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Business ideas
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Million dollar business ideas, I’ve got five to share with you, and you can start all these businesses for $100. But at this point, you are skeptical because you’re thinking to yourself “how in the world can I start a million-dollar business for under $100, I’m calling your bluff”. Okay, fine, call my bluff I don’t care, but what I can assure you is that this is real.

And to prove my point even further, I’m going to give you real-life examples of people who have started these business ideas and have made millions of dollars doing so. These are people just like you, just like me who went out and took action and then turned these ideas into multi-million dollar businesses, and you can do the exact same. With that said, let’s go ahead and get started.

1. Real Estate Wholesaling

What if I told you that there was a way to make really good money in real estate without you actually needing money and without you actually having to go out and buy physical properties. Well, you would probably think I’m trying to sell you a course or some type of like get rich quick scheme, but I can promise you that’s not what’s happening here.

What I’m talking about is real estate wholesaling. This is a business that has changed tens of thousands of lives, it’s one of those businesses that anybody can get into. You don’t need any prior real estate experience, you don’t need money. The only thing that you really need with this business and really with any of these businesses on this list that we’ll discuss today is just a really good work ethic, and a willingness to make sacrifices primarily with your time.

What is Real Estate Wholesaling

Because you hear the word real estate, and almost immediately you think to yourself “well, I can’t do this because it’s going to require a lot of money”. But that’s not the case. If you live in a city or even just a small town, more likely than not you’ve seen those signs and busy intersections, and it says “we buy houses”.

You probably have seen them everywhere, and if you haven’t then I guarantee you you’re going to start noticing them after this article. Those signs are put up by real estate wholesalers, they want people to see the sign to call the number, and to say “hey I saw that you buy houses for cash, how much would you be willing to offer me for my house”.

When you’re thinking of wholesaling, you’re probably thinking of things like retail wholesaling which is how supermarkets like Walmart are able to sell their products at such a low price and still make a profit. Let me just clarify that that’s not how real estate wholesaling works at all. In fact, you’re not actually buying any real estate when you’re doing real estate wholesaling, and you’re not going out and buying 20 properties at once and then selling them all at marked-up prices. It’s not how it works.

The Goal

The primary goal of a wholesaler is to find properties that are distressed because typically properties that are distressed (in bad condition), like if you drive past it you see that the blinds are always closed, or perhaps the lawn is just a mess. Like the grass is growing, weeds are growing, shutters are falling off the house, it’s obvious that nobody is living there, that the house is sitting vacant, or if somebody is living there, they don’t care enough to take care of the house.

That is considered a distressed property, and in the eyes of a wholesaler, this is the gold. So, the job of a wholesaler is to find these types of properties, and there’s a myriad of ways that you can go about doing this that we’re not going to discuss in this article. Once again, I’ll give you some resources toward the end of this section.

In a nutshell, the entire process from start to finish looks a little something like this. The wholesaler, her name’s Kate. She finds a property that is probably distressed, and she’s able to agree with the homeowner to get the house under contract to purchase it. However, Kate then goes to her network of investors, and she assigns the contract instead to one of them.

Assignment Fee

Instead of Kate purchasing the home and then selling it for a profit, she instead simply contracts it to the investor for a fee. This is typically known as the assignment fee, and it can range from just a few thousand dollars to as much as a hundred thousand dollars. The goal in real estate wholesaling is to sell the home to an interested party before the contract with the original homeowner closes.

This means that no money is technically ever exchanged between the homeowner and the wholesaler, not at least until the wholesaler is able to find a buyer right from his network of investors. Once he finds a buyer, he’s able to assign that contract over to them, and then collect an assignment fee.

Many wholesalers did not spend a single dollar to find their first deal, and once they get that first deal it’s able to propel them to find even more deals. That is because they now have money to spend on potentially marketing and things like that to find more potential homeowners who want to sell their homes.

Pretty much the only thing you have to pay for with this at the beginning is gas, and that’s only if you’re driving around in your car. Perhaps you live in a neighborhood or near a neighborhood that has a lot of distressed properties, and you can simply just walk or ride your bike there in which case you don’t have to spend any money.

How do You Get Started With Real Estate Wholesaling

I would recommend that you check out two YouTube channels, the first one is a guy named Max Maxwell, all of his knowledge, all the content that he gives, he gives away for free on YouTube, and so I would highly recommend you check this guy out. Another guy that I would recommend is Brent Daniels, he also provides a ton of free value in his videos.

Personally, I would also recommend that you listen to some real estate wholesaling podcasts. There are more than enough free tools out there on the internet to get started with wholesaling completely free, without spending a single dollar. And many wholesalers end up becoming multi-millionaires from wholesaling, and then they’re able to flip that money into investing in real estate long term.

And then they can of course flip that money into investing in other things, and the wholesaling just sort of acts as their cash cow that they can just continue to make money with to invest in other things to build their wealth.

