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This might be the only article on the internet that shows really how you can make money per click. In the title you’ll see $4.18 per click from Google with high CPC keywords, that number is real and you can make way more than that if you follow up carefully.

Two Important Points

Here on this blog, the first rule is honesty. That’s why am always sharing with you real stories. Am not just trying to create content as most people do, I’ve read articles and watched videos online about making money online, and I’ve tried most of them, but didn’t work out. Not because I quit, but because most of them are hyping things just to get views. Here, I tell you how it is, and the work required on your path to get going.

Secondly, even if you know the method am about to explain in this video, don’t go away. I’ll be sharing with you tips and resources to help you increase your earnings from Google. Let’s get talking.

Earn $4.18 Per Click From Google With High CPC Keywords

Before we start, let’s answer some basic important questions,

How Does Google Make Money

When we know how Google makes money, we can take a portion of its revenue. If you head over to Google and search for any keyword like “best hosting services”, you’ll see that the first four search results are ads. Those companies are paying Google to show those there ads, and they are paying up to $22.49 per click. They’re literally paying Google $22.49 just to get a click.

Another example is to visit a website like Searchenginejournal, you’ll see that Google is publishing ads on that website. Companies pay Google to show their ads on other websites. Google will get paid to show ads. According to Statista, Google made $146.92 billion in 2020 alone from advertising revenue. Why not we take a portion of this revenue. I believe the idea is getting clear.

Google will charge advertisers to show ads on search engines and other websites, showing display or banner ads.

How To Take A Portion From Google’s Revenue

Simply, you just have to be the publisher. You can create a website and start publishing ads from Google. The nice thing is that Google will give you up to 68% of the revenue you generate.

How To Make Money Per Click

As we saw earlier, Google will pay you 68% of the revenue your website generates. Most of you might have heard about Google Adsense, or maybe you’re working with Google Adsense. Please stick with me, I’ll share with you special resources and tips that’ll help you skyrocket your earnings, make more money daily from Google Adsense, and reach $4 or even $10 per click. Stay with me.

According to Google, there are three types of websites that have quality and have quality Adsense revenue. The first one is a blog, the second is a forum website, and the third is a free online tool site. You can pick any of them, or you can simply create a super Adsense business by combining the three. But for the start, I’ll recommend you stick to one first.

Now to the real deal.

How To Reach $4 or More Per Click

Please pay more attention right now, I’ll try my best to make things super simple.

1. Getting High CPC Keywords

I. Get a book and a pen, or open any word editor.

II. Make a table of keywords and CPC.

III. Fill the table with keywords with high CPC related to your website. How? First,

2. Check Out Your Competitors

Create a list of competitors that talk about your niche. For example, let’s say your website is about digital marketing and online business, you will create a list of sites that talk about your content.

3. Make Use Of A Keyword Research Tool.

I. Open your browser, and head over to Semrush. You can make use of the free trial for the start.

II. Copy the domains from the list you created and paste them one by one in the Semrush search bar. You’ll find the top organic keywords.

III. Click on view details to see the full list of keywords with their CPC. Those keywords are the keywords used by your competitors.

IV. Copy the ones with more than $1 or more and add them to your keywords and the CPC table you made.

**Free Giveaway**

As a free giveaway, you can download a list of 3,000 keywords with very high CPC, CPCs up to $100, and $200. And plus, you’ll also see the search query, which is the related topic. You can get this table totally for free, and use the keywords on your website to skyrocket your earnings. Collect your own keywords and try to get the best keywords that fit your website. Click here to download.

Just A Tip

Let’s say your website is about dog training, if you search for that keyword, you’ll see that it has A CPC of about $2.89 in the US. What you can do to have a higher keyword is to search for related keywords with high CPC keywords like dog insurance. The word insurance has a very high CPC rate. Dog insurance is about $13, you can write about it on your website. You can use this free online tool to check for keywords. Usually, anything related to insurance, marketing, and making money, has a high CPC. Try to link your topics with them to increase your Adsense earnings from Google.


Get the free high CPC table, or alternatively, search for high CPC keywords yourself, and start targeting those keywords in your articles. With this, you can get more traffic with SEO, and increase your earnings with high CPC keywords. Happy Hustling!

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