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In this article, I’m going to share with you seven digital products that you can create with AI tools to make passive income. Now, some of these products can do well over twenty-five thousand dollars a month, and there’s a lot of variety here, so there should be something for everyone.

I’m going to cover these products rather quickly, and that’s because I’ll be making a step-by-step guide on them in the coming weeks, so make sure you subscribe to my email list because you don’t want to miss those articles.

Now, with these being digital products, you’re probably going to be generating a 91% profit margin, and they’re almost completely passive. Since the masses haven’t really caught onto these products yet, these niches are relatively untapped. And so, without further ado, let’s get talking!

1. Generating Patterns

Product number one is generating patterns, the weirdest one on this list, which is generating patterns. I just came across this shop called DiBrush, and they’re selling digital download patterns.

Their seamless patterns are normally used for printing papers, but you could really use them for whatever you wanted to. With over 28,000 sales and a product cost average around three dollars, this shop has pulled in at least eighty-six thousand dollars.

The shop SweetShopsDesign has just over 37,000 sales and has earned over four hundred thousand dollars in passive income. Now, I understand that the profit potential here isn’t quite as high as some of the following ideas, but just look at how easy it is to generate these patterns.

Generating The Patterns

We can get AI to do all of the work for us. Mid-Journey is an image-generation AI, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with at this point. You just give it a prompt, and it’ll generate an image based on that prompt right in front of your very eyes.

But there is a little trick that not a lot of people know about on how to create seamless pattern designs using Mid-Journey AI. So, I gave it a prompt like this.

Now, the first half is the type of pattern we want and the things we want included in it, and then the second half is just AI keywords to make a pretty image.

These are some example images which I got from this prompt, which in my opinion, really don’t look that bad.

The cool thing is, Mid-Journey almost always prints in a seamless pattern design. So, we can take our pattern into a website like Photopea, which is a free Photoshop alternative. We can select the image and define it as a new pattern. This allows us to replicate the pattern, make it larger, make it smaller, or really do anything we want with it.

We could just save the file and offer it as a digital download on Etsy. Using the prompt from earlier, I was able to create the pattern above in just a matter of minutes with hardly any work at all.

2. Wedding Resources

This wedding resources idea is selling wedding resources. For this example, we’ll be reviewing an Etsy shop called Marry Me Paper Boutique, they’ve likely made over one million dollars in sales from selling these digital download wedding resources. And that’s if we assume an average sale bringing in about five dollars.

Items like their wedding invitation templates get hundreds of reviews, and they’re extremely simple designs.

Other shops like Invitation Templates have very similar designs, and as you can see, they are in very high demand.

This shop has made over 7,000 sales, and at an average of fourteen dollars per sale, its total revenue comes to just under one hundred thousand dollars.

Now, all of that is great, but how can we use AI to break into this market and automate as much of this as possible? I would use a combination of Mid-Journey and Canva to achieve this. For example, we could go into Mid-Journey and ask it to generate us a minimalist wedding invitation template.

I generated the same prompt a few times to get more options and then upscaled the images that I really liked.

What Next?

Now, this is where it gets a little bit more technical. What I did was bring the images into the website from earlier, Photopea, so I could use the content-aware fill tool and remove these crazy-looking scribbles from the template.

Then, I just took the image and put it into Canva and then added back in the text boxes so that my customers could use this as a template. Now, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how many text boxes needed to be there, but I was able to use ChatGPT to help me out.

For this idea, AI does all of the design work and even gives you an idea of where to place the text boxes in Canva. But there’s still some manual work that you have to do here. I’d say that AI only takes care of about 70% of the work because you still have to remove the crazy-looking scribbles and add new text boxes using Canva.

You’ll spend about $30 a month on Mid-Journey and$13 a month on Canva, which comes out to around $43 a month in total to get this business moving.

I’d say that this business model has a difficulty of about 7 out of 10, but that’s only because of the learning curve you have to overcome to utilize tools like Photoshop and Photopea. Once you get a good grasp on how to utilize these tools, this task becomes super easy.

3. Logo Design Shop

This is one of the most profitable ideas on this list, and it is opening a logo design shop. Shops like this one here are on Etsy, charging around $25 per logo pack. And with around 15,000 sales, that’s over three hundred thousand dollars.

See, a lot of their logo packs are really good, however, they are very simple, and you can find a lot of these assets in places like Canva.

The shop Logo Lane targets the more premium audience with their logo packages, with prices that range from $39 all the way up to a hundred and thirty dollars. With thirteen thousand sales, they’ve made anywhere from five hundred thousand dollars all the way up to 1.6 million dollars in Revenue.

So there’s a lot of money that can be made on selling logos here on Etsy, and that doesn’t even include sites like Fiverr or Creative Market. And nowadays, you don’t even have to be a graphic designer to make this work. You just use Mid Journey to generate these images and create the logos for you.

I went ahead and used chat GPT to come up with a list of businesses that I could make cool logos for, and here’s what I came up with.

Then I went back to Mid Journey and input my own prompt, which was an eagle standing upon a bag of coffee beans, and honestly, I was shocked with what it came up with. I’ve been using Mid Journey for a while now, and it just continues to impress me with all of the amazing things that it’s able to generate.

Now, to make this business work, you obviously have to get good at prompt crafting and learning how to use Mid Journey properly. Now, it’s taken me a long time to learn how to speak AI, but it’s obviously a lot faster than trying to recreate this image on your own.

Any Doubts?

For all those people who are going to comment on why would anybody pay for this when they could just go into Mid Journey themselves and generate a logo? To be honest, a lot of people just don’t even know that they can do this. And so for you, it’s a good opportunity to capitalize on the moment.

