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In today’s article, I’m going to show you something really special, and something really brand new. I’m going to show you how you can make money online using the Metaverse. What I’ll be sharing with you in this article is going to be something brand new, this is something hardly heard of before.

I want to show you how we can make tons of money with a new feature that Meta or aka Facebook has just recently launched, that we can use to make money online on the Metaverse.

If you head over to, for those of you that don’t know, Meta is the new company name that owns Facebook, and they are looking to expand rapidly. By doing that, they are finding new innovative ways for creators to expand their platform.

Facebook Reels

Recently, what Facebook or Meta has released is a new video service called Facebook reels much like Tik Tok, much like Instagram reels, much like YouTube shorts. As you know, when all of those video services were released, videos were blowing up overnight and are still growing today. We saw Tik Tokers got millions of followers and views overnight, and became famous overnight.

When Instagram reels became released, millions of Instagram pages were getting thousands of views way more than the number of followers that they ever had. This is something also brand new that has just been released. And in today’s article, I’m going to show you how we can use Facebook reels on the Metaverse and make money online.

I’m also going to show you two main tools that we’re going to combine together in the strategy, to literally automate this entire make money online in the Metaverse strategy. It is really a dark view strategy, I really don’t want you to miss this one.

If you want to learn how to make money online with the Metaverse just like the strategy we’re going to be talking about, make sure to read this article until the end.

Meta’s Strategy

One of Meta’s strategies that they are using to expand is they are offering to pay out $35,000 every single month to creators that post on their platform. This applies to the new Facebook reels and Instagram reels.

Instagram as we know is owned by Facebook, so this is a great way that Facebook is paying content creators up to $35,000 a month. I’m going to show you in this article how you can get a piece of this pie as a content creator on this brand new meta video service called Facebook reels.

Meta not only wants to expand by giving $35,000 a month to creators that post on their new Facebook reels platform, but they’ve also allowed and launched Facebook reels globally in every single country in the world because they want to get every single content creator from any country in the world involved in this program to grow their platform as much as possible.

This way it benefits the Metaverse aka Facebook, and it also benefits content creators. But in this strategy, I’m going to give you the cutting edge of all of your competitors, to really go and create epic content at the click of a button without recording your own face, without recording your own voice, and without editing any of your own content.

How Far Facebook Reels Have Grown

Facebook reels have been launched in over 150 countries for content creators around the world, to grow the communities they will also help creators earn money from their Facebook reels. That is their strategy for paying content creators $35,000 a month, which I’m going to show you how to get a piece of that pie.

Expanding tests or overlay ads starting with banner and sticker ads, new Facebook reels will include remix sharing to Facebook stories, and more. You can create your own Facebook reel alongside existing publicly shared reels on Facebook.

You can create those stitch videos of already viral videos, which is a great way to piggyback viral videos to go viral yourself. You can create a reel that includes all or part of another content creator’s.

You can make reels up to 60 seconds or longer, you will soon be able to create a reel and choose to save it as a draft below the save button and video clipping. So in the upcoming months, they’re planning to roll out video clipping, which makes it easier for content creators to publish live or long-form recorded videos to test different formats. You can actually clip your video out very similar to Tik Tok, within the Facebook or Meta reels editing software on the app, when you post.

How Your Reel Gets Promoted

One of my favorite features of this is the top of the feed, they’re adding new reels all the time at the top of different people’s feeds. So your videos that you post, if you post consistently Meta or Facebook real algorithm will then see that you’re posting consistently and promotes a lot of your content at the top of a lot of people’s top feeds. That way you can get a lot of exposure, a lot of views, and a lot of growth on your account.

Also, reels can be promoted in stories, watch, and suggested reels in feed. There are lots of ways the algorithm has been created to really blow up, and promote your content.

Other Platforms You Can Publish Your Video

This article is really going to be super exciting, not only can you post your content on Facebook reels, but you can also expand your business by posting on Tik Tok. You literally just post the same videos on all the platforms and YouTube shorts. That way you can get more views on Tik Tok, you’re already blowing up on Facebook reels and the new Metaverse Facebook reels video service and YouTube shorts.

That way if you want to have an affiliate product merch or whatever you want to sell, you can put that in the link in the description of all of your videos on all of these platforms promoting all the good videos at once.

How To Make Money From The Metaverse With Meta

The first thing I recommend when getting started and creating your content or in this case, we’re not actually going to create it, so make sure to read until the end. But you need to choose a niche, whether you want to choose entertainment such as try not to laugh, or just funny animal videos, or funny compilations or anything.

One thing that I’ve noticed does quite well on Facebook is dashcam videos like accidents and compilations, or you can consider motivational content, whether it’s quotes or motivational speeches. You can really do this around any niche, if you want to do education you can do 60-second education clips on science facts, or whatever you want to talk about. If you want to do sport, you can do how to play the cover drive in cricket in a 60-second video.

There are literally many ways you can create content in any niche and go viral, as these videos will naturally be promoted to the audience that you’re looking for.

Other Niches

Another niche that does very well is the fitness niche. Creators are basically just showing you how to do different exercises, and I mean these videos are blowing up. These kinds of videos in the fitness niche are getting billions of views.