All right, coming up at number two we’ve got

2. Cleaning Services

Yes, I am talking about janitorial, maid services, and even crime scene cleanup. This is an untapped industry that has so much potential, and only a few people are willing to drop their pride, drop their dignity, and go and clean toilets for a million dollars.

The internet is literally littered pun intended, with articles and stories of entrepreneurs who went out and started cleaning companies that eventually turned millions of dollars, and to this day are still turning millions of dollars. And some of them have gone on to franchise their business which of course creates a massive opportunity for that much more growth.

Two Maids & a Mop

So, I found this article a couple of years ago, and it was about a guy who started a crime scene cleanup company. Basically, all they did was, they were contracted to go to crime scenes and clean up the mess. Now, I probably don’t have to explain to you the type of stuff that they were running into, and how most people are not willing to do that job because it’s extremely gruesome.

For that reason, it paid really well, and he was able to build up his clientele, start buying better equipment, buy more vehicles, and hire employees to have a much further reach, to make even more money. But all of it started because of his willingness to want to change.

There’s an article on CNBC about this guy who “made $11 million scrubbing toilets”. This guy started a company called Two Maids & a Mop, and you might recognize that that’s a play on two men in a truck.

Green Clean Squad

Here’s another story of a woman who started a cleaning company called Green Clean Squad, and then just three and a half years later the company already made its first million. I mean there are stories literally everywhere of people who have started cleaning companies and they’ve turned them into million-dollar, multi-million dollar companies. We could do this all day, where we just go through and look at these stories.

But the examples are there, like the proof is there that this is a very lucrative business. So it’s up to you to decide if this is actually a business that you would be willing to do. Are you willing to scrub toilets and clean floors for a million dollars? It sounds funny, but that’s what’s happening here, that’s how people are making their money.

How do You Get Started

How do you start your own million-dollar cleaning company? Well, for starters it would of course help if you knew how to clean. There is a big difference between how you and I clean our homes versus a professional. A professional knows certain techniques and has certain cleaning products that work better than others that they can use to do a much better job, and it’s up to you to learn how to do those things.

I can almost guarantee you, that I haven’t even looked yet, but I can guarantee you that there is probably a YouTube channel, probably more than one YouTube channel that is dedicated to cleaning, how to better clean, and how to professionally clean. I found this article online that can guide you through the step-by-step process of how to actually start your own cleaning company. But of course, you can always just do a quick Google search yourself or even search on YouTube.

3. A Blog

Yes, I’m talking about that one thing that was popular back in 2004, but it’s probably even more popular now than it was back then. Just about every single time you search for something on google, nine times out of ten you’re probably clicking on somebody’s blog.

For example, let’s say that you’re a college student, and you wanted to find some side hustles to do while you were in college. Well, if you do a quick google search, and type in side hustles for college students into google. Tons of blogs will appear, all related to your search term.

That’s really the case with most Google searches, it’s probably going to be somebody’s blog and they’re probably making money from that blog especially if they’re ranking number one on a certain keyword. If you don’t have some type of ad blocker or something that you can use to block the ads on the website, then more than likely when you land on the web page you’re gonna see ads. That’s one way that these blogs make money.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way is through affiliate marketing, If you ever go to a website and you click on a link that leads to an external website like some type of service or something, more than likely that blog is making money from that link.

There are thousands of people making millions of dollars a year on their blogs. I know that sounds kind of unreal, but I’m telling you just do a really quick google search, and you will see that there are so many stories out there just like with the cleaning companies.

There are so many people making so much money with their blogs, and there are even more people making hundreds of thousands of dollars with their blogs. And so, even if you aren’t making a million dollars with your blog, you can still potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s life-changing money.

Honestly, anybody can do it, that’s the thing about all of these business ideas in this article so far. It’s just going to be up to you to decide how much you really want it, like do you truly want to earn a million dollars? If you do, then all of these ideas are completely valid ideas. You just have to start taking action on them.

How do You Get Started With This

I came across a website that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog from 0 to 100, from start to finish. It goes through the entire process, you can click here to read it. I would highly advise you to check it out if this is something that you’re actually interested in. The article goes through the entire process, so you can’t mess up.

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Coming in hot at number four we’ve got

4. Graphic Design

Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s the same thing you were thinking with each of these ideas that I’ve had so far all the way up until this one. “Prince, how can I make a million dollars with graphic design? that’s absurd” We live in the digital age, pretty much everything that we do, all business, most of it is conducted online.

Now that means that digital assets things as Powerpoints, Stationary, and just any type of graphic that you can imagine are in super high demand. It’s the reason why websites like Canva are extremely successful because this stuff is in high demand. There are so many opportunities to make money in this space, I mean I could literally dedicate an entire article to this exact topic.


First, let me give you a couple of examples of people who have made millions of dollars in this space. The first one I want to talk about is a woman named Nikki, she’s basically made all of her money from, it’s a really popular website that you can go to to buy digital assets. Nikki has made all her money selling fonts, that’s right, custom fonts, she has made a million dollars selling custom fonts.

