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This right here is arguably the number one way to make money on YouTube, and for some reason, only a few people know that this exists. I’ve been seeing more and more channels pop up recently that are doing this exact thing that we’ll talk about in this article. Basically, the thing is starting a video to purchase a YouTube channel.

This is where you create videos talking about the best products to purchase in certain categories. The products could range from cell phones and laptops all the way to air filters and blenders. But within these videos, you’ll include affiliate links in the description so that when people click on the links to buy the products, you’ll earn money from the sales.

There are hundreds of channels that are already making insane amounts of money by using the strategy of making product review videos without ever having to show their face or even say any words. The only thing I’ve done is just brought all the pieces together and created this simple step-by-step formula. You can use this exact formula to go and create your own video to purchase a YouTube channel immediately after you finish reading this article.

Getting Started

Now, the very first thing you need to decide before you actually start making videos is what types of products you want to review. For example, you could create product reviews about different Tech products like laptops and mobile phones.

You can stick with consumer Home Goods products like shavers and above-ground pools. Or if you wanted to, you could even go and review things like shoes and backpacks. I mean, there really is no wrong way to go about this.

High-Ticket Item

Now the one suggestion that I will give you is that if you want to make the most money from this, then you should only focus on reviewing high-ticket items. A high-ticket item is simply a product that costs a lot of money.

You could think of things like laptops, phones, appliances, printers, air purifiers, computer monitors. I mean, I could go on and on, but I think that you get the point, right? All of these things tend to have a higher ticket price, and the reason this is good is that it means you’ll end up making a lot more money.

Let’s just say, for example, that you make two different videos. One video about the best laptops for college students and another video about the best light bulbs. Both videos perform well and get around 300,000 views.

Let’s say that only one percent of the viewers, or about three thousand people, purchase one of the products from your video. Now, obviously, laptops tend to be a little bit more expensive than light bulbs. If you were to earn, let’s say, a modest five percent commission on a two thousand dollar laptop, well, if 3,000 people bought that laptop, this means you’d earn over three hundred thousand dollars in commission.

However, if you earned that same five percent commission on a ten dollar light bulb that three thousand people bought, this means you’d only earn around fifteen hundred dollars in commission. And so, do you see what I mean by making review videos of higher ticket items? You’ll end up making a lot more money.

Choosing a High-Ticket Item

Now, in terms of what high-ticket items you should make videos on, should you do phones and computers or vacuums and pressure washers, cameras and TVs? What exactly should you make videos on? Well, I would say make videos about all of it.

You see, unlike a traditional YouTube channel where having a dedicated niche is important, for the video to purchase YouTube strategy, having a dedicated niche is not necessary. Because you’re going to be creating videos specifically for search. And not only just YouTube search, but your videos will also appear in Google search. And so, you’re specifically targeting people who are researching a product, and typically, they’re ready to make a purchase.

This is a really good thing. It means that all you have to do is just make sure that your videos get in front of the right people.

How To Get Views

And so, the question becomes how exactly can you get your videos in front of the right people? Well, it all starts with having the right tools. So, the first thing I want you to do is download a free browser extension called VidIQ.

Once you’ve installed it on your browser, or alternatively, you could go to the website and log in and just do all of what I’m about to tell you here directly on the website. But for this example, we’ll stick to using the browser extension directly on YouTube.

But anyways, once VidIQ is installed, search for a channel that’s using the video to purchase YouTube strategy, and in this case, I’ll be using a channel called Top Five Picks, you can check it out for yourself latter on. But of course, there are also a ton of other channels doing this, but for now, we’re just going to look at the channel called Top Five Best.

So, from the channel with VidIQ installed, you’ll notice that you have a couple of new buttons added to the screen, and one of them is a button that says “trending,” and we’re just gonna click on that button, and VidIQ will show us all of the videos that are currently trending for this channel.

But anyways, when we click on the trending button, VidIQ will show you all the videos that are currently trending on this channel, and I want you to take note of this, okay? Write down the titles of all the videos, and how many views they currently have, and just go through all of the trending videos.

I would say anything that has over like, maybe 20 views per hour, write it down, because all of these videos are going to be videos that you can recreate on your channel.

