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side hustles
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There isn’t anything more important during this 2022 recession than increasing your ability to earn income. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is money everywhere. All you have to do is just claim it. In this post, I want to put together a list of 14 side hustles you can start today with just a mobile phone or a laptop. As long as you have a wi-fi connection and a willingness to work.

I’m not going to say that these things are going to make you a millionaire, but at least they’ll be able to replace your current income.

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10x Your Results

Before we get into the list of side hustles, here are three things to focus on that will 10x the results you get.

I. Reverse Engineer Your Spendings

I want you to go ahead and reverse-engineer all of the ways that you spend money. I know most people won’t do this but right now, I want you to pull up your American express statement, your Revolut statement, and whatever bank or credit card you use. I want you to pull it up and I want you to go through the list and look at all of the places where you’re spending money.

You need to understand that business is simply an exchange of money in return for value. The more cognizant you can be of the places where you are exchanging your money in return for some sort of value or perceived value, the more that you’re cognizant and you’re aware of these things the better that your ability to actually earn income will be.

II. Provide a Service With a Sample

The second thing is if you are trying to provide a service for someone, make sure you reach out with some sort of sample. It is going to expedite their process and expedite their willingness to actually give you money.

It really comes down to a simple fact which is, “don’t tell me, show me” and when you can provide them with some samples of work, they’re going to be far more willing to actually work with you.

III. Reach Out to Many

Do more reach outs, do more work than expected. There is money everywhere but you need to be smart enough to claim it.

As I said, I’m about to shoot off a list of 17 different side hustle ideas. The difference between a side hustle and a business in my opinion is a business is something basically you’re trying to go all in. Business is something where you’re trying to make $75,000 a year, a$100,000 a year, $250,000 a year, half a million dollars a year.

A side hustle is something where you’re just trying to make a little bit of supplementary income on the side. Let’s get into the side hustle.

side hustles

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1. TIKTOK Content Creation

TikTok is blowing up right now because of its algorithms, and for both people and businesses, it is a very valuable asset. Whether you’re actually creating user-generated content for businesses, or you’re just being a TikTok editor for an influencer or a business that can actually go ahead and repurpose their content.

For example, there are so many podcasts out there, you can actually come in and repurpose all of their podcast content and tell them “hey, I’m going to create an entirely new channel for you with TikTok.

2. Graphic Designer

Are you great with design?, then go ahead and look at places like Twitter and search for graphic design help on Twitter. On Twitter, people will put out “hey do you know any good graphic designers? This is actually a very easy way to get clients.

You need to understand that there are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there that need better graphic design work. And the difference in pay that they’re willing to give between a good graphic designer and a great graphic designer is massive.

3. Boutique Marketing Agency

This is services, any sort of service that could be literally anything whether that be thumbnails, Facebook ads, Google ads, TikTok ads, email marketing, or whatever it is. Basically, any service that helps businesses make more money. And the agency aspect of it is simply using leverage no longer just doing it yourself but using drop servicing to actually have someone else fulfill the services for you.

You’re just finding the clients and wrapping it all under your experience.

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4. YouTuber

Do you have something that you are super excited to talk about, something you know you just can’t stop talking about to your friends, and have you always felt that you might have a good propensity for being on camera? Well, being a YouTuber can actually be super lucrative.

Bear in mind it’s a very very slow burn, for a long time you won’t make a lot of money. YouTube is a good supplementary income even if you’re earning an extra. It’s probably something you love to do or talk about something. It could be anything, you could be super into chess and you could teach people how to play chess online. There’s so much stuff that you can do.

5. YouTube Scriptwriter

Now let’s say you’re very intrigued, excited, and interested in a topic and you know nothing is against you for it, but you may just not have the sort of personality that’ll be good for YouTube, then you can actually be a YouTube scriptwriter.

Look at the music industry, for example, there are so many scriptwriters that are actually sort of the heartbeat and the lifeblood behind some of the biggest artists. You can serve that exact same purpose by being a YouTube scriptwriter for a YouTuber.

6. Coach

If there is something that you have mastered, you are talented whether that be a chess coach, there are a lot of people who want to improve their chess skills. You can be an online chess coach, you could be a guitar coach, and you could do that remotely via zoom. You could be a holistic health coach, you could be whatever sort of coach that you want.

If there’s something that you’re very very good at, then you can actually help coach people through it. Just start off your hourly rate at like $20 or something just something super cheap and just keep working your way up from there.

