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What if I told you that you could make as much as $34,000 per month by starting a simple side hustles, businesses that you could do, from the comfort of your home, using completely free AI tools? Well, in this article, I’ve got four of the best work-from-home businesses that you can start with AI.

I’m going to show you exactly what these businesses are, how you can start doing them for yourself with the help of free AI tools, and give you examples of regular people who are making tens of thousands of dollars per month doing these businesses.

4. Selling Stickers

This first business is one that you probably wouldn’t even consider to be possible to make money from, and that is selling stickers. Now, a particular Etsy store has only been selling since 2020, and since then they’ve sold over 196,000 stickers, and have earned over $1.1 million just over the past three years which comes out to a whopping $366,000 per year or about $34,654 per month.

I mean, could you just imagine for a second how different your life could look if you had an extra $34,000 per month in income? Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering “That’s great Kienma, but how exactly could I do this for myself?”

The Tools

Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is actually create the sticker designs, and we’re going to do this by using a completely free AI program called Mid Journey to do all the design work for us.

Mid Journey is a text-to-image generator that will convert simple text descriptions into full-blown images, and we’re going to use it to create an unlimited number of sticker designs for you that are completely copyright free.

All you have to do is to type in different prompts of the types of stickers that you want into Mid Journey. Now, maybe you’re thinking to yourself “Yeah, but I don’t even know what types of stickers I want the AI to create”. For this, we’re going to use another AI called ChatGPT.

Now, all we’re going to do is just type into ChatGPT for example, “Give me descriptive ideas for sticker designs”. You’ll see that ChatGPT will begin writing out a response and giving different ideas.

For example, if the prompt ChatGPT gives us is something like “A cat playing video games”, we’ll type that into Mid Journey making sure that we add the word sticker into the description like this “A cat playing video games sticker” and you’ll get some pretty incredible results.

You can play around with this prompt as much as you want for example, we could try adding the word cute into the prompt and the sticker designs that the AI will generate will be completely different just based on that one word. Also, we could change the word cat for some other animal like maybe a fox, and maybe we want the fox doing something else like instead of playing video games, perhaps the fox is reading a book.

How To Sell Your Designs

It’s one thing to come up with sticker designs but now you actually have to sell them. There are two different ways to go about this, the first way is by using some print-on-demand company to print and ship the stickers for you like Printify.

work from home

If you wanted to retain as much of the profit as possible you could just print the stickers out yourself at home and ship them yourself. This process is actually a lot easier than you probably think, the only thing that you’ll need is a regular printer. You’ll also need an electronic cutting machine which sounds way more complicated and expensive than it actually is. Finally, some cheap sticker paper.

Shipping (if you’re printing the stickers yourself)

In terms of actually shipping these stickers to your customers, I would recommend using some type of rigid mailer. You can actually buy them on Amazon for about $0.27 per mailer, and these will ensure that the stickers don’t bend during shipping, and then print out a label using Etsy’s shipping label tool assuming that you’re using Etsy to sell your stickers.

To actually print the label, you can either use just plain printing paper. Just print out the label, cut it out, and then use tape to stick it onto your envelope. Or you can just buy some of those super cheap adhesive labels so that you can stick the label onto your envelope without needing tape.

You’ll also want to be sure to print out the packing slip and include it within your envelope as well. With your printer, you can print the shipping label and the packing slip, then you can put the stickers inside the mail. Make sure the stickers are in there, close it, put the label on the mailer, and then send it to the post office.

Print on Demand

Another option for selling these stickers is by using a print-on-demand company. In both scenarios, whether you’re just printing them out yourself or using a print-on-demand website, selling your stickers on Etsy will be the best option.

We’re just barely scratching the surface when it comes to starting this business, if you guys want me to write a much more detailed article about how to start this business and be successful at it, be sure to drop a comment down below.

3. Wedding Invitation

Another extremely popular item to sell on sites like Etsy is wedding invitations. I found a few sellers on Etsy selling wedding invitations and different stationery. A particular seller has close to 155,000 sales and has earned over $1.5 million just by selling wedding invitations.

Now, if that doesn’t shock you, what will shock you is how simple these invitations are to create with AI.

Let’s do This

Back in Mid Journey, you will ask the AI to create floral wedding invitations for you and the AI will create some remarkable invitations. Also, you can use the upscale features within Mid Journey to increase the resolution of any of the images that you want to use.

