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I’ve got six side hustles that you can do that require no experience and can earn you as much as $1,000 or more per day. This means that literally anybody can do these side hustles and start potentially making over six figures per year.

6. Pilot Car Driver

When most people think of driving side hustles that make money, they’re probably thinking of things like ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, but there’s actually a way to make over six figures per year without having to drive other people around.

How many of you when you’re driving down the highway have seen oversized load trucks? They’re always accompanied by at least one or two other cars, either in the front or back of the truck that also has an oversized load sign on them as well.

I know what you’re probably thinking “but Kienma, I don’t have a CDL license and so I can’t drive big trucks like that, and so I guess I can’t do this side hustle.” Well, luckily you’re not going to be the one driving the semi-truck, instead, you’ll be the one driving the small car. These are known as pilot car drivers, and their only job is to drive in front of or behind oversized loads to make sure that it’s a safe journey.

The craziest part about this is you don’t need any special qualifications to do this, even if you didn’t graduate from high school, and in most States, you can still do this side hustle. Outside of having a valid driver’s license and obviously some car insurance, there are pretty much no requirements, even the type of car that you need is extremely lenient.

I mean I’ve seen old family Vans driving as pilot cars, I’ve even seen really old cars from like the 90s driving as pilot cars, and so honestly there should be nothing holding you back from doing this side hustle.

How Much You Can Earn

On average, you can expect to earn between $88,000 and $142,000 per year, and getting started is incredibly easy. There’s actually a dedicated website called, if you go to this website you’ll see a button that says join for free, just tap on that button and sign up.

Now, it is worth mentioning that some states might require that you take a course before becoming a pilot card driver, but typically this course is really cheap and just easy to complete. Given how lucrative this side hustle can be and how much flexibility you’ll have, it’s worth it.

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5. Google-To-Purchase-Middleman

Arguably one of the most underrated side hustles is becoming a Google-to-purchase middleman, this is something that companies like nerd wallet do to make over $538 million per year. And even other companies like CNET and the New York Times use the same exact strategy, being a Google-to-purchase middleman.

What’s it About

Essentially, it’s just being the middleman between a Google Search and a purchase.

How many times have you gone to Google and searched something like “best noise canceling headphones or best gaming computer chairs? Well, of the 99,000 google searches that are happening every single second, a good chunk of those searches is something related to a purchase.

When you search for the best noise-canceling headphones, Google will give you a list of Articles talking about the best noise-canceling headphones. When you click into one of the articles, then click on one of the links that lead to the headphones, and then proceed to buy the product the site that you originally clicked on from the Google search earns a percentage of that sale.

So, it makes sense that a site like NerdWallet makes over $538 million per year because its main focus is Financial products like a credit card. For example, when you search for something like the best credit cards for beginners, nerd wallet pops up at the very top. Every person that clicks onto their web website and then signs up for any of the credit cards, or nerd wallet is likely earning a few hundred dollars per sign-up.

If you could even capture just a tiny percentage of this traffic for yourself, I mean we’re talking about earning potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Getting Started

Getting started is a lot easier than you probably think. The first thing you’ll do is simply create a personal brand blog around a specific topic that interests you. You create a personal brand blog around a topic that you’re either passionate about or that just interests you, then create articles about that topic following a specific formula that you just repeat over and over again to help rank on Google search.

For example, things like the best TVs for under five hundred dollars, the best computer keyboards for typing, best headphones for the gym. I mean there’s literally an infinite number of things to rank for and make money from. And what’s even better is there are a ton of free tools that you can use to help you find things that people are already searching, so that you don’t have to guess what articles to write about.

This side hustle could be an entirely new article just by itself, and so if you guys want me to write a dedicated article like a step-by-step article about how to do this, just comment down below “yes make the Google to purchase middleman article”. If enough people comment let’s just say 100 people, then I’ll make the article.

4. Window Washing

Many of you have heard of side hustles like pressure washing houses, this can be a very lucrative side hustle that requires very little money to start. But there’s another side hustle that people often overlook that requires even less money to start and can make you as much as ninety thousand dollars per month.

The side hustle is window washing, I’m not talking about the sketchy job of cleaning the windows on massive high-rises. No, Instead this Side hustle is all about cleaning residential windows, in other words, the houses in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

You would be very shocked to learn that there are likely thousands of houses in your area that would be willing to pay you good money to clean their windows. And the supplies that you would need to actually start would cost you less than fifty dollars, some window cleaner, a bucket to hold water, a squeegee, some non-linen cloths, and maybe a ladder or a long pole.

