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The best meal we’ve ever eaten had some dirt in it. That’s because everything you cook outside tastes better, and when you cook outside after a day of hiking, trekking, kayaking, or backpacking, that food rivals anything a Michelin-rated restaurant can throw on a plate. Just the nature of the setting can make boil-in-a-bag mac and cheese on a camping stoves taste amazing.

But picking the right camping stove can mean the difference between frustration and perfection. Picking up one of the best camping stoves can be a very worthwhile investment. A hot brew on a cold day, a sizzling steak outside the tent as the sun rises, a nourishing meal after a long hike – these are moments of joy available to us all with the right stove for the job, of course.

Here’s What to Know

Figuring out the best camping stove requires a bit of a trade-off between size, weight, and fuel type, with all sorts of interesting compromises in between. The smallest gas stoves are simple, lightweight, and relatively cheap, while the largest camp cookers offer food prep facilities to feed an army.

With a prolific array of camping stoves to choose from, picking a model to buy is no easy task. Hopefully, our thorough research will help you sort through the options to find the stove best for you, your budget, and your appetite.

We rounded up the best camping stoves that will handle everything from a big campsite feast for a crowd to a mountaintop morning coffee for one.

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Quick Links.

1. Eureka Spark Plus

First, on our list, we have the Spark Plus camp stove. Now, even though it’s tiny, it has a really powerful burner that helps you quickly cook great meals at camp. So, the first thing you need to know is that the Spark Plus runs on butane as opposed to propane like a lot of other camp stoves. Butane is lighter than propane, which makes it easier to transport, and it can be found at many outdoor stores and online, so it’s a great option for camping.

There’s a built-in compartment that holds an eight-ounce fuel canister, so it becomes an all-in-one package that’s ready to go as soon as you get to camp. Just snap in the fuel, and you’re ready to start cooking – no attachments required, and no need to make space for a bulky propane canister.

As you can see, it’s incredibly compact and portable, but it still packs plenty of power. It has one 11,500 BTU burner that allows you to cook fast, so you won’t have to wait around for things to heat up. And it has built-in double-wall wind protection on the sides, so you don’t have to worry about that flame going out.


Like all Eureka stoves, the Spark Plus has built-in simmer control, which is great because it allows you to cook things like chili, pan-seared steaks, or make perfect pancakes. It’s like cooking on your kitchen range at home, which is pretty incredible considering how small and portable this thing is.

The other great thing about this design is that, despite the small size, it allows you to use up to an 11-inch pot or pan. The only thing you don’t want to do is use a pan large enough that’s going to cover the fuel compartment here. Otherwise, just use whatever pot or pan you’ve already got.

Also, it has built-in adjustable feet, so it’s incredibly stable no matter where you set it. It also comes with a great carry case, which makes the Spark Plus even easier to transport. So, if you’re looking for a stove that’s powerful and easy to cook on, but you don’t want the bulk of a traditional two burner, the spark plus is the way to go.

2. Jetboil Genesis

Now, this is the world’s first base camp cook system that will totally change the way you cook in the backcountry. It’s truly incredible. I’m going to show you what it’s all about.

The Genesis Base Camp System is basically a super-fast and efficient two-burner cook stove that comes with a five-liter pot and a ten-inch frying pan. It all nests together in a compact package and weighs just nine pounds. Everything works together to create the perfect system for fueling a demanding group during big adventures.

First, let’s talk about the Genesis stove itself. Now, it’s incredibly powerful with two 10,000 BTU burners and it’ll boil a liter of water in just over three minutes. But it’s also incredibly efficient. In fact, one of these one-pound propane bottles will let you boil 48 liters of water.

Simmer Control

On top of that, it has Jetboil’s unbeatable simmer control thanks to their patented regulator valve technology. And here’s how that works: most stoves go from closed to fully wide open with just one turn of the valve here. But with Jetboil, you get four full turns.

That means you have almost infinite fuel flow adjustability and consistent heat output from a light simmer all the way to a rolling boil. So, you can cook perfectly golden brown French toast for breakfast in the morning and then rapidly boil water for fettuccine at night, all on the same stove.

Each burner has a super reliable lever igniter for easy lighting, and the whole stove folds together for really easy storage. It’s also Jet Link compatible. Jet Link basically allows you to connect the Genesis to other stoves and accessories without the need for extra regulators and fuel sources.

So, all you do is connect the Jet Link hose to the Jet Link output on the Genesis and then connect that same hose to the fuel input on the other stove, and you’re good to go.

Some Features

The Genesis Base Camp System comes with a 5-liter Flux Pot and a non-stick cooking surface. The 5-liter pot comes with Jetboil’s Flux Ring technology, which you can see right here, and that just helps out a ton with fuel efficiency and even heating. Now, they also have insulated handles for easy carrying, and the pot lid has an integrated strainer.

The whole thing is designed so the stove itself fits right into the pot, and then the frying pan fits on top of everything to create a nice compact package. Then, the whole system fits right in a great carry bag, which has a separate padded compartment for the fuel regulator and padded walls so nothing gets beat up.

So, with the Genesis Base Camp System, you’re really getting the ultimate camp kitchen in a bag. And thanks to Jet Link, you can expand that kitchen depending on how many people you’ve got in your group.

Everything nests together neatly and is super portable. But more importantly, you’re getting an incredibly powerful and versatile cook system that’s perfect for fueling your group before a big adventure.

3. Solo Stove Campfire

This is the Solo Stove Campfire, our largest wood-burning stove, and is great to take group camping or when you just want a big flame. Weighing in at a solid and durable 2.2 pounds, the Campfire is the perfect cook system for four or more people.

