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Camping does wonders for your well-being and can help you shake off any stress you may be experiencing at work or in your daily life. In fact, escaping into the wilds, even just for a weekend, is a powerful mood booster.

To do so enjoyably and to stay sheltered from the elements, you’ll need the best camping tent for your needs. Spacious, user-friendly, and feature-rich. Camping tents are made for a relatively luxurious experience in the outdoors. Camping is fun, so there’s no reason for tent shopping to be any different.

Buying a new tent is exciting, and if you choose the right one, it’ll last you a long time and help you and your family or friends make some great memories in the outdoors.

But when you’re in the market for a new tent, you’ll quickly find there are a lot of options out there. That’s why we put together this list of the best camping tents on the market. We’ve spent many hours researching to narrow this list down to the very best of the best at a variety of price points.

So today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best camping tents that are easy to set up, spacious and comfortable to sleep in, and will keep you dry and warm in stormy weather.

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1.Coleman Octagon 98

Upgrade your camping experience with Coleman’s bright and spacious cortez octagon tent. Its acclaimed design has received multiple accolades, including camping magazine’s tent of the year.

Featuring a versatile construction, this luxurious tent provides lots of features with full head height throughout and generous dimensions to deliver ultimate comfort on the campsite. It features an easy-to-pitch, stable, and spacious octagonal structure.

The cortez octagon has multiple panels which can be unzipped, rolled, and tied to offer campers a panoramic view of the great outdoors. The sturdy steel poles guarantee that the cortez octagon will stand strong in inclement weather while multiple mesh panels reduce condensation and ensure that a comfortable interior temperature can be easily maintained.

The tense durable polyester flysheet with tape seams and 2,000-milliliter hydrostatic head offers protection from wet weather. While a fully integrated durable PE groundsheet ensures clean, dry, and bug-free camping. The tent’s fabrics are also fire retardant for greater peace of mind. The tent is packed full of practical features that offer increased luxury on the campsite.

Innovative Features

The Octagon tent also benefits from an innovative reinforced hinged door. For the hassle of rolling away doors anytime you want to enter or exit a tent, the advanced hinged door offers the ultimate convenience. For additional comfort, the peak over both doors provides shelter from the rain on entry and exit.

There are multiple practical pockets and a loop for hanging a light inside the tent, and provides convenient storage options, keeping smaller items close to hands. It comes with removable door mats that keep both entrances from getting muddy.

If you require more privacy on the campsite, you can simply attach the room divider with the toggles and loops.

When camping in warmer climates or for use in the garden, the tent’s innovative construction means it can be pitched without its flysheet and used on its own as a spacious bug-proof mash screen room.

At the end of your trip, when it’s time to pack home, the tent fits neatly into its own wheeled carry bag for easy transportation. Thanks to easy setup and simple pitch construction, the cortez octagon can be set up for around 15 minutes.

2. Coleman Hayden Camping Tent

The Hayden is a quick and easy-to-pitch-down tent with the additional benefit of an extended porch area for increased living and storage space. It’s the perfect companion for festivals or weekend camping trips.

The Hayden features a ring and pin pitching system for quick and simple setup, comfortable, and convenience. The Haydn features a spacious front porch area, large enough to house a low-level table as well as camping equipment and bags.

The windows give light and a view of the outside world, while the door can be porched out with the poles provided to extend your living area. There’s also a rear door with additional storage capacity for extra convenience, perfect for muddy boots and backpacks.


A spacious inner bedroom made from breathable polyester and ultra-fine nosia mesh ensures that even the smallest bugs are kept at bay. While adjustable ventilation panels allow you to manage the interior airflow, helping to reduce the risk of condensation and maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent.

The Haydn has sturdy fiberglass poles, which provide an ideal balance of strength and weight, while the tent’s PU-coated polyester flysheet with tape seams has a hydrostatic head of 3000 millimeters, keeping even the worst rain at bay.

The mesh pole sleeves ensure smooth and easy pole insertion, as well as reducing wind resistance for a more aerodynamic structure and less wind noise. The fully integrated PE groundsheet in the bedroom ensures a bug-free sleeping environment, while the semi-integrated porch area groundsheet provides effective protection from bad weather and wet ground.

It comes with storage pockets that make it easy to keep the tent tidy and organized, while the handy summit hook allows you to hang lighting. All tent fabrics are fire retardant for increased peace of mind.

The Hayden’s easy-to-pitch extended dome structure allows for an extremely quick and effortless setup in around 10 minutes.

3. Eureka Boondocker Hotel Tent

It’s basically the perfect base camp for extended adventures when you want to bring all the toys and maximize the fun. The Boondocker sleeps six people and is designed to be the epicenter of your camp.

The big story with this tent is the massive vestibule that comes with it, it’s basically just like a giant garage for all your gear.

Beyond the gear garage, one of our favorite things about the Boondocker is the really cool go-inside panel called the Super Shade Awning. It folds out from the tent to create a sun shade or a rain break that you can use in the middle of the day when you’re just hanging out in camp.

The Boondocker tent has the most space of any tent in Eureka’s free country line. It’s got a massive 82 square feet of just interior living space. When you add the gear garage and the Super Shade Awning, you get an additional 58 square feet of space.

It’s compatible with Eureka’s Camp Comfort System, which is great when you’re sharing a tent with four or five other people. There are also six interior storage pockets for stashing your stuff creating plenty of room for gear.

The Eureka Boondocker Hotel Tent also got Eureka’s high/low air exchange vent system, which is a fantastic feature. It basically lets cold air in on the bottom while warm air escapes through vents on the top.

Overall, the Boondocker Hotel is a massively comfortable tent with room for up to six people plus all their gear. It’s the perfect base camp for a week of adventure.

