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Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

I’ve got four side hustles that no one is talking about that can earn you as much as $900 or more per day with basically no skill. all you have to do is choose one of these ideas and then execute it.

1. Pressure Wash Trash Can

Americans throw away almost five pounds of trash per person every day and all this trash ends up in your trash cans where a garbage truck then comes and picks it up.

After the trash has been taken to the trash can, there’s always some leftover junk and smelly garbage juice that attracts cockroaches, ants, rats, possums, and other rodents and pests that could then eventually find their way into your home.

This is where you come in, you’d be really surprised to learn that a lot of people will pay you really good money to pressure wash their trash cans once every month or even as much as every week.

For example, I recently saw a post on NextDoor where somebody was saying that they discovered a mobile trash can cleaning service and that they didn’t even know this type of service existed but they wish they had known sooner. All the comments under that post were filled with people who were overwhelmingly excited about the service.

Getting Started

The best part is that getting started is incredibly cheap and easy.

The first thing that you’ll need obviously is a pressure washer. The best part is you don’t even need an expensive commercial pressure washer that’ll cost you thousands, a simple $70 to $150 battery-powered pressure washer will work perfectly fine.

Now, you’ll want to be sure that you buy some type of pressure washer that has a soap attachment, that allows you to spray soap onto the trash cans before you actually pressure wash them.

For the soap, you can either buy some cheap solution from a hardware store or Amazon or simply use a watered-down mixture of Dawn dish soap. Alternatively, you could also use some type of separate cheap sprayer to spray the soap on. These things can be bought at Walmart or pretty much any hardware store.

Honestly, in terms of your equipment, that’s all you need to get started.

Getting Clients

Now the next thing that you’ll need to do is actually get the word out about your business, and there are a few different ways you can do this you can post in local Facebook groups, Craigslist, or on sites like Nextdoor. These are all free ways that you can promote your business and I would highly recommend that you do them.


There’s something else that you should be doing if you want to get even more business, and that’s creating physical door-hanging Flyers. These things are incredibly easy to create and you can buy them super cheap and in bulk on sites like Vistaprint.

1,000 door-hanging Flyers can be bought for 11 cents a piece, this means you can get 1,000 flyers for just one hundred dollars. If you wanted to start with less, you can buy as little as 50 for about 80 cents a piece, but obviously, if you buy more, then you’ll get a better deal.

In total though, with the pressure washer and the Flyers, you should really only be spending between $100 and $300 to get started which really isn’t a lot of money considering how much you can make with this side hustle.

How Much You Can Make

Most people charge $65 for one-time trash can cleanings, about $35 for monthly trash can cleanings, plus an extra $10 for every added trash can. I mean imagine for a second that you cleaned four trash cans every hour for eight hours straight, that’s 32 cans. Multiply that by $35 per can, I mean we’re talking upwards of eleven hundred dollars or more per day.

You could only work for a couple of hours and easily make hundreds of dollars. This side hustle is incredibly easy and cheap to start. It requires zero skill and is a service that a lot of people would pay money for. If one of you reading starts this side hustle and starts making good money with it, I want you to send me an email at because I would love to share your story in a future post on this website.

2. Selling Art Work on Etsy

A friend of mine bought a couple of pieces of artwork for Etsy, a portrait of a stock market bull and a stock market bear. He paid roughly $200 a piece for the artwork.

The interesting part about this and what I learned is that, while it’s an original artwork, the seller isn’t actually the one producing these large canvas paintings and shipping them. Instead, they’re using a print-on-demand service something like printify to do all the back-end work for them, and all the seller has to do is create the artwork and that’s it.

Once the artwork is created, all they have to do is apply the artwork to the canvas on printify, link their printify account to Etsy, and then every time someone buys one of these canvas paintings the entire process from the manufacturing Printing and shipping is handled by printify.

work from home

Creating the Art Work

Now, I already know some of you are thinking “yeah, but Kienma, I’m not an artist, I can’t create original artwork and so I guess I can’t do this well”. I’m actually glad you said that, the reason is that recently I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on Instagram for these motivational canvases, very simple artwork that shows some type of inspirational quote or some type of power word followed by the definition of that word.