Here’s Why

We know that people are searching for those products, for those topics, because VidIQ will show you that data. Videos getting a high number of views per hour are considered high-quality views that could lead to a lot of money. And so, looking at trending videos is one way to find video ideas.

Top Keyword

Something else you can do is click up here where it says “top keywords,” and when you click that, VidIQ will compile a massive list of the popular keywords that this channel is ranking for.

And then when you click on any of these keywords, you’ll be given a huge list of related keywords that people are searching for. It’ll also show us the search volume for the keyword and how much competition exists.

Now, I want you to ignore this column right here that says “competition” because even the keywords that have very high competition, we can still rank for and get views.

What I want you to focus on instead is the search volume because what you’re going to do is make videos on the search terms that are the most popular. What you can do is make a video specifically about the popular keywords.

And you would basically follow this exact process for everything, TVs and phones, printers, speakers, luggage, keyboards, and on and on and on.

Now, there is more to talk about when it comes to finding ideas for videos and then ranking for those ideas, but perhaps I’ll write a second article talking about this in a lot more detail. And if you’d be interested in seeing this article, just be sure to comment down below so that I know you’re interested.

What You’ll Need

Now, let’s talk about how to actually make these videos. The first thing that you’ll need is editing software, and there are a ton of different options out there. If you have an Apple computer or even an iPad, then you can download and use iMovie completely free, and iMovie is a very powerful editing software.

If you have a PC, then you can download and use DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm Express, Kdenlive, or Lightworks. All of these are 100% free. If you are willing to pay for the best editing software, both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are the absolute best options. You could also go with an online video editing platform such as InVideo.

Making The Videos

Let’s just say, for example, that you finish watching this video and you’re ready to go make product review videos by yourself. We’ve already discussed step number one, which is coming up with the actual ideas, and so we’ve got a big list of ideas here. And for the sake of example, let’s just say that we wanted to make a video about the best laptops.

In terms of the actual script for the video, you can generate it in literally five minutes using AI. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do this, later on. I’ll also show you a tool that converts the text from the script into a realistic-sounding voice.


it’s time to actually start creating the video. And so, for example, let’s say the first laptop on your list, according to your script, is the Apple MacBook Air M2. For all of these products that you’re going to be reviewing throughout your videos, that you wouldn’t need to actually own any of the physical products yourself, there is a different way to go about it.

Pull up your script and just kind of go through line by line and read what the script says, so that you can then go and find different images and video clips that match the script. For example, let’s say the first line reads, “First things first, let’s talk about design. The MacBook Air M2 retains the iconic and elegant design that Apple is known for.” And then it just kind of continues on, talking about the design.

And so, what you’re going to do is you’re just going to go find different images and videos online of the MacBook Air M2.

Finding Videos And Images

And so, you’re going to head over to YouTube, and in the search bar, you’re going to type in “Apple MacBook Air M2.” But before you actually search, you’re going to click on filters and then choose the option that says “Creative Commons,” and then hit search.

Now, Creative Commons is a type of license that lets others distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work, as long as they credit you for the original creation. And so, all of the videos on the page that’ll show up to you will fall under the Creative Commons license.

Click on the video the videos related to your search. Keep in mind that all of the footage that’s being used throughout the video was shot by somebody else, you can use them in your video without getting any copyright strikes or getting into any trouble, as long as you credit the original owner of the video within the description of your video.

Once you’ve found a video that relates to your search, to get access to that footage, simply copy the URL of the video, and then go to a free website called, and then simply paste the URL that you copied into the search field, and then click on download. After downloading, you can pull that footage into your editing software and begin cutting up all the footage that you want to use.

Plan B

Now, if you can’t find any video footage using this method, something else that you can do is go to the product website on Amazon or the product’s main website and find images or videos on the actual website.

You can download the product images and save the video to your computer. If they don’t have the option to save the video, well then, you can simply take a screen recording of the video from your computer.

And so, if you have an Apple computer, just simply press Shift + Command + 5, and then you can begin doing a screen recording. If you’re on a PC, then you should be able to press the Windows + Alt + R to begin doing a screen recording.

Alternatively, you can download the images from the website and apply a Ken Burns effect to the image, an effect that’ll add motion to your still images.

