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In this article, I want to talk about five side hustles that are realistic side hustles, that I would actually do that can make you up to eight hundred dollars per day. I frequently see list posts on YouTube and Reddit detailing the best side hustles for extra cash, but then I click into them, I look at the side hustles, and I generally wouldn’t do any of them.

I don’t want to be transcribing videos to text or doing surveys for less than ten dollars an hour. In fact, in 2021 I tried doing surveys for about three hours and frustratingly, I gave up and even questioned my own existence. The survey took me 20 minutes which I earned a measly $0.50.

If you’re balancing a full-time job it’s going to be hard to put 100% time into anything. So if we are doing a side hustle we want to make sure it’s of high value and that time is being used wisely, as well as that it has the potential to become a real full-fledged business later down the line.

5. Drone Photo/Video

One pain point that many real estate agents struggle with is to help get their listings to stand out among a sea of other listings. These days real estate professionals are getting more creative, especially with their marketing.

Knowing this, one thing that is nice to have that many realtors do not know how to get is aerial photos and aerial videos of those properties. This is where you can come in with a drone. If you have a drone already that’s perfect, but if you need to you might have to invest $400 into buying a drone for this specific side hustle.

Once you have the drone, you’re going to approach real estate professionals and offer to shoot aerial photos and high-quality videos for their listings, and that’s going to elevate their marketing materials.

The crazy thing about this type of side hustle is that you can charge a lot for your services.

How Much You Can Earn

On average the going rate for a 60-second video bundled with 10 to 15 images can be $350 to $400. That means if you were to do two half-day shoots, you can make upwards of $800 per day doing drone photography and videography for real estate professionals.

If you’re worried about booking jobs like that one in particular there is another opportunity to make money with a drone, and that’ll come in the form of stock photos and stock videos. Websites like Shutterstock, Getty images, drone stock, and story blocks, are all platforms where you can upload your drone footage and anytime someone ever uses it you get a commission.

You could go to landmarks near you, get some time-lapse shots of the sunset on the beach, you could do some nature shots, some urban shots, etc.. they all do really well. Just make sure to abide by your local laws.

4. e-Mail Newsletter

If you have a passion for a topic that you really care about or that you want to share knowledge on, what you can do is write a newsletter for a sub stack, or another popular platform is beehive a lot of people use that. It’s a great way to start a side hustle and build an audience at the same time.

I always assume that you needed to have an email list to start a newsletter, but you can actually get started with zero subscribers and just free content in the beginning. According to Tim Denning, most substack emails and articles should be free, your free content is how you build your audience and then once they fall in love with you they will happily pay to see 10% more of you.

Sometimes the mere convenience of the content could be a reason why people are willing to pay for the content. Think of it like “7-eleven customers” says Tim, audience, and members “want the best of you in one place and they will pay for the convenience the same way you pay 25 more to buy a soft drink from 7-eleven because it saves you wasting time and walking to Walmart.”

Getting Started

The way that you’re going to start a substack newsletter is to pick a topic that you’re incredibly passionate about, or maybe you have more knowledge in that topic than most people do. If you’re unsure of what to write about, I do have an exercise for you and I want you to stop reading further. Seriously, hold on.

Now try to write down three or four things that you think you are good at compared to the average person. For example, if you know a lot about selling for the SAT, the MCAT, the GMAT, the ISAT, etc. you could start a weekly newsletter where you go over your top three tips for that test.

Once you create that content, what you can do is you can share those content pieces across your social media to get some initial traction to your sub stack or your newsletter. Then you can also take that same content and actually distill them into a Twitter thread, that way you’re getting some organic reach as well. Eventually, you can start to offer a paid version of your content.

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3. Faceless YouTube Channel

Faceless YouTube channels have been the rage recently, but what exactly is a faceless channel, and is this side hustle the exact same? It’s actually going to be a little bit different, a faceless channel is a channel that creates videos just based on their voice. They are faceless as in they don’t reveal their identity.