You could even get creative and tie something in from pop culture, like Monopoly motivational posters that range from $654 to as high as $3,300 depending on the size of the poster. As you can see for yourself, you don’t have to create or hand paint some original work of art in order to make this side hustle work.

Motivational quotes, remixes of famous pop culture icons or famous people, public domain artwork are all things that have been proven to sell time and time again. You could go to a site like where all the images are completely free to use. Download a stylish image for example, the image of a city, and then go to a site like envato elements, get a free 7-Day trial to then be able to go and download some photoshop actions for example, the impressionist action that’ll turn your unslashed images into impressionist artwork.


After that, you can once again take that into printify to sell as canvas artwork work on your Etsy store. You can also use the scribbles Photoshop action that can turn your unsplashed images into scribble art or any of the hundreds of really unique Photoshop actions that can give your canvas artwork a very custom and unique feel.

Going too Fast

Now, I am intentionally moving through all this really quickly because I don’t want to spend too much time going over the actual design aspect of this side hustle, that’s going to be completely up to your creativity.

If however, you did need some design inspiration I would recommend checking out a site called, you can go through and search for design Inspirations based on color. Also, you could search for keywords like quotes or something else that’ll help to inspire you with your design ideas.

Overall though, I could easily see this ad hustle turning into a full-time business that earns you well over six figures per year if you took the time to execute and take action on it.

As always, if you guys want a separate dedicated post of me telling you exactly how you can start selling canvas artwork on Etsy, be sure to drop a comment down below.

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3. Video Review

This next side hustle is extremely unique and I’ve personally never seen anything else like it, so I’d like to thank Joshua for showing me this. This might actually be the easiest way to make money online with very minimal effort.

So, I want you to think about every single time that you go to Amazon and Shop, sometimes you’re just browsing through products because you’re bored, and other times if you’re like me, you’re always kind of searching for a specific product. And when you find that product, you see the image, you see the price, and you may go down and read the product description or the reviews.

Oftentimes, what I’ll do especially if it’s a bigger purchase is actually go to the videos and I’ll watch a video review for the product. Alright, here’s something fascinating that literally, nobody thinks about except for the few people who are making these videos, the creators who are making these reviews are getting paid to make these videos.

What Most People Don’t Know

Here’s something that a lot of people don’t actually know about, every time somebody watches at least 30 seconds of one of these videos and then proceeds to buy the product or a similar product on Amazon, that Creator will get a commission from the sale. You’ve really got to think about this for a second.

Most buyers on Amazon look at the video reviews of the product before actually making their purchase, and the craziest part about all of this is that literally, nobody knows this is a thing.

There’s basically no competition, for example, if you go to some products on Amazon, you’ll find out that there are zero video reviews, not a single video review about most products. There are a lot of these products, probably tens, even hundreds of thousands of products that either have very little or no video reviews.

The Maths

Just imagine if you made a video review of these products, we know that Amazon pays a commission rate of 2% on electronics, and while this may not sound like a lot of money it starts adding up really fast. Imagine that out of 100,000 hypothetical sales, 5,000 people watched your review video of this product before making their purchase. This means you would earn tens of thousands on just one product alone.

Imagine though if you had video reviews for 10, 20, or 100 different products, imagine how much that would start to compound, and how much you would earn over time. These reviews don’t even have to be anything crazy, most people making them are probably just doing it on their phones.

Getting the Product

“Oh, but Kienma, you would have to buy the product in order to do the review and I don’t have a lot of money”. Okay, that’s fine, buy it, review it, and then return it. Why not, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Folks, there’s so much money out there to be made, you just have to take the leap and start taking action.

4. AliExpress to Amazon or Etsy

I recently read about someone who started a successful six-figure Etsy shop by finding a product on AliExpress, buying it for super cheap, and then selling it at a marked-up price on Etsy. The crazy part is that it only took her six months to do this.

