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Let’s be honest, making money online is not as easy as you’ve been told. Yeah, you could make money online doing simple tasks and you’ll get paid pennies for your time and contribution. You could make $30 to $70 online by doing tasks, and I’ve talked about them here on this blog.

The reality is, most of these simple tasks on websites will not make you a lot of money online. You’re probably going to be stuck making a few cents per day with most of these tasks, and you’ll spend your time doing them.

This article is not about freelancing, blogging, drop shipping, drop servicing, e-commerce, etc. I want to share with you a new model that I was introduced to, and I’ve been testing it for 2 months now and I haven’t seen many people talking about it yet. So, it’s a great opportunity for you to start working on this idea today because the competition is still very low.

The best thing about this idea is that you can implement it from anywhere in the world, and it’s 98% automated. Yes, 98%. Like any business idea, it’s about solving a problem for specific people, in our case those people are businesses who are ready to pay you to solve their problems. These businesses are looking for people like you and me to help them fix this problem.

What The Businesses Want You To Do

Simply put, these businesses are more than willing to share their revenue with you if you can help them achieve their goal of production. There are over 7 billion people on earth, and every business exists to satisfy the needs of everyone in existence, and they will pay you to assist them in that.

Alright, you guessed right, I’m talking about affiliate marketing. Hey, wait, don’t close the page yet. This is a whole new idea that you’re about to discover.

Let’s understand something.

A Brief History

The concept of affiliate marketing has been around for several decades. The earliest examples of affiliate marketing can be traced back to the 1990s when the Amazon Associates program was launched in 1996. However, the roots of affiliate marketing can be traced back even further to the practice of revenue sharing in the late 1980s, when companies like CDNow and Prodigy began paying referral fees to their affiliates for promoting their products.

In the years since, affiliate marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, with thousands of companies and individuals participating in affiliate programs as either merchants or affiliates. Today, affiliate marketing is a widely accepted and effective way for businesses to generate sales and for individuals to earn commissions by promoting products and services online.

Did you get it?

Here are some facts I found out on influencermarketinghub, while researching for this post.

  • Affiliate Marketing Industry is set to grow to approximately $13 Billion in 2022 and $15.7 Billion by 2024
  • Affiliate Marketing focused platforms and services raised more than $300M in funding in 2021 alone, an indication of the significant growth of the industry
  • The global number of Affiliate Marketing related service offerings grew by 26% in 2021 alone, to reach a staggering 10,000 firms offering or specializing in Affiliate Marketing services
  • Amazon Associates remains the largest affiliate network with more than 20% market share. 
  • Affiliate Marketing averaged 9% of marketing budget allocation in 2021
  • More than 67% of brands worry about affiliate fraud, and less than 30% have been affected by it
  • Interest in affiliate marketing rose more than 300% between 2017 and 2021
  • More than 25% of brands utilize bloggers in their affiliate marketing campaigns

You can skip reading and watch this few minutes video about the idea I want to share with you by clicking here

The Real Truth

The industry is evolving and growing at the same time, but only a few are profiting from it. There seems to be lots of hype in this industry that’s why most people who try it for the first time quit. If you see it as a get-rich-quick scheme, you want to make millions of dollars per year immediately, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Affiliate marketing is evolving and to make money with it, you need to evolve with it as well. Old systems, patterns, strategies, ideas, and marketing techniques are becoming irrelevant. The internet is full of such. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now and I’ve made some really good profits each year.

One of the reasons my earnings are consistent as I evolve with the industry, and I learn and develop new ways to market my affiliate products and services.

What’s UP?

Recently, I bumped into something that has now become a game-changer for me this year, and that’s what I’m about to introduce to you. While trying to come up with a new strategy for my affiliate marketing campaigns, I saw a video about a guy, a fellow affiliate who built a new system for affiliate marketing.

I spent a few minutes listening to him talk about what his system could do and what it basically is. The shocking thing about this system is that everything is automated, you don’t have to look for leads or traffic. At first, I was skeptical, I didn’t know how legit this system is, but I opt in for it, and boom, just like everyone else using the system, I was amazed.

From my first month, I wanted to share it with you guys but I decided to wait for a while to be sure that the system doesn’t fail. It’s been over two months now and it’s still working perfectly. It’s a free system you can apply even if you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing since everything is automated.

Personally, I’ll advise you to study affiliate marketing to get an idea of what you’re doing. It’s important that you know about what you’re doing and how it works. Click here to learn more about affiliate marketing.

The Rapid Profit Machine (RPM)

That’s the name of the system. You don’t have to pay for anything, you’ll be given access to the RPM system for free. I want you to take your time, listen, and watch the video to understand perfectly what the system is all about and how easy it is. Here’s the link to the video. You’ll find for yourself how easy affiliate marketing can be.

My Take

Folks, making money online is more than just doing tasks. I believe that the internet has been the greatest advantage and breakthrough of our lifetime, and starting an online business, and learning how to leverage the internet to make money from it, is the greatest opportunity we have. That’s why we see so many people today becoming millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires.

It’s really mind-boggling the world that we live in today and the opportunity that presents itself. It’s not that making money online is easy, of course, it’s hard to build a business there’s the mindset, there are a lot of components to being successful with anything. But if you’re committed enough and you put your time, attention, and focus into learning the internet, learning how to build a business, and learning how to leverage internet marketing, it could really change your life in so many ways.

The Process

Let’s discuss a little bit about the process, what it takes to succeed in an online business, and the factors that’ll determine your success.

Over the years I’ve seen those that have gone on to succeed, and I’ve seen those that have gone on to fail. I hate to say it because it really saddens me but it’s the truth and the reality that there are more people that fail than those that succeed. Some people just want it more than others.

Most people say they want it but they really don’t. They want if it’s easy, convenient, doesn’t cost money, and requires time, they want it to basically fall on their laps. If you’re like that you’re not going to do what it takes. You really should know why you want it and the benefits it’ll provide for your life.

For me I really dug deep, I said to myself that I needed it, and I’ll do whatever it takes, it doesn’t matter if I fail or how many mistakes I make, I’ll learn from them and I’ll keep moving forward because I believed in my vision and what it’ll provide for me. I didn’t want to give up because I didn’t want to do the alternative which is go to school, work in a job that I hate until I’m 65 years old and one day retire. That’ll be so painful for me.

What’s Present and Coming

There are over 5.3 billion people that have access to the internet over the next 5 years that number is projected to be 7 billion or more. This is such an incredible opportunity for you and me to take advantage of the internet no matter what we’re doing online, whether you’re selling on Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, or a system just like the RPM. No matter what it is, you’re going to benefit from this potential growth automatically the more lot’s of consumers are getting access to the internet.

A rising tide raises all boats, if you got a boat in the water and the tides rise, the internet improves, technology advances, and you benefit from that. You just have to make sure you dedicate the time to this, the more time you put in the better. Don’t let it be an excuse.

Most people are starting on the sides, with this RPM system, you don’t have to dedicate so much time to it. Everything is automated, but it’s more important to invest in yourself to be more enlightened in your field so you too can develop your own working system.

What You Get

An online business is going to give you the freedom that you want, it’s going to take you to the promise land, and that’s why you should take it seriously and prioritize it. To the majority of people, it’s not easy, especially if you have no experience or you’ve never been successful in other aspects of your life, or maybe you have a mindset and belief that’s holding you back. If you have all that, it’ll be challenging for you.

The Rapid Profit Machine is made for anyone with or without any experience, anyone could leverage its potential and build their way to success. Take your life seriously and get started building your online income stream. Peace and Happy Hustling.

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