Like I said, if you want to use the motivation niche, you can search for motivation on Tik Tok to get an idea, you’ll see people are literally posting reposts of different motivational speeches. These videos are getting 6 million, 12 million, 98 million, 193 million, 23 million, millions, and millions of views.

You can filter the search result by most recent videos, you will see even some of the latest videos posted by smaller accounts are getting thousands of views. You can also search for motivational quotes, you’ll see a lot of people are posting.

The motivational niche does very well and it’s very unique, the motivational quotes videos where people just take stock videos with an uplifting inspirational song, and literally, just quote the text or the quotes in text format over the stock video, and then post it on Tik Tok.

My Recommendation

What I recommend is to follow all the pages in your niche that are posting content similar to you, so that you can have a look at what videos of theirs are going viral, and get ideas, get influenced.

Never copy word for word, or copy and paste. You can get a lot of influence, and if you want to you can also credit them in the description of your videos.

In the beginning, you may be having a bit fewer views, you’ll have a couple hits 100 or 1000, but those one or two that will hit a million or 10 million on your account down the line, is what blows up your whole account and can change your life.

The Tool

What we’re going to do is to head over to a website called What I love about this tool is, you can literally type in any text, a title, and a description or a body, and it will turn it into a done for you Facebook reel for the Metaverse, or a done for you Tik Tok, or done for you YouTube short.

How To Use Invideo

Let me show you how it works.

Once you’re on the site,

1. Click on get started and sign up for your account. It’s the usual email, password, and verify your email.

2. You can go and log in. Your account will look something like the image below.

3. You want to have a look in the middle where the cat and the white boxes are. Click on vertical.

We know Metaverse reels or Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, and Tik Toks are all 1080 by 1920 resolution which is the vertical 9:16 format.

4. Once you’ve chosen vertical make sure to click on the text to video.

5. Choose a template. You can use the default template.

6. Click on use this template. It will open up a headline, add your own story, and add your URL.

Getting Quotes

What I recommend is,

I. Head over to Google, and just search motivational quotes.

II. Click on one of the motivational quote websites.

III. Copy the quotes you’ll want to use.

IV. Go back to Invideo and paste the quote you copied in the add your story section.

7. Enter a headline, for example, motivation part #1.

8. Make sure to always leave auto-suggest images and videos checked. You can uncheck it if you have custom images and videos.

9. Once you’re done, click on next and it will automatically load up this piece of content for you. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can further edit your content.

10. On the top-right side of the screen, click on the quote you just entered. Alternatively, you could just scroll down to see it.

11. Click on preview all. Watch it and see if you need to change the song or anything. You can change the song and image on the left part of the screen.

What I recommend is to go and look for anything track that is inspiring.

12. Click on download on the top right over here and we can click on 720p.

If you want to pay for the pro version you can go and do that, which you can then get in full HD but 720p is more than fine.

13. Click on export and this will take a couple of seconds to load up.

14. Click on download. The piece of content that we literally typed in, the simple quote that has turned into a video for us in a couple of seconds.

It is now ready for posting.

What next

1. Transfer the file to your phone. I usually use Dropbox, or if you want to plug in your phone via USB you can do that as well and just transfer it from your PC to your phone.

2. Copy the file to your phone and log into the Facebook app.

3. Once you’re on your Facebook page, you will see there is a section under “Create Post” that says “reel”. Click on it.

4. Click on the video that you’ve just created with Invideo, and click on next.

5. Click on description to add a description to your reel. If you want to, you can go to an application I use called Hashtag experts, to get viral hashtags for your posts. Basically, you can actually go to the app and type in, for example, motivation, click on search, and click on generate hashtags. You can download it on the app store.

You can copy all of these hashtags that the app generates to your post, and paste them into the description of your reel.

6. Once you’re ready, click on share real at the bottom of the page. Your post will be automatically posted on your Facebook page, on the Facebook reels.

If you go ahead and start with this, give yourself a month or two, and then a year, and see how big your brand and audience grow on social media.

Other Monetization Option

There are so many different ways you can use your audience to monetize with different income streams, whether it’s a course that you want to create, whether it’s merch, or whether it’s an affiliate product on Clickbank. You will get to a point where you can start making thousands of dollars a day just on your sales and your monetization.

On top of that, you’re going to be making money on Facebook ads. Remember, they’re doing pop-up ads, overlay ads, and sticker ads as well on your videos, where you will get a piece of that $35,000 a month on the content creator program from the metaverse.

There are so many different ways you can use the strategy to blow up an audience online, you can also post the same video you made on Tik Tok and YouTube shorts, and use your same monetization strategy.

You can of course include a merch or an affiliate link in the descriptions of those videos as well. Now you’ve got videos blowing up on all possible platforms, this is a great strategy that you can use to get started with the Metaverse and their new Facebook real strategy, and how you can make money online with that.

You can use any niche you want, if you’re into fitness, if you’re into education, if you’re into entertainment, you can do that as well.

There are so many different ways that you can make money with this in different niches, and all these niches work really well.

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