Plus, it does take time to learn how to properly generate an image based on a prompt and learn all the different commands you can utilize with Mid Journey. And so there is value in the speed that they get from just purchasing it from you.

AI Cons

Sadly, there are issues with this, and it’s not perfect. Mid Journey makes logos with these weird alien-looking texts all over them because the AI is not able to properly generate text as it’s an image generation tool and not a text generation tool.

So to remove it, you will have to learn how to use Photoshop or Photopea to remove the old alien writing and replace it with the name of the business that the person requested in their order.

Overall, the AI is basically handling about 90% of the work, and you’re only going to need to spend about thirty dollars a month depending on whether or not you get Canva or Mid Journey or what you need to get started.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty for this model is also about a 7 out of 10 requiring you to learn proper prompts for Mid Journey. And then also use Canva or Photoshop or Photopea to then remove the weird text and get your own text in there. That way you can properly create logos for these businesses.

4. Business Cards

If you wanted to, you could add this product into the exact same store as the previous idea because they go hand in hand. If this one sounds more boring, it’s probably because it is. But sometimes boring can still make you a lot of money.

So back to the shop we looked at earlier called Logo Lane, they charge an additional $20 for a simple business card design. There’s also shops like Trendy Fox Studio that sell a lot of different business card templates for around five dollars.

It’s hard to tell what percentage of their sales are coming just from business cards, but when you look to see what their hottest products are, you can tell that a lot of their traffic is being driven by their business card sales.

So whether it’s an upscale to a logo design or simply selling business cards, there is a lot of money to be made here. The cool thing is just how easy it is to create these designs using AI. So we can just ask Mid Journey for whatever kind of business cards we’re trying to design and get some great inspiration for it. It’ll create images that we can use to put on our business card templates.

The Process

Now, this isn’t completely hands-free. Once you generate an image in Mid Journey, you should take it into Canva and add in the text boxes to the Canva template. What the text boxes would do is to allow you enter all of the information of the business.

Or the customer can purchase the blank template with the text boxes in there, and the logo or design that was created in Mid Journey and allow them to add in their information, creating their business card.

The nice part about these Canva templates too is that a customer purchasing these templates can then take it and enter the information later on if something changes. For instance, if their business is expanding and blowing up and they get a bigger building somewhere else, they can change the address or the phone number or whatever they need to without having to purchase another pack.

Now, that’s not great for you, but it is a good selling point if you’re looking to try to sell someone on why they should buy this template versus just going to their local print shop and printing off business cards.

What We Did

So, to sum it all up, basically what we did was cut out the need to be a graphic designer and make it to where all you have to do is come up with ideas for designs, put those into Mid Journey, move those into Canva, and then create business card templates with amazing designs.

Overall, the AI is handling about 60% of the workload, and with a monthly cost of around $43, it’s relatively cheap to get moving.


For difficulty, I’d rate this around a 4 out of 10. The hardest part is getting the Mid Journey prompts correctly to get the designs you’re looking for, but once you have those, all you gotta do is go on Canva, select the business card template for the shape of your design, and then you just import that graphic and add the text boxes, and boom, you’re done. Super easy.

5. Resume Template

This is ikely the most boring idea we’re going to talk about today, even more so than the last one. Resume Templates, and while this idea gets covered all the time all over the place, I have to mention it here just because of how passive and profitable this product can be.

The shop called Get Landed offers very basic resume templates, and with over 90,000 sales at around nine dollars a product, they have made at least eight hundred thousand dollars.

Now, the thing to keep in mind here, and something that could become your biggest asset, is that most shops don’t have a lot of listings, and Etsy is a volume game. So the more listings that you post, the more chances you have to make sales. And with what I’m about to show you, you’ll have almost unlimited creativity.

The Process

Here’s the process, use Chat GPT to generate useful sections for the resume that will guide the customer to build an awesome resume that they can use to get them hired. And also, use Chat GPT to generate sections of text for the resumes that make them ATS-friendly.

Things like graphics can throw off the Applicant Tracking System or ATS, so you have to keep that in mind whenever you’re generating a resume template. I would target customers who are looking for simple ATS-friendly designs with templates like these, and customers who just want the absolute best looking resume with designs like these.

I used Mid Journey to generate a ton of resume template designs like the ones you see, and honestly, it came up with a lot of really awesome designs that had the potential to be amazing resume templates. And by doing it this way, I don’t have to worry about copying somebody else’s work and causing issues later on with someone’s resume looking just like somebody else.

By using this method with Mid Journey and Chat GPT, you have almost infinite creativity. To sum up this product idea, I’d say the AI handles around 70% of the workload needed to generate these templates. Cost-wise, you’re looking at around $30 a month if you’re trying to get started with Mid-Journey. And difficulty-wise, I’d rate this around a 5 out of 10.

6. Prodcut Mockups

Now, I definitely think I saved the most interesting product idea for last. We’ve looked at a lot of digital products already, and they all have something in common. To get their items to sell, the shop owners are using something called a mock-up to display their items.

There are shops like this with over 32,000 sales selling these simple frame mock-ups, and I’ve estimated they’ve done at least $98,000 in revenue. There are tons of shops like this, like for instance Ratty Tank with 88,000 sales, which likely brought in around $333,000. They sell all kinds of mock-ups, but some of their hottest items are these mug mock-ups.

Creating The Mockups

Lets see how we can create almost the exact same thing using AI. If you head back into Mid Journey, you can simply ask the AI to imagine a mug on a specific type of background.

Then wha you can do from here is to save it to your computer and then bring it into either Photoshop or Photopea from earlier and fill in any areas that look weird from the AI.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you could get started with. Let me know which tutorial you’d like to see first from the many products we talked about in this article. Peace and Happy Hustling!

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