It’s large enough to provide a good amount of heat as well as a mesmerizing flame that your group will love. Whether you need to prepare a gourmet camp meal on a skillet or just boil water, the Campfire will get the job done. It also nests perfectly within a two-pot set for compact storage.

The Solo Stove Campfire is made with 304 stainless steel and has a nichrome wire grate, making it durable and ready to provide you with years of use. The patented design has a double wall that allows for super-efficient airflow, resulting in hotter fires. This means less smoke and minimal ash. Each stove comes with a nylon stuff sack.

4. Jetboil Zip

The Zip is a tried and true classic and it’s based on Jetboil’s original PCS design. I’m going to tell you what it’s all about.

The Zip is Jetboil’s most affordable cooking system, and it’s made for anyone who wants an ultra-efficient, no-frills system that focuses on backcountry boiling essentials. The great thing about unregulated systems like the Zip is it harnesses every ounce of Flux Ring technology, and that means you get ultra-efficiency and rapid boiling for three-season performance.

Now, the Zip’s small size and weight make it incredibly easy to pack. It weighs just 12 ounces, and you can actually store the 100-gram Jetpower can, the burner, and the fuel stabilizer in it, which is really nice and makes it really packable. There’s no reason not to bring one with you on a backcountry adventure or just to have in your truck when you need it.

An adjustable 4500 BTU burner and Flux Ring technology help keep the Zip super efficient. It’ll boil 500 milliliters or two cups of water in just two and a half minutes, and one of these 100-gram Jetpower cans will let you boil up to two conditions.

Match Ignition

Match ignition also keeps the Zip super reliable and super simple, and what’s match ignition? Well, you can also think of it as BYOB (Bring Your Own Bic lighter).

Now, it comes with a 0.8 liter or 27 fluid ounce Flux Ring cooking cup and an insulated cozy that makes it the perfect size for one or two people. It’s also got all the features you’d expect from Jetboil, like a pour spout in the lid and a bottom cover that actually doubles as a measuring cup or a bowl, so you’ve got everything you need to make a meal right here included with the Zip system.

It’s also compatible with a ton of Jetboil accessories, like the hanging kit, pot support, summit skillet, Java press, Flux Ring cooking cup, and utensils. So all in all, the Zip is perfect for anybody looking for a lightweight and reliable cooking system that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

5. Eureka Ignite Plus

The Eureka Ignite Plus is the bigger brother to the regular Ignite, and it’s the perfect stove to bring with you anytime you want complete kitchen performance with you while you’re camping.

Most other camp stoves seem to have two settings, on or off, and that means you’re either blasting the heat and burning your food, or you’re undercooking it. With the Ignite Plus, you get a huge range of adjustability thanks to Eureka’s two-turn ultimate simmer control. This allows you to really dial in the heat output of each burner individually, so you can boil water for coffee on one and simmer scrambled eggs on the other.


It also comes with a push-button igniter that’s really reliable, so you don’t have to worry about bringing a lighter with you. The burners are spaced far enough apart that you can get two 12-inch pans on there no problem. That gives you a ton of options when it comes time to cook meals for your group.

The Ignite Plus comes with a regulator for hooking up your propane bottle, and it’s also Jet Link compatible, which means you can daisy chain it to other Eureka and Jetboil systems. Beyond that, the Ignite Plus has adjustable rubber leveling feet that are non-slip and ensure you have a level cooking surface.

All in all, the Ignite plus is a fantastic stove that lets you bring the cooking performance of your kitchen range with you while camping.

6. Stansport Outfitter Series 2-Burner

Ensuring performance and durability, the Stansport All-Feeder Series stoves include features that can turn literally any outdoor camping trip into tons of fun. It boasts of two oversized 25,000 BTU burners with individual heat adjustments for cooking breakfast, warming coffee, or preparing an evening meal for the whole campsite.

Also, no longer do you need to find or fumble with matches, it comes with a built-in piezo electronic ignition that requires no matches and ensures you can get cooking quickly.

In addition, it also includes a heavy-duty cooking grate for a convenient cooking experience. Additionally, it features a high altitude pressure regulator for efficient cooking while the combination of steel frame and deep brand ensures this stove is durable and easy to clean.

Moreover, this stove also comes in two-burner plus a griddle and three-burner versions offering you more freedom in terms of options. The stove delivers without sacrificing the ability to cook low and slow and provided an extra couple of inches in available cook space for large items and small cookware.

7. Camp Chef Everest Outfitter 2X High-Pressure Stove

There’s more to Everest a 2x high-pressure stove than meets the eye, and despite being compact, the Everest 2x manages to pack a lot of power under the hood and can transform your outdoor camping experience into an absolute blaze. Comprising two 20,000 BTU burners, the Everest offers a matchless ignition system that fires up quickly and easily, making the whole process of cooking on any outdoor trip much easier.

Besides that, you are also going to appreciate the 215 square inches of cook space that allows you to fill your favorite meal without worrying about adequate space. The burner has been forged from durable aluminum and, along with the nickel-coated steel cooking grate, makes it strong enough to hold your pots and skillets completely hassle-free.

In addition, it also contains an appliance-style temperature control. This stove weighs around 12 pounds and comes with a locking lid and carrying handle. The combination of these two features lets you carry the stove to literally any outdoor camping trip, further enhancing your camping experience. This stove offers a nice large cooking area, yet it still packs up into a compact and manageable size.

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