7. Video Editing

Content is the current best form of marketing. If you can create videos for people whether that be shorts, reels, actual YouTube videos, full-blown YouTube videos, literally whatever it is. If you can do it and you can do it in a way where you turn things around quickly because a lot of people or a lot of editors are just way too slow.

And number two, if you can do it in a way where you look at everything through the lens of the highest retention. Specifically, tell clients “hey I edit things in a way where you’re going to get the best retention possible, you are going to get the highest percentage of people watching the video from the beginning to the end.” If you frame things that way. you will win.

8. eBay Flipping

This is very good especially if you have a lot of stuff around the house that you can sell from day one. If you don’t have that, you can pull a Garyvee and basically go bully some seven-year-olds at a garage sale. You can get some of those stuffs and then go ahead and list it on eBay.

A lot of your competition won’t know how to list things properly, they won’t know how to market things properly. they won’t know how to actually take photos with the right lighting. So if you know how to do that, you’re going to have a massive competitive advantage.

This side hustle has been there for thousands and thousands of years, there will always be an arbitrage. There will always be a difference between the people who don’t know how to market and the people that do. Take two people selling the exact same thing, one person doesn’t know how to market, one person does and this person will sell it for twice, three times, five times, ten times the amount that the other person did, and they both bought it for the exact same price.

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9. Copywriting

People will pay a lot of money if you can take care of their emails, their weekly newsletter, Facebook updates, and anything they need to do to get the written word out. Even their Twitter post, anything you can do to help alleviate the stress that they have of putting out written content.

There are only three or four skills and I would say no matter who you are if you can learn it, and it doesn’t really matter what industry you get into it will serve you for the rest of your life. Copywriting and sales are two of those skills.

So as I said whether that’s helping with emails, whether that’s helping with sales scripts, whether that’s helping with landing pages, Twitter posts, anything. If you can help people articulate, present themselves and sell more via the written word, you in return will get paid a lot of money.

10. Sales

Speaking of skills that will carry you through for the rest of your life, we need to talk about sales. Now, remote sales jobs have incredible potential, now I will say this doesn’t really fall under the side hustle category because usually if you are selling for a product or service or for example you’re selling for a high ticket coaching offer or you’re selling for a SAAS company, usually they will want you to be full-time.

Don’t think this is one of those things where you’re going to make fifty thousand dollars a month, you’re not. But if you find the right organization, you can very consistently make between five, ten, and fifteen thousand a month.

It’s just most people are very very scared of sales and they’re very scared of sales at that amount of repetition and that amount of volume because you’re basically just going to be selling all day if you want to be hitting good numbers.

11. Website Designer

Once again, it’s one of those things where it can be a commodity or basically an ROI service. Something where there is a clear return on investment when a client is basically paying you the money.

Rather than positioning things like “oh I’ll just create your website” explain what benefits that’s going to have and also explain that you view things from a perspective of a landing page, load speeds, conversion perspective, etc.

12. Airbnb Marketing Agency

There are so many Airbnb that are just so poorly listed, so poorly presented, so if you can have a marketing agency that helps basically Airbnb owners with their listing, marketing, writing descriptions, and taking the right photos. Once again that has a positive ROI, which means that not only will they be booked out more, they can also even increase the rates.

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13. Explore Upwork

This isn’t really a side hustle but it’s just something that you can do right now. Just go on Upwork and see the things that are listed, and that will actually just kind of get the cogs turning in your mind, and it’ll give you some ideas as to basically different services that you can offer.

14. Discord Moderator

There are so many communities via discord and by the way that could be discord moderation, that could be Facebook group moderation, basically, just being a moderator for communities. There are lots of communities you know online communities out there that have a thousand people in there, five thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, whatever the number is. And obviously, once you get to that size, you need a good team of moderators to actually moderate it.

If you get good enough, then you can actually become a moderation agency. You can have people who work for you and then basically you offer a moderation service. So rather than a person having to find five different mods, you just sell your services as a moderation agency and you can tell clients that “hey, between our team you have 24-hour visibility. There’re people on my team moderating from different time zones 24 hours of the day”.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I do not want you to take this as gospel. I don’t want you to think that I’m recommending you start any of these side hustles, I just really wanted to get the cogs turning in your brain because as I said, there’s so much money out there you just need to get serious, pick something, and go claim some of it.

There has never been a better time than right now, so go out there, get started, and I’m rooting for you. Peace and Happy Hustling!!

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