Faceless channels have been in vogue for quite some time because basically, you can automate them. You can hire a scriptwriter, you can hire a voice actor, and you can also hire an editor so that way you’re just the operator of this YouTube channel and you don’t actually have to be the face of it.

However, making a faceless channel is not easy by any means. You still have to know how to make a good video, you have to pick a niche that you have expertise in, and it’s definitely hard to stand out.

** Tutorial Videos

Well, there is in my opinion a better side hustle involving YouTube that I think is highly underrated. That is to create tutorial videos with full-screen recordings on how to use certain websites and software or even fill out different forms. For example, if you search for the term “how to use Shopify”, a bunch of videos will pop up, tutorials showing me how to use the software step by step.

If you’re somewhat computer savvy, you should be able to replicate one of these tutorials, and showing your face is going to be optional. The reason why this side hustle is such a good YouTube side hustle is that you don’t need a ton of views to make money because the RPMs or the CPMs are basically the rates that you’re paid per thousand views going to be a lot higher for website tutorials than anything else.

Let’s say you’ve made cooking videos, you might make five dollars per thousand views for a cooking video. For a website tutorial video, a drop shipping video, or an amazon FBA tutorial you might make between $50, $100, or even $300 per thousand views that you get.

I know it sounds crazy but there are actually advertisers paying that high of a rate for different types of videos, that’s because they have bigger budgets than say a cooking brand does. So if the rate is$50 per thousand views, then your tutorial video needs to only get 5,000 views in order for you to make $250.

How I Would Do It

The way that I would go about this is to familiarize myself with a certain type of website, for example, I might try Shopify or I might do Squarespace. Then I would create a framework for how I would want the video to go.

Once I have that framework, I’m going to screen-record myself going through the entire process of signing up for the website or creating my own product on Shopify. And then I’m going to basically detail how to use that website and post it as a video.

2. Dog Walking/Sitting

If you like playing with dogs, dog walking and dog sitting is an actual side hustles that can become a full-fledged business one day. Personally, I love King Charles cavaliers, they follow you around, they look really cute and they get along with everyone. That’s just a side note.

These days you can make upwards of $35 an hour on dog-walking apps like rover or wag. If you don’t want to go the app route, you can find local dog walking and dog sitting gigs through your neighborhood bulletin board, or even through your own neighbors.

There are great tutorials on YouTube on how to use the different dog walking apps like rover for example, they teach you everything from how to get your first gig, to how to improve your profile, to how to eventually raise your rates.

I think the best part of this side hustle though is that you actually get some exercise while doing it, and if you’re an animal lover then it could even be a really good natural fit.

1. Online Digital Template

The online digital template space is growing like crazy, and this is where if you’re able to find a digital template that sells well you can make upwards of $100 to $300 per day doing that. The best part of this side hustle is that there is no cost of goods other than your time. For every additional copy of a digital template that you sell, there’s no cost of additional replication so it’s 100 margins.

I personally heard from a few friends that have bought digital planners on Etsy before, and a quick glance at the listing page on Etsy when we search for a digital planner that’ll show us that there are tons of listings with tens and thousands of reviews and sales. So, how much revenue are these people actually pulling in?

What I Did

I decided to do some more investigation, you can download a chrome extension called everbee, after you do that and go to Etsy and type in digital planner for example. We’re able to see what listings are generating what type of revenue in the past 30 days. Plenty of them are generating over ten thousand dollars a month, and over 60 listings are generating over $4,200 a month and up, which is at least $140 per day.

You can then click on the listings and see what’s being offered, and as long as you target to create something similar and hopefully better in quality, you should be able to slowly gain some traction on your digital product.


I like picking side hustles that I would actually do that can actually become businesses in the future. In doing research for this post, I actually came across focus groups as well and I’ve done a focus group before that pays you a lot of money per hour. But the problem is that after that hour is done, you’re basically not building any skills or future potential business. Once the hour is over you get paid and you move on with your life.

That’s a cool side hustle but it’s not exactly one that interests me.

All right guys. so which one of these side hustles was your favorite? Let me know in the comments. Peace and Happy Hustling!

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