Before this business, she was working a standard nine-to-five job as a dental assistant, an assistant not very happy, and not making a lot of money, and then her life changed completely.

How did she do that

Well, it all starts on AliExpress an online retail store based in China, where you can buy heavily discounted products to then resell at a much larger markup on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Products like this Sunset projection lamp only cost $2.96, and I guarantee you this product could easily be sold for 10 times the amount on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Just go on to AliExpress and research that product, find out how much it cost, and compare it with the price it sells for on Amazon. You’ll find out that it’s selling for $2.69 on AliExpress and it’s selling for between twenty dollars and thirty-four dollars on Amazon.

Now, I’m not a rocket scientist but according to my calculator, that means they’re making between $17 and $31 per sale.

And we know these things are selling extremely well because not only does it have close to 2,000 reviews, but it’s even got the trusty Amazon Choice label. And so the seller is definitely earning over six figures per year with this one product alone.

How to Find Winning Products

Now, that all sounds great right, but the question becomes how exactly do you find these winning products on AliExpress? Well, you actually have to kind of work backward and so the first thing you do is decide what platform you’re gonna sell on Etsy or Amazon or both.

Depending on the platform, you’ll just have to do some research to figure out what products people are buying on a site like Amazon, you could certainly search through the top-selling products in each category to see what’s most popular. This is only one approach because there are going to be thousands of different products that technically are top-selling products, that still get tens of thousands of sales and can earn you well over six figures per year.

Whether you’re selling on Etsy or Amazon or both, you simply have to go through all the different categories and shuffle through dozens of different products and product categories to see what’s selling the best. It’ll be pretty obvious to see what’s popular and what’s not.

For example, I searched for cup holder inserts because I knew this was going to be a random product that nobody was buying, while scrolling through the products on Etsy, I’m specifically looking at the number of reviews these products have on average. I figured out that all of the products have a really small number of reviews which tells me that not many people are buying them.

Google Trends

Additionally, you can go to Google Trends, search for cup holder insert, and then you’ll see that over the course of the past almost two decades, not many people are actively looking and searching for cup holder inserts.

On the other hand, if you went back through and searched for let’s say Mickey Mouse ears you’ll find them just by browsing through all the different categories. You’ll see that this product is extremely popular, almost all of the products have thousands of reviews.

If you go to Google Trends and search Mickey Mouse ears, you’ll that over the past two decades this product has not only increased in popularity but pretty much stays consistently popular throughout the year.

The Mickey Mouse ears are just one example, I’m not saying that that’s what you have to do, but let’s use it one more time. Just go into AliExpress, search Mickey Mouse ears, and you’ll find out that there are indeed Mickey Mouse ears that you can buy for super cheap on AliExpress.

Setting up Your Shop

Once you’ve found your product it’s a matter of setting up your Etsy Shop, learning how to optimize your listings on Etsy by using SEO and good product images and then potentially spending a little bit of money on pay-per-click ads to attract more customers and make more money.

Now all of that is a process, so once again if you want me to write a dedicated article about how to do this, drop a comment down below. And in that article, I’ll actually spend time to find a real winning product that you can use yourself to start your own successful business.

I appreciate every single one of you reading from this blog, I mean that and I hope that you have a beautiful rest of your day or night. And as always, peace and happy hustling!!

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  1. Hello dear Bontinel!
    I love your articles, although I haven’t put your tips into practice yet, I love reading them and with that alone I know I get more wisdom, learn about trends and spend good quality time with my coffee in the mornings.
    But this time I would love if you can publish an article dedicated to selling canvas art pieces on Etzy, that would be great! I have experience as an advertising Creative and I don’t work in Agencies. But I need an extra income and this idea really appeals to me.
    Thanks in advance and I hope you continue to enlighten us. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Davenie for your time, I’ll be writing a dedicated article on selling canvas art pieces on Etsy. You can subscribe to my mail list to get informed the moment it’s out.

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