4. Big Agnes Big House Deluxe

Big Agnes’ full-featured car camping tents offer two large, smooth-opening doors with a zip-down mesh window for breezy ventilation. Quick stash on the door that makes stowing it quick and easy, and the steep wall high-volume architecture provides for a very roomy living space of 60 square feet in the four, and 75 square feet in the six.

These tents are made to be comfortable and spacious for the whole family and all the gear that comes along.

Pitching is easy and intuitive with an aluminum pole set that attaches with press-fit connectors, plastic clips, and sleeves and has color-coded webbing and buckles. So let the kids help set it up right along with you.

Make sure you use the attached pre-cut guidelines for stability, as high-profile tents need to be secured especially well. These tents pack into a briefcase-style carry bag and are full of convenient creature comforts, including sidewall pockets seamlessly sized for iPads, storable bin pockets that double as bedside tables, and your very own Oakum Trail mat.

Add an accessory Mountain Glow light kit to the loops on the ceiling or a gear loft if you need more storage. It’s all about comfort here. Need more living space or storage? Add an accessory vestibule, and you not only gain space for chairs, coolers, or bikes, but it can also be a great place to get out of the rain or have your campground friends come to hang out.


5. Nemo Dagger Porch

The new cutting-edge Dagger porch is designed to truly push the limits of both storage and livable space, defining a truly new category in camp. Building on Dagger’s recent improvements for increased volume and durability, they’ve extended the fly for an expansive pole-supported vestibule.

The fully closable design provides space to store bikes and backpacks or an epic hangout zone with plenty of space for two stargaze recliners. Dagger’s original configurations are featured throughout, including a second door and vestibule on the backside for ample airflow, storage, and ease of entry.

An extra tall tub floor that starts with a premium 30d coated nylon ripstop, ensuring greater privacy and rain protection to keep you cozy and dry. The single-seam construction ensures greater longevity, while integrated 15d nylon and no cm mesh sidewalls provide ample airflow and temperature control while keeping condensation and bugs at bay.

For added privacy, Dagger uses a white mesh on the side panels while black mesh completes the top for clear stargazing at night. The integrated pole system with Jake’s feet and pull clips make for an intuitive lightning-quick setup, and pre-bent Dark Featherlite poles with lengthened main pole and crossbeam significantly increase interior volume at both ends.

Dagger Porch’s premium 15d nylon ripstop fly is coated in a durable silicone water repellent, offering the most reliable weather protection possible. The massive front vestibule is supported by a single pole and cross strap system, along with multiple durable webbing guy out loops along the vestibule arch for a stable tight setup with plenty of support and heavy rain.

More Features

Dagger Porch’s large front door tucks away neatly into our new door jamb. To prevent condensation, they’ve added a weatherproof strut vent on the rear vestibule zipper flap to keep air flowing through the shelter even during a storm.

Gear pockets are conveniently placed at each corner of the tent and along the walls of the large vestibule offer plenty of space to keep important items organized. While a welded lantern loop in the vestibule and light pockets at both ends allow you to customize your tent living space with a pleasant and cozy glow throughout the shelter.

Available in two and three-person models, the new Dagger Porch packs small and lives large. For those who enjoy the option to turn in early or relax long into the evening, Dagger Porch is your new favorite hangout zone.

6. Kelty Wireless Tent

Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect, that’s why you need the Kelty Wireless Tent. This tent comes in a two-person, four-person, and six-person model and sets up light and fast. To get started, stake out the corners. Next, assemble the poles, making sure that each of the segments is fully seated in the ferrule.

Place the tips of the poles into the quick corners, which will hold the poles up while you clip the tent body into place. Add the brow pole by inserting the tip into one of the grommets, lean it against the center of the poles, and insert the other tip into the far grommet. Be sure to keep your face out of the way.

Toss the fly over the top using color-coordinated webbing to get the orientation right. Secure the fly at the corners and then stake out the two easy zip vestibules. The zippers are aligned close to the tent, which makes getting into either door easy.

On the inside, it has nightlight pockets which are great for diffusing any bright headlamp for late-night reading. In the morning, roll up your tent and slide into the easy-to-stuff shark mouth carry bag. That’s how easy it is to set up.

7. Nemo Wagontop

The brand new wagon top four-person Nemo Wagontop camping tent from Nemo Equipment has a unique pull structure that provides more standing height and livable space than other four-person camping tents. Nearly 70 square feet which makes for awesome interior space, with loads of room to stand or stretch out.

It has large screen windows that provide great ventilation while still maintaining the ability to have full privacy. Single-wall construction that uses taped seams and thoughtful details to spare you the hassle of the fly. The front vestibule removes in under a minute to free up the front entry when it’s sunny and clear.

With Wagontop’s walk-in entrance, there’s no need to crouch when entering. The standing height ceilings throughout the entire tent finally put an end to awkward in-shelter changing. Setup is a breeze, even for one person, thanks to a unique bowl structure.

The wagon top duffel bag holds everything you need for set up and is easy to carry and store. Optional accessories include a gear caddy and a footprint. Available in two fun colors, horizon blue or granite gray, with plenty of living space and home-like aesthetics, make wagon top your home away from home.

8. Pacific Pass Family Dome Tent

Cabela’s Westwind Dome Tent is a three-season construction that comes with a 1,000-millimeter polyester taffeta rainfly and sturdy fiberglass poles. The color-coded design shows you what poles go where. The front door, rear window, and tent walls boast no-see nylon mesh screening.

The walls and floor have a 1,500-millimeter rating, with a taller ceiling and ample amount of floor room. The spacious front vestibule is perfect for gear storage. This tent is available in three different sizes.

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