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Business Ideas
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Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier to make life-changing money right now than at any other time in history. All you have to do is choose an idea and execute it. In this article, I’m going to show you five high-profit online business ideas that can change your life.

And all of these businesses I’m currently doing or I know someone else who’s doing it, and so I know for a fact that they work. I’m not just you know throwing out random ideas here.

1. Copywriting

A copywriter is somebody who writes marketing and promotional materials. For example, when you go to Apple’s website, all of the words or the copy on their site are meticulously written by a copywriter. Or when you get promotional emails from a company, all the words and the emails are written by a copywriter.

And so, emails, website landing pages, social media, captions, really anything that has to do with marketing all of these things are written by a copywriter. And let me just tell you this, copywriters make a lot of money.

I know a copywriter who charges about $95 per hour to do copywriting. If she’s working a full eight hours per day then she’s making upwards of $800 per day, and in a week if she’s working 40 hours then she’s making as much as $4,000 per week or $16,000 per month.

All you have to do to get started is just go to websites like where there are thousands of different job posts and people looking for copywriters.

The crazy part about all of this is that, yes, it is going to require a couple of weeks of you learning the basics of copywriting. You can do this by watching YouTube videos or taking highly affordable courses on sites like Udemy.

But the crazy part is that you don’t even need to be a professional writer who has an English degree to do this and make life-changing money. There are tools like Grammarly for example, that will literally make your writing sound like a professional.

If you want to be taken seriously as a copywriter, then proper grammar and sounding professional are a must, not only within your work but even in the emails that you send to potential clients.

2 YouTube Channel

The next high-profit online business is starting a YouTube channel. I can remember watching YouTube back in 2011, and back in that time, everybody was like saying that it was too late to start a YouTube channel. Well, a decade later and go figure, but people are still saying the same exact thing, YouTube is too saturated, it’s too late to start a channel, and don’t waste your time because it’s not going to work out.

This is obviously the furthest thing from the truth. I would argue that right now is actually the best time to start a YouTube channel in all of YouTube’s history.

work from home

The truth is, this is where the world is heading. Corporations will keep on pushing more and more of their marketing dollars onto platforms like YouTube because they recognize where the attention is heading.

A Brief History

One hundred years ago in the late 1920s when the radio became widely used, most advertisers began moving their marketing dollars from newspaper to the radio because they recognized where all the attention was heading.

For close to 30 years, radio basically held that top spot until the early 1950s when TVs became widely available. At that point, once again advertisers saw the attention shifting from Radio to television, and so guess what they did. They started moving their marketing dollars over to TV, and for nearly 60 years between the 1950s and around the 2010s, TV basically held that top spot.

But with the invention of the internet that we know today, that same exact shift is happening right now as you’re reading this article. The crazy part is that we are literally just at the beginning, I mean it literally blows my mind that people think that it’s too late to start a YouTube channel as if history doesn’t repeat itself.

Newspaper, radio, and TV have all been around and are still relevant for decades. Folks, the same exact thing is happening with YouTube and the internet in general right now. And whether it’s YouTube or some other video platform, ten years from now video content is not going anywhere.

And so it’s up to you to go and capture some of that attention, and if you can, if you do, then you’ll be greatly rewarded.

3. Video Editor

As long as the internet continues to exist, which it will, there will always be online video content to consume, whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, or some other video platform in the future. That’s because not only will content creators continue making content, but even more so, a lot of companies and corporations are starting to see the value in video content as a form of marketing. And because of this, video editors will always be in demand.

Several large YouTubers and TikTokers who do use video editors for their content and I know that these video editors are making a lot of money. Most video editors charge between $1,000 and $2,000 per month to edit 20 TikTok videos.

Now, $2,000 per month may not sound like a lot of money, and honestly, it’s not. Imagine for a second that you had five clients, well, suddenly you’re making $10,000 per month. Perhaps you go and hire another video editor to help you so that you can take on more clients, well, suddenly you have 10 clients and you’re making $20,000 per month consistently.

What Matters Most

As long as you’re providing value then it’s not going to be hard for you to continue finding work and getting referrals. Sometimes you’ll have to communicate to a potential client the value that you can provide for them. For example, maybe if they hired you as a video editor you would save them 15 hours per week.

Just imagine what they could do with 15 extra hours per week, or perhaps your video editing will increase their video retention which in turn will actually make them more money. And so, even though they’re paying you to edit their videos, in the long run, they’ll actually end up making more money.

But do you see what I mean, you have to really sell the client the value that you’re adding, at the same time you actually do have to be able to back up your claim? If you’re not a good video editor for example, then why on Earth would anybody hire you, if your video editing doesn’t actually increase their video retention then you’re not actually providing any value? and so you do have to be able to back your claims up.

4. Low Content Books

The next business idea is selling low-content books online. You may have heard about this before, but low-content books are exactly what they sound like, books with little to no content. Think of things like journals, coloring books, planners, crossword puzzles, and things like that.

These books are incredibly easy to create because well, there’s no content in them aside from sometimes having to lightly design the inside Pages or find free-lined artwork online to create coloring books, things like sketchbooks are literally just filled with empty pages.

side hustles

The Interview

The only thing that you would have to worry about is designing the cover of the book, and the best part is that this can be extremely lucrative. A low-content book publisher was interviewed and asked “how soon after you started publishing low-content books did you start seeing sales?”

He responded “I started selling journals about 10 days from the first day I published. But my first three months combined only generated a little bit over $400 in sales however, it didn’t take long before I hit my first 5k month. The last few months have been mind-blowing with a high of just over $27,000 in December…”

Creating these books is actually very easy and the hardest part is knowing how exactly to navigate at the very beginning. Like where you actually design the books, and how you go about designing the books? If you’re not a professional designer all of these questions can be answered.

If you guys are interested in me writing a dedicated post about selling low-content books, drop a comment down below, and if enough of you comment then I’ll make that post.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you take someone else’s product or service, promote it, and you earn a commission every single time somebody buys that product or service using your affiliate link.

One of the biggest affiliate programs in the world is from a company that you’ll likely recognize which is You actually don’t need a large social media following to do affiliate marketing successfully. Maybe 10 years ago on the internet that was the case, but nowadays because of sites like TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Twitter, it is more possible than ever to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

For example, you could use TikTok to promote an in-demand product by creating short 30-second videos that TikTok’s algorithm will prioritize. You see, short-form content like TikToks, or even YouTube Shorts play by a different algorithm.

The truth is you don’t need a large following to go viral on these platforms. In fact, you could literally have zero followers, but if you’re making content that aligns with what the algorithm knows people want to see, then your content will go viral regardless of your following.

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