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In this article, I’ll be showing you a step-by-step way you can make money online, at least $300 to $500 per month working from home, for 2 to 3 hours each day. This can be done with your mobile phone as well. The nice thing about this method is that it’s totally free. You can start for free without any investments, and you don’t need a website. I guess this fits most people reading this post now.


What am going to cover in this article is;

1. The step-by-step guide

2. How to get paid online

3. How to scale this method, make more money, and turn this method into a full-time online business.7

This is like a full course compressed in this short article. Don’t miss any of these lines, I’ll be sharing with you a lot of tips and tricks that’ll help you become successful, which will also cause you to send me an email of your success story in a couple of weeks

The Method

Basically, the strategy is in three steps;

1. Getting a link.

2. Promoting the link and getting paid $65 to $100 whenever someone signs up with your link.


Please don’t tell me you can’t get two or three sign-ups per month. If you’re working two or three hours per day following the strategy I’ll show you, step-by-step, you’ll not have any excuse. Just read till the end, start working, and you’ll begin to see results. This article is not for lazy people, am not here to share with you some scammy information, you know that on this blog, we only talk about real works that’ll help you build an online business, and make real money online.

Earn $65 Per Sign Up | Make Money Online Without A Website

Step One

The first step is getting the link that we want to promote. Simply;

1. Log in to your browser head over to Bluehost. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting services online.

2. After visiting the site, scroll down to the footer and click on the affiliate link.

Wait! Don’t sign up yet

Before you click on sign up, head over to Medium, Medium is a website that allows you to create a free blog inside it. As I told you, you don’t need a website. Just visit Medium and just sign up with your Gmail account. After signing up, click on your account and copy your domain link from the tab. It often looks like this, for example in my case it’s That’ll be your free website, you don’t need to think about any other stuff like hosting.

After creating your free blog,

3. Sign up to become an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who promotes a product and earns a commission. Bluehost pays you $65 for each qualified sign-up.

4. Fill in your account information like username, password, and whatever will be required of you. In the primary URL, just paste in your Medium blog domain link you copied. For the payment information, you need a PayPal email address to get paid. Don’t worry if you don’t have PayPal, just stick with me. I’ll share with you other alternatives to get paid. Just focus now and forget about how to get paid.

5. Accept terms and click on sign up.

6. After successful signup, on your affiliate dashboard click on links. Your link will appear, just copy it and paste it in maybe Notepad or any word editor of your choice.

This is basically the first step. The reason I choose Bluehost is that you don’t need verification. Anyone can apply and be accepted, and it’s a great option for beginners. You can get the link directly without any difficult validations like other affiliate programs that require traffic, specific website content, and much more. Anyone can sign up. Head over to Bluehost, sign up, and get the affiliate link. Step one, done.

Step Two

Promoting The Link

This is the most important part, this is what you’re going to do every single day for two to three hours each day. Your work will basically be promoting your link and getting clicks and sign-ups. This is your main work every day.

How To Promote Your Link

Here on my blog, I talk a lot about getting traffic and promoting affiliate links for free, and of course, the paid ways too. You can check them out using this link. But for this article, I want to share with you a specific strategy that if you follow up for the next couple of weeks, you’ll get traffic and sign-ups. I’ll share with you just one strategy to focus on.

Here we go.

Besides Medium, you have to go to Quora. Quora is a Q and A website, where people can ask and answer questions and get traffic. What you’re going to do on Quora is to create a space by simply clicking on create a space. Enter your space name and write a short description of it. You can create a space about digital marketing, web hosting, or anything that you can add content related to Bluehost.

A space is like a group or a blog where you can publish your own content. One amazing thing about Quora space is that if you post consistently, Quora will automatically promote your content, and this is very important. You can add links inside of your content.

