahead and copy the processed text from Bypass and head back to GPTZERO and let’s see the results.

Now you can see that now “your text is likely to be written entirely by a human” Okay, again not only did Bypaiss go ahead and elevate the quality of the content by giving it a true human touch, it added to it and at the same time it made it fully undetectable by the top AI detector out there.

GPTZERO like I said is the harshest AI detector out there and you know it is the top one being used right now. And you see just how simple it was to turn your content to a much better quality and make it fully undetectable using bypass in a matter of seconds.

One More Example

Let me go ahead and do one more so that you can see just how powerful this platform truly is.

Here’s another piece of content that was written for me “all around skin care”. So, I’m going to go ahead and run this through GPTZERO one more time.

You can see that it says “your text may include parts written by AI”. Now, I’m going to bring this over to Bypaiss, and I’m going to chose the doctorate level, and then I’m going to bypass this content.

Again, you’ll see that it turned 589 original words written by chat GPT and it turned it to 955 words. So, not only is it improving the quality, it’s increasing the amount of content that you’re able to post on your websites, and it’s making it fully undetectable.

Now, I’m going to copy the processed text and I’m going to head back to GPTZERO.

You can see again “your text is likely to be written entirely by a human”

So, Bypaiss again allows you to quickly and easily increase the your content, increase the quality and make it fully undetectable.

What You Can Achieve With This

This is going to allow you to get ahead of the curve and allow you to get more rankings, get more traffic, get more sales by being able to confidently use AI content that will be fully undetectable. And you can be 100% confident in building and scaling your business using AI content without having to worry about when and if Google is actually going to release AI content update.

But I can tell you right now, many of us have seen these signs before, if all of these AI detectors are starting to pop up, then, though there’s a reason for that, and that’s why have Bypaiss was built. It was built to allow you really put your AI content to the next level and be able to confidently use it in your business to get more traffic, get more rankings, and make more money.

What’s More

On top of everything , you’re also going to be getting a plug-in option. The plugin allows you to install Bypaiss on any existing sites that you already have that may have either AI content already posted on there or some other original content posted on there. And it will go in there and automatically rewrite all of your existing content on there.

Bypaiss will elevate the quality, increase the amount of content on there, and make it fully undetectable by just installing the plugin.

Currently, they give the plugin as a bonus with your front-end purchase.

More Interesting

They also have chat GPT integrated on there platform. So, instead of going back and forth through ChatGPT, GPTZERO, Bypaiss, to get the results you want, you’ll be able to get all in one place. Once you actually get Bypass, they have Chat GPT built right in so that you don’t have to be clicking back and forth through different tabs.

You’ll be able to insert your prompt, get your content written right away inside of bypass, put it through your bypass system, and do everything under one Central dashboard.

That is exactly how bypass works, it allows you to truly break the shackles when using AI content especially chat GPT which is the number one AI content platform out there.

But now that more people are starting to use it, you’re starting to notice that you know it’s starting to become an issue. And that’s why Bypass allows you to kind of uh you know make yourself a little bit more immune to any potential penalties that may result using just plain old Chat GPT AI content.

Click here to start using the Bypass software for personal use

Click here to start using Bypass software for freelancers

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