Marketing Videos

You could also try searching for actual marketing videos of the product from the company. If you were to search “Apple MacBook Air M2” on YouTube, you would see an actual commercial from Apple. You could use small parts of this commercial to add to your video.

Now, you have to be more careful with this option not to show too much of the commercial because showing too much could get your video a copyright strike. But typically, only showing five to ten seconds of the footage is pretty safe.

But anyways, after using the footage, combined with the AI voiceover, you should have your video ready. However, your video definitely still needs something to really make it feel a lot more complete. And I think what it’s missing is music.

Adding music to your video would really help to drive the video and hold people’s attention longer. And this is important because the longer we can hold attention, the more YouTube will push the video. And the more the video is pushed, the more views it’ll get. The more views it gets, the more money you’ll end up making.

Epidemic Sound

And so, what I want you to do is head over to a website called Epidemic Sound. Now, this website is fantastic. It has over 30,000 high-quality songs. And over, this basically means that you’ll never run out of songs to use in your videos.

Now, I’m gonna be honest with you and just let you know that this website does require a very, very small subscription. It’s only nine dollars per month if you pay annually or 15 per month if you pay monthly.

Now, in my opinion, this is extremely cheap for what you’re actually getting, right? Considering that these videos can make you as much as six figures per month, paying just nine dollars per month for a subscription is literally nothing.

You’ll get a 30-day free trial, I mean, you literally have nothing to lose, okay? Just sign up and start making these review videos for 30 days, and if you don’t like it, if it’s not working out for you, just cancel the free trial, and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Getting The Sound

On Epidemic Sound, click up where it says “browse,” and you’ll see that there are a ton of different genres of music that you can search through. You can also search for music by mood and theme. Now, obviously, the type of music that you choose is going to be completely up to your personal preference.

For me personally, for these types of videos, I would like something that’s a little bit more fast-paced. And so, I’ll go with some type of electronic music like future bass or maybe even dance.

Just scroll through and play songs until you find something that you like and that will fit your video. You don’t have to overthink this process, Just find any song that works, download it and then head back into your video editor and place the song below everything else. And you’ll want to make sure to lower the levels of the music because you don’t want the music blaring over the actual voiceover.

Creating The Script

Now, as promised, I want to talk with you about how to actually create the scripts for these videos. The first thing you’ll do is go into ChatGPT and ask the AI, “What are the best laptops of ( include the current year)?” If ChatGPT can’t answer this, you’ll head over to Bard, which is Google’s AI, and you’ll just ask Bard the same question.

And so, you’ll use the laptops within your video. Now, you could, if you wanted to, just go to Google and ask Google the same question and then click on any of the top links to see what their options are.

Now that you have your top laptop options, you’re just going to take each one of the laptops individually, go back into ChatGPT, and ask the AI to write you a YouTube video script about why each of the laptops is the best.

You’ll just copy the and then paste it into a blank Google doc. And this document will act as the script for your video.


You actually need to write a video introduction. and for this, you’re just going to have the AI read it for you. So, you’ll ask ChatGPT to write a video introduction about the best laptops. And just in a matter of seconds, it’ll do it for you.

Copy and paste the intro at the top of your document since it’s the video introduction, and the next one is going to be the first laptop on your list. You would just go down the list of laptops and do the same thing for every laptop, asking the AI to write a YouTube video script about why that laptop is the best.

You’ll just use the same exact formula for any product, any script. And then, in terms of creating the voiceover for your videos, this is really simple.


I’ve researched a ton of different text-to-speech voiceover tools, and there are definitely a lot of really good options out there. For example, if you decide to use a tool like InVideo for your video editing, well, InVideo actually has a built-in text-to-speech tool that works really well.

If you’re using one of the other video editors that we talked about earlier in the article, then you’ll have to use a tool like 11 Labs, which is a realistic text-to-speech AI, you could also use TTS for the voiceovers.

Alternatively, you could just record the voiceover yourself with your own voice, and you can do this by using your phone or your computer. Most computers have built-in mics, and definitely, your phone has a built-in mic, so that’s definitely an option too.

You’re amazing, and I appreciate you so much for reading. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Peace and Happy Hustling!

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