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What if I told you that it is possible to make up to ten to fifteen thousand dollars per month, work from home without ever having to touch a physical product, and start with zero with something called Etsy print on demand.

Etsy print-on-demand is something that anybody can do, it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, or how much money you have or don’t have because, I’m going to show you step by step exactly how you can start your own Etsy print-on-demand business. I’m going to walk you through the entire process of doing that step by step.

What is Etsy Print on Demand

For starters what exactly is Etsy print on demand? Print on demand is when you work with suppliers that provide you with white-label products like blank hats, t-shirts, phone covers, and virtually anything that you can think of, to then place your own designs on those products and sell them as your own.

For example, if you go to Etsy and type in graphic t-shirts into the search bar, you get Pages upon pages of t-shirts being sold most of them with some sort of graphic or text on them. The good thing about a print-on-demand business is that you literally never have to manage a store or protect any physical product. That’s because products are only created after a sale goes through, and then the product is sent directly to the customer from the actual print-on-demand supplier.

Getting Started With Etsy Print on Demand

To get started with Etsy print on demand, the first thing you need to decide on is exactly what products you’ll be selling. My personal recommendation here is that you want to try and stick with a particular Niche. What I mean by this is you don’t want to go and sell cat clothing, as in like you know actual clothing that cats wear alongside shower curtains. The two just don’t make sense being sold together. Instead, I want you to either get really good at just selling one thing or sell things that have some type of correlation together.

Once you’ve actually decided on what you’re going to sell, it’s now time to start coming up with design ideas which mean the first thing we’ll need to do is actually come up with some inspiration. There are a variety of places that you can go for design inspiration, you’ve got Dribble, Pinterest, and Design Inspiration, these are just a few examples.

But let’s just say for example that you wanted to find design inspiration for socks, what you would do is, for example, go to Pinterest, and then simply type in sock inspiration or maybe sock design and what you’ll get are hundreds of different stock designs. If you keep on scrolling down, the idea will just keep on flowing.

The point here is not to copy these ideas, I’m not encouraging you to go and steal these ideas and potentially find yourself in legal trouble. No, there is a big big difference between stealing and being inspired.

A Case Study

For example, you could find socks that are pretty cool, and actually, something you’ll notice is that most pins you’ll see lead to an Etsy page. If you click on them, you’ll actually go and look at the Etsy page where you can see how much the socks are selling for. While researching for this post, I visited an Etsy page through a pin while searching for socks inspiration, it costs $10.27 for one single pair.

And at that point, I’m actually pretty curious, I digressed a little bit, I went to the seller’s page and saw that they literally just sell tons of socks. I did a little bit of math just for fun with the total number of sales the seller has made. 31,000 sales total multiply that by $10.27 because that’s what it looks like pretty much all their socks are selling for $10.27. And so 31,000 times $10.27 equals $318,000 in sales just from Etsy alone.

Just keep in mind this is mostly passive income because my guess is they’re probably doing Etsy print on demand as well, and so the only thing they have to do is come up with the occasional stock design and that’s it because everything else is done for them automatically.

Designing The Products

I digressed a lot, let’s just get back to actually designing the products. Let’s just say for example that we’re drawing inspiration from any item, let’s just say the socks example we’re using in this post. After seeing the design on the item, what you’re going to do is to

1. Head over to

2. Click on elements, and you’ll see lots of categories there.

3. Click on PNG graphic elements.

4. Click on shapes, and then filter The Elements by free, and just start scrolling through until you find something you like.

5. After picking a design that you like, go ahead and download it for free. That will be the foundation of your design.

How to Make The Designs

Now, I know you’re probably thinking right now “Prince, where the heck is this going, these are just shapes, how can you actually make a design with just a couple of shapes?” Well, let me show you so what I’ll do.