Who would have ever thought in a million years that selling custom fonts could make you a million dollars? These marketplace websites make it so easy for your products to get exposure because they’re already getting traffic, they already have millions of people coming to their website every single day. And so, by you posting your assets onto this website, as long as they’re actually good, then you will start getting sales.


Somebody else who I want to bring your attention to is a woman by the name of Sarah Titus, she built a multi-million dollar business selling printables. That’s right, I’m talking about the things that you see on Pinterest all the time, calendars, planners, and things that you print out from your computer. She’s not actually selling anything physical, all she’s doing is creating these graphics, and she’s selling them to you as a PDF basically, that you can print out. She’s made millions of dollars doing this.

In order to be successful in this business, you don’t have to have immaculate graphic design skills, you don’t have to be perfect at using illustrator or Photoshop, in fact, you don’t even have to use those at all because there are people who have earned millions of dollars selling even just PowerPoint templates. There are plenty of examples of people for example in the viral market, who sell PowerPoint templates and these people are getting tens of thousands of sales. Okay.

How do You Get Started With Graphic Design

Well, for starters you’re going to want to kind of identify with, what you want to actually make, and if there’s actually a market for it. One way to do this would be to go to one of these websites CreativeMarket, Envato elements, or even Etsy. You can sell digital products on Etsy, just go to these websites, sort through the categories that they have on the website, and find other sellers who are selling things that are successful.

For example, I gave you the PowerPoint example earlier, powerpoints are clearly in high demand. All you would have to do is what I call the Skyscripter effect, it’s when you just create a better product, or maybe you create the same quality product, but you offer it at a cheaper service. Anything that you can do to create that sort of competitive advantage to get yourself more sales than your competitor is what you need to do.

But first, you’ll need to identify what that product is that you want to sell, maybe it’s not PowerPoint, maybe it’s fonts, maybe it’s stationary. I mean it can be anything in the world, as long as there is an active market for it of people who are actually buying those items. The next thing you want to do is actually create a few of these products yourself because before you actually go and open up an account on these marketplace websites, they’ll want to see that you actually have examples of your work to post onto their website.

Once you do that, you can submit your items to these marketplaces, open up your account, and then start selling.

5. Digital Agency

Now, the term digital agency is a very broad term used to describe a company that provides a service to a client who pays the money. For example, I run a web design agency, clients pay me money to build them a website, and I am providing them with a service in exchange for money. There are plenty of examples of different agencies that you can start.

The really good thing about an agency is that you don’t actually have to do any of the work yourself, if you can go out and you can find clients who are willing to pay you money for a certain service, you can always outsource that work to a freelancer by using a website like Upwork or something.

You can find freelancers who are willing to do the job, and you can just pay them a cheaper price than what the client is paying the agency. You don’t have to go and hire a full-time employee to work with you and then pay their salary, all you have to do is just pay them on a per contract basis. Once you get a client who’s willing to pay you money for a service, and you and the client have written and agreed on a contract, and the client has paid you the first upfront 50% for that job, then you can go and find a freelancer to do the job and then pay them the money.

How do You Get Started With Starting an Agency

The first step is going to be to determine what type of agents you want to start. Now I would recommend that you choose something that you’re going to be interested in. For example, if you have zero interest in advertising, then I wouldn’t go and start an advertising agency. But perhaps you just really love social media, you spend hours a day on social media, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Well, in that case, it’s probably going to make a lot more sense for you to go and start like a social media management agency over something like an advertising agency.

Once you’ve decided the type of agency you want to actually create, it’s now time to decide how you’re going to actually price out your services. One easy way to do this is just to go to local agencies in your area, and just see how they price their services. If their pricing is not readily available on their website, then just send them a message pretend like you’re a potential client who’s interested in having them do some work for you, and you just want to get some quotes.

Then you can just use that as sort of your anchor point, as your guideline for how you’re going to price your services for your agency. Next up, you’ll want to set up an agency website. What I would recommend for this, if you don’t know how to build your own website, I would recommend just going to Fiverr and just paying somebody like $50 to set up your own agency website for you.

Now, these web developers on Fiverr they’re not going to give you a custom website, more than likely they’re just gonna give you some type of cookie-cutter website. But honestly, that’s more than enough to get you started because all you need is just to have some type of online presence, and the best way to do that is to have your own website.

Once your website is built and set up, you’ll need to set up a Google my business account so that your business can actually be listed on Google, so that people can find you. Setting up your own Google my business is of course free and very easy, and you can just do a really quick YouTube search on how to do this step by step. it’s a super easy process.

At Last

Finally, you need to start finding ways to promote your business. Now the one thing that I would recommend you do is ask friends and family to leave you five-star reviews for your business on Google. That’s going to be by far the easiest and of course, the cheapest way to get yourself ranked really well on Google for your specific service in your area.

If you made it this far in this article I hope that you were able to get some value from it. And yeah as always I will see you again very soon. Until next time, take care. Peace and Happy Hustling!

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