You can take the invitations the AI created into Photoshop or a free Photoshop alternative called PhotoPea to edit out the text that the AI generates along with the design. Remember, these will be custom invitations, so the name will change depending on the customer.

How to Edit Using PhotoPea

Within Photo Pea, we can use the rectangle select tool to select the randomly generated text, then use PhotoPea content-aware fill tool by going up to edit, fill, then changing the fill drop down to Content-aware, and then hitting OK. The software will automatically fill in the text with the color of the background so that you can have a blank selection.

From that point, you can just take the image into Canva where you can then add text boxes and change the text to match the names of the customers accordingly. On your Etsy listing for these wedding invitations, you’ll have a box that allows customers to enter the names that they want on the invitations.

You’ll just simply add the names to the invitation in Canva, export the invitation as a PDF, and print it out. You would want to print these invitations out using some type of card stock. simply use your printer to print the shipping label, and then ship out your invitations to the customer.

Once again, I know we’re moving through this pretty fast. If you guys want me to write a dedicated article for any of the businesses on this list, be sure to drop a comment down below.

2. Selling Bookmarks

The next work-from-home business is selling bookmarks. While looking around Etsy, I found a few sellers in Etsy who have dedicated their entire shop to selling bookmarks. One of the sellers in particular already has over 8,200 Sales and has earned nearly $80,000.

Considering how easy this business is to start, how you could even do it as just a side hustle, and an extra $80,000 is pretty great. Now, we’re going to head back to Mid Journey and have the AI do all the design work for us for these bookmarks.

For example, let’s say I want the AI to create some abstract bookmark designs, you can type in the prompt “abstract bookmark designs”, the AI will come up with nice designs. You can play around with the prompts as much as you want. For example, you can ask the AI to create bookmarks with animals reading books on them or bookmarks with anime characters if you wanted to get into that realm of things. I mean the possibilities are truly endless.

What’s Next

Once you’ve had the AI create a fair amount of designs, you’ll simply head over to PhotoPea and open up a new project. Select the tab that says print, then select the A4 option which is the size of a standard piece of printing paper, and then you’ll bring in one of the bookmark images that you created with the AI.

After that, rotate the image so that the bookmarks go down the paper a long way. Cut out one of the bookmarks using the object selection tool, and then duplicate that bookmark several times across the paper so that you’re not wasting any of the paper. At this point, you can either print directly from PhotoPea or export as a PNG and print that way.

Similar to the sticker business from earlier in the article, to actually cut out the bookmarks once you’ve printed them you’ll want to use some type of electronic cutting machine.

In terms of the type of paper, you could either use a slightly thicker textured cardstock paper. This will make your bookmarks feel a lot more premium, or you could just use regular printing paper and then just use a cheap laminating tool to laminate them.

If you wanted to get really fancy you could buy a hole puncher for $3 and then go to an arts and crafts store like Michael’s and buy some cheap tassels. You could also offer certain features like the lamination or adding tassels as upgrades to make even more money.

1. Selling Planners

This last business can easily be a million-dollar business and that’s selling planners. A seller on Etsy has over 40,000 sales and has earned close to one million dollars just by selling planners.

Getting started with this business is actually really easy, not only because we’re using AI to help us create the planners but for this particular business, I actually think it’ll be better to run everything through a print-on-demand service.

Now, this does mean that you’ll have to sacrifice some revenue but for the amount of time that you’ll save, I think it’s worth it.

On Etsy, you’ll find out that all the best-selling planners are using some type of pattern. Whether that’s a floral pattern, some stripes, or something a little bit more abstract. These types of designs are not complicated to create with AI.

Creating The Designs

What you’ll do is simply give Mid-Journey a prompt that says “Floral Pattern design”, and with that prompt, it’ll give you awesome designs. All you would do at this point is just take these floral designs and use some type of print-on-demand service like Printify to turn your Floral Design files into actual planners.

I’m not going to get too deep into that specific part of this business because that would require a completely dedicated article, and so if you guys want me to write that article. be sure to comment down below.

Listen, I truly believe that every single person reading this article can start any of these businesses, and with the help of AI can start making some truly life-changing money. You’re amazing and I truly appreciate you for being here. I’m waiting for your testimonies, I believe in you, and as always Peace and Happy Hustling!

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