That’s really about it, I mean you could literally buy most of the supplies from Amazon as a kit for less than $25. Outside of that though, it’s just a matter of finding new clients and you can easily do this by posting free ads on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or like local Facebook groups. You could also try buying a few door-hanging flyers from a site like Vistaprint, or just use your mom’s printer to print out like 50 flyers that you made for free on a site like canva using one of their many many templates.

If you just did this consistently, like reached out, did the work, did a good job, and got referrals, you would be really surprised as to how fast you could grow this side hustle into a full-scale business that perhaps earns you over ninety thousand dollars per month.

3. Roofs and Gutters Cleaning

Another side hustle that can earn you close to one hundred thousand dollars per year is something virtually every home in the world needs done. You see, every year during spring billions of seeds fall everywhere, and then during Autumn billions of leaves fall.

This presents a major problem for virtually every homeowner especially ones living closer to trees, and the problem is dirty roofs and clogged gutters. That’s right, the part of your home that moves water away from your home so that it doesn’t leak into your home.

The roof and gutters are a foundational part of any home’s water management system, and that’s why it’s so important that they stay clean. In fact, it’s often recommended that homeowners get their roofs and gutters cleaned at least once per year.

This right here is where you come in, there are people making close to $100K per year cleaning roofs and gutters, and the best part is that this is a very cheap side hustle to start. The only thing you need to get started is a couple of cheap tools. After that, it’s really just a matter of finding customers which nowadays thanks to the power of social media and the internet is easier than ever.

** Christmas Light Services

On top of roof and gutter cleaning, another service that you can add especially in November and December is you can offer Christmas light services. This is where people will pay you to put Christmas lights on their roofs. It’s a 100% legitimate service that a lot of people use, I mean if you’re going to be up on roofs anyways then you might as well upsell this as a side service and make even more money.

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2. Taskrabbit

I recently saw an article on Business Insider talking about how someone made $100K in a year doing one simple thing. I talk about this a lot over here but starting some type of service-based side hustle is probably one of the easiest ways to start making money and there are a ton of low-barrier services that you can do that cost virtually no money to start and can earn you six figures per year.

One of those Services is helping people to move on Taskrabbit, someone made $100K last year doing exactly this. If you don’t know what taskrabbit is, it’s basically like an odd job service that connects taskers which are you to various paying gigs. These gigs can range anywhere from doing things like assembling furniture, or mounting TVs or shelves, all the way to doing various electrical work, plumbing, repairs, heavy lifting, and a lot more.

How to Get Started

Just go to, tap on become a tasker, select your area, and then choose a category. What’s interesting about this is that taskrabbit will give you an estimate of how much they think you’ll earn per hour for that particular task.

For example, car washing will pay you about $22 per hour, decorating $30 an hour, running errands for somebody $20 per hour, and assembling Ikea furniture about $15 per hour. You can just go through and look at all the different categories, and the one category that pays really well and requires literally no skill or experience is moving. Taskrabbit is estimating that you can earn about $39 per hour helping people move.

I think that number is actually pretty conservative because in a Business Insider article, it says that Alexander made nearly $100K working only between 10 and 30 hours per week. He says when he first started he was charging roughly $39 per hour but now his rate ranges between $55 and $150 per hour depending on the job.

The best part about this is that taskrabbit will let you keep 100% of your earnings and tips. The company instead makes money by charging a service fee on top of your hourly rate to the client, but you don’t have to pay any money to taskrabbit it’s completely free for you.

1. Flipping Used Shoes

Make no mistake about it, the shoe industry is massive and only growing every year and there are a ton of different avenues that you can take to start making money with shoes. For example, there are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes even millions of dollars per year flipping Sneakers, but that’s not what this side hustle is.

You see, instead of going and buying new popular sneakers at retail price to then flip, you’re going to be instead buying used shoes from thrift stores and then flipping them. I mean there are countless stories of people who have left their day job to go and sell used shoes on sites like Poshmark. These people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year doing it.

How to Get Started

Basically, all you’re doing is just going to different thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, and Savers and finding gently used or sometimes even brand new shoes. You’re then taking those shoes, doing some light cleaning if needed, and then selling them at a higher price than what you paid for.

The best part is that sites like Poshmark are completely free and get millions of visitors every single day.

And folks, if you at least just gave yourself a chance with any of these side hustles, I believe that there are a lot of you reading this, who could truly change your lives forever but you have to at least give yourself a chance. Peace and Happy Hustling

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