1. Go to this website printify

2. Click where it says start selling and sign up for free. Once you’re signed up, you should see a page where you can order a sample of a product, you can connect your Etsy store to printify which we’ll do later, or you can start designing your own custom product, and that’s what we’ll do first.

3. Click on design your own custom product. And so from that page, there is a massive catalog of different products that you can customize, you can pick any item you want to design. For example, let’s say you can pick socks.

4. Click on start designing, and you’ll notice four different angles. You’ll get the front left leg, the front right leg, the back left leg, and the back right leg. You have a lot of control and flexibility over the design.

5. Next, under Add design, you’re going to click on my device, and upload those shapes that you just downloaded for free on Raw Pixel.

6. Click on the shape layer and turn on the option that says create a pattern.

What that does is it just repeats the design over and over again on that specific part of the side. You can do things like adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing, the offset, and the angle. You can preview it to see how it looks.

You would either just repeat this on all sides of the sock or you could get a little bit more creative if you wanted to.

7. You can add a background to your design. What you’ll do is click on the side of the image if you wish to add the background too. For the socks example, I can click on the back left leg, and then you’ll head over to a site called which if you don’t know Unsplash is an amazing website. All the images on this website are 100% free to use for commercial and personal use.

What you’ll do for example is just type in maybe uh pink background or something, you can download any background of your choice. And so, once you’ve downloaded the background, go back to printify, upload that image, click on fill to a placeholder, and then review it.

Do you need to be an Expert Designer?

It’s incredibly easy to create designs with printify, it’s easy to move around, and it’s easy to navigate. The point here is that you don’t have to be an expert designer, somebody who knows how to you know design Graphics from scratch to be able to do this successfully. Just find inspiration, go to sites like raw pixel, Unsplash, pixels, or Envato elements and find free images and Graphics that you can use on your products.

Imagine for a second that you sold shirts, and your thing could be that you would just place like you know Square images from of different cities on shirts and that could just be your thing. And maybe you could put the name of the city somewhere on the show, I don’t know I’m just throwing out ideas here.

Integrating Printify With Etsy

Now let’s talk about how to actually integrate printify with your Etsy store. The way this works is when somebody orders something from your Etsy store, that order automatically gets sent to printify who then creates the product and ships that product directly to your customer. This means you literally have to do nothing except to come up with the designs.

The first thing that you’ll need obviously is an Etsy store, this takes like two minutes to set up.

1. Simply go to

2. Scroll to the very bottom of the site where it says sell on Etsy, and then open up your Etsy shop.

3. Assuming that you’ve already got a free printify account, you’re simply just going to go to printify.

4. Click on my store and then click here where it says manage my stores.

5. You’ll see a button that says connect, hit that button, and then you’ll see Etsy is one of the top options.

6. Click on connect and it’ll take you directly to this page asking if you want to grant printify access to your Etsy Shop. You’ll of course agree to grant printify access, and then it’s going to redirect you back to printify where you’ll see a success message.

That’s it, it’s literally that easy and now you can publish products directly from your printify account and have listings created automatically for your Etsy store.

For My Readers

You can see that this whole process does not have to be complicated. Like you don’t have to overthink the design, you don’t have to overthink the name of your business, you don’t have to overthink any of these things just start doing, just start taking action, and then you’ll start getting results.

Now, can you take more time and put more thought into your designs of course, like if that’s what you want to do. If you want to take more time then by all means take more time, but what I’m doing is just showing you that the process doesn’t have to take days, weeks, or even months.

Guys listen, I know that all of you have the potential, you have the ability to change the trajectory of your life if you want to. Will it take work? Yes, will there be times when you doubt yourself and you wonder if you’re doing the right thing? Yes. But that’s all a part of the journey and if you ever want to improve your life, improve the quality of your life, and make more money be able to better yourself better your family, whatever, you have to be on the journey.

If you’re on the journey, there are going to be obstacles that you have to face that are just a part of it. Share this article so it goes around to others who might need it. Peace and Happy Hustling!

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