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Get To Work

We’ve got the two things we need for the second step, a Medium profile and a Quora space. We’re ready to start promoting. What you’re going to do now is to create between five and ten mini-articles related to Bluehost. Focus very well here. These mini-articles are not like just any article, it’s not like the Bluehost review, a lot of you, unfortunately, will write about these traditional articles that’ll not get traffic.


I want to share with you some real strategies, something that works. So focus well. You can write about a tutorial fixing a problem like, “How to build an affiliate marketing website with Bluehost”. The second one is “Bluehost versus VPS hosting”, this is something that people want to learn about and see if Bluehost will be better than VPS hosting or other hosting companies.

Number three is, “How to setup WordPress on Bluehost”, a tutorial. The fourth one is “How to set up a forum, how to create a forum on Bluehost”. Number five is “How to build an online store on Bluehost”. All these are how-to-do tutorials that have a lot of searches online, and people like to read, watch, and learn how to. They can probably follow up with you and sign up to Bluehost through your tutorial.

When you create a tutorial, people will start following you step-by-step. In step one which is getting hosting, they need to sign up to Bluehost using your link. You have to search and think about five to ten ideas, write a small article about them, and publish on Medium.


On Medium, you can add affiliate links. There’s no problem, Medium allows affiliate links. But, don’t overuse them. Add only one or two links inside your articles. After you add your articles on Medium, you may get traffic organically from Medium because it has a lot of views. Medium gets around 234 million visits per month, most of which are from the US.

Making Things Faster

You can get free traffic from Medium, but we want to make things fast so you can drive traffic more traffic to your Medium blog. All you have to do is head over to Quora, answer questions related to your articles, and mention your articles inside the answers. For example, let’s say you have an article about digital marketing, you can head over to the Quora search box, search for digital marketing, click on questions. You can start opening questions, start answering them, and link back to your Medium article.

In this way, you’re promoting your articles on Medium from Quora answers. You can start getting traffic from the first day.

Important Tip Inside Quora

When you want to filter questions, go to the past week, and try to answer the latest questions so your answer will be seen as the first answers so you can get traffic faster and easier from Quora. Also, when you filter questions, after opening the questions, you’ll see related questions. It’s almost the same question, and they have almost the same answer. In this case, you’re going to create an answer template that will make things a lot easier. With that template, you can answer 10 to 15 questions per day in like 15 minutes, and you can get a lot of traffic from Quora.

Concerning the Quora space, create mini-articles or mini paragraphs out of the main articles and paragraphs on Medium.

Summing Up

To sum up things, you’re going to create an article on Medium and promote it with Quora spaces, answering Quora’s latest questions filtering by the past week, create mini-articles in the Quora space and link back to Medium. In this way, you can boost getting traffic and clicks to your affiliate links.


As a caution on Quora, don’t use affiliate links on Quora answers, you’ll be banned. Just use Quora to drive traffic to your main article. If you have a blog, you can use your blog instead of Medium.

I believe the idea is pretty simple, get the link, create a Quora space, create a Medium blog, answer questions, link things together, get a lot of clicks, get a few sign-ups, and a couple of hundreds of dollars every single month. Following this strategy every day for two to three hours will definitely get a lot of clicks for you and a few sign-ups. This is how you can make money from this service.

One more thing, you need to have some patience. You might be having a lot of clicks and maybe no or very few sign-ups. Don’t give up, just keep doing it until you start having enough sign-ups as well as clicks. You’ll need at least 500 to 1000 clicks to start seeing sign-ups and profit. Work hard every single day, and you’ll be successful within two or three weeks.

How To Get Paid

Inside Bluehost you’ll need a PayPal account, if you have a PayPal account it’ll be great. Just enter it in the payment option to start receiving your money. In case you don’t have a PayPal account you can find someone, maybe your friend or someone online, who will get the payments and they’ll send you in whatever payment method you want in your country. Don’t give PayPal as an excuse not to start, I’ll be writing an article about how to get paid from any country without restrictions. Make sure to subscribe to my email list to get notified when it’s live. Click here to subscribe. Happy Hustling

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