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sports bra

We all know how complicated getting the right bra is, but add a sports bra to the mix and it can drive anyone into confusion. So, we’re here with all the tips and tricks you will need to pick the right sports bra. When you’re working up a sweat, it’s most important to make sure your skin isn’t affected by what you’re wearing.


The first step to getting that right is to choose the suitable fabrics. Cotton blends are great if you prefer a light exercise routine or have sensitive skin. Lycra or spandex provides a good amount of support, shape retention, and elasticity required for intensive workouts. Microfiber is a thin and seamless fabric that has great moisture-wicking abilities that help with excessive sweating.

Best Sport Bra

Now that you know the right fabrics to look for, let’s get into the right kind of sports bras to pick. Your preferred way of burning out those calories will help you pick the impact kind of sports bra.

Low-Impact Bra

Low-intensity workouts call for low-impact bras. They are usually lightly padded and designed to provide ample support for activities that involve less upper-body movement. So, if your daily dose of exercise is yoga, Pilates, or walking that demands less movement or bounce, a low-impact bra is exactly what you need.

Medium-Impact Bra

Medium-impact bras are designed to moderately restrict movement for activities like power walking or Zumba. They usually have separate cups for breasts to keep them in place and a wider band for added support.

High-Impact Bra

Highly intensive activities that involve more movement and bounce, like running or tennis, require high-impact bras. They usually have wider shoulder straps, padded cups, and a supportive underwire for ample coverage and support.

Compression-Type Bra

A compression-type sports bra helps compress and hold the breasts closer to the body, thus minimizing movement and providing support. They’re usually great for small to medium sizes and low to medium-impact activities.

Encapsulation Bras

Encapsulation bras have cups that provide utmost support to each breast separately and restrict movement. They are ideal for medium to bigger sizes and medium to high-impact activities.

Determining The Perfect Sports Bra Size

Your sports bra is supposed to be slightly tighter than your regular bra, as it is supposed to provide added support and prevent any bounce. Here’s how you can determine the best size of sports bra for you.

Hold a finger at the band of the bra and try to pull against your body. If you can pull more than an inch away, go a size smaller. If you’re on a mission to lose some of that extra weight, always keep in check of the inches. Once you lose weight and your bra doesn’t fit you right, it will not give you the optimal support you need.

How Long Should a Bra Last

A good quality sports bra should last you a good 8-12 months, depending on how frequently you workout. However, if you spot any piling, it’s time for you to bid goodbye to your workout partner. Always remember to wash your sports bra in cold water and flat dry to retain its shape and elasticity. These tips will ensure you tackle those calories with utmost comfort.

Best Sport Bras

For those of you finding it difficult to find a supportive sports bra, there’s not a lot out there. We’ll be recommending a few different sports bras for you, we’re also going to be going over what are the best for certain things, as far as weight lifting, if they’re really supported for running.

All the sports bras we’ll be recommending are very supportive sports bras.

Quick Links

1. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure No Bounce

2. SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra for Women

3. Air Control Deltapad

4. Nike Women’s Swoosh Sports Bra

1. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure No Bounce

The first one we’ll start with is the Glamoriese full figure women’s sports bra. Thus sports bra is very supportive. You could use it for running, you could use it for weightlifting, hiking, or any kind of high-intensity cardio that you’re doing. This bad boy supports the girls very, very, very well.

Even though it is very supportive, it does give you a nice cleavage, the cuts are really, really cute. The back part is super cute because it’s sheer. It’s just a great comfortable sports bra.

After washing them, dry them normally. If you want to keep the quality a little tighter, I guess you could say for a longer period of time, I would suggest dry hanging. But besides that, you could wash and dry them in a normal dryer and they like are awesome.

The quality is just very, very consistent. Super supportive for any kind of high-activity sport that you’re trying to do. They support the girls for real when you can run in them.

It is less constricting with solid support, utilizing 3D technology to assess body movement during intense exercise, this high-impact sports bra was designed to move with your body without impeding breath or causing undue pressure.

2. SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra for Women

What makes the SHEFIT bra epic is the amount of customization that you have on almost every area of the bra. You can adjust the backstrap to get a tighter fit,you can also adjust the straps across the top to really get a good fit and to really feel like you’re truly supported. If you’re someone who’s trying to get into something like high-intensity workouts, we strongly recommend this bra.

It gets you locked in and loaded making you ready for any high-intensity workout.

The limitation of this bra is sweat, sweat messes it up. The bra gets heavy when it gets full of sweat. Thankfully, you can adjust the straps while exercising since they’re easy to access. The sweat had no where to go, no moisture wicking capabilities, this limits what this bra could do. But, you’ll definitely be locked and loaded.

If you’re someone who’s beautifully and heavily endowed, beyond the E cup range, you should definitely check this bra out.

3. Air Control Deltapad

This is a bra by Anita which has been making bra since 1886, that’s something crazy. This is their active bra and it’s so supportive. It has lots of mesh which helps take in air and out. It merges functionality with style creating an ideal padded sports bra for you.

The pads ensure maximum support, presenting you with a comfortable, breathable, and supportive feeling. The pads are sewn in to accommodate any workout and activity, and it’s no bounce for well enowed ladies.

The design is functional but it’s not fashionable, it’s not really giving a sports bra look, it’s giving a a 1920’s grandma bra look that you are just wearing out in the atmosphere. Apart from that, it really gives maximum support.

4. Nike Women’s Swoosh Sports Bra

The Nike swoosh offers a lot more full coverage while still giving you a little cleavage, but they are a lot more full coverage, and very supportive. Again, you can run in these. They have a ton of different colors, they have like almost every single color.

It’s great for working out in outdoor activities. It’s just a really great sports bra overall.

It’s very supportive, and the coverage on it is really, really good too. So, if you like a lot of coverage, this is going to be what you should go for. The Nike swoosh is super breathable and flattering because, you know, like some sports bras, they’ll be very supportive, but they will smash your boobs down and just not look flattering. It just makes them look weird and awkward if you wear shirts with them.

Like every single one of these sports bras, they’re actually flattering. It’s not that the cleavage is falling out everywhere, but it looks nice undershirts if that makes sense. I know that makes sense to some of you girls who have found sports bras that were supportive, but it just looks really, really ugly with a shirt on or off.

That’s all for this article, let us know what your thoughts are concerning these picks.

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