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In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 8 methods to promote affiliate links if you don’t have an audience. If you’re a beginner and you don’t have an audience, you want to promote affiliate links and get traffic to your affiliate links, then read this article till the end to find out how you can do it.

What’s nice about this article is that I’ll be sharing with you both free and paid methods. You can stick with any one of them or both, so if you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for you. Let’s start talking.

Paid Methods To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Links

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On Udimi, you can buy managed solo ads from sellers, and get some clicks to your affiliate links. All you have to do is;

I. Visit Udimi, and log in if you have an account, or sign up if you don’t. You can sign up using my link and get a $5 discount.

II. Navigate to the seller section and click on it.

III. List of sellers will appear, you can choose any seller by clicking on them. Note, your money is 100% secured, you don’t pay to the seller, you pay to Udimi, and they pay the seller after a successful sale. You can filter the list to show only sellers whose traffic provides sales like 50% in the niche you want, you can also sort by ratings. When you’re done with sorting and filtering, just click on the seller you like.

IV. Paste your links. Don’t just paste your affiliate link. If you want to get the best result, always make sure to build a sales funnel. You can check my article on this topic to find out more and how to build a sales funnel. Alternatively, you can head over to which is a totally free website to build a sales funnel, and promote the sales funnel with Udimi ads.

Using Spy Ad Tools With Push And Native Ads

You can go to Anstrex and spy on ads, on what other affiliate marketers are doing, and clone the same campaign and promote with push ads using Propellerads, or simply go to a native advertising site like Outbrain, Mgid network, and so on.

Google Ads

Google ad is an awesome option for promoting affiliate links without a website. People are searching for products will find them easily with Google ads, and if you’re running an ad with them, then your ads will be recommended to them. In every search on Google, Google ads always appear in the first 2-3 posts, so finding your ads won’t be a problem.

You can visit Google ads and sign up with them, after that, you can navigate to the campaign to create a new campaign. But of course, don’t promote the affiliate link directly, use the landing pages you own so you can build an email list, and an audience at the same time. Check out this post to find out how.

Instagram Shoutouts

This is the last paid method on this list. Personally, I think it’s one of the best methods and the cheapest one to start with. You can visit shoutoutcart and search for influencers in your niche. Search for someone with a good account and pay for a shoutout. You can start with $20 and see how it works. Alternatively, you can just visit Instagram and search for influencers, contact them, and ask for a shoutout.

Free Methods To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Links


The power of Pinterest is in its search engine. For example, if someone is searching for healthy food, Pinterest will show results for users to start navigating through the results. What’s nice about Pinterest is that it allows direct linking, you can add a direct link to your pins. But it’s better to use again your own landing pages or blog posts, and not direct affiliate links to be on the safe and profitable side, and scale up and build a real-life marketing business.

Launch Jacking

You can visit a website called Muncheye, where you’ll see the big affiliate launches on Jvzoo or warrior plus, or other affiliate networks. You can simply select a product before the launch date, got to the sales page, read all the details about it, and simply create a review article or video about it.

You can use websites like Medium for free to create a free blog and create a review for the product. When you create the review, you’ll be among the first set of people doing it. When anyone searches about that product, your articles will appear, and you can get traffic to your links from your articles.


Quora is indeed a treasure. In Quora, we have more than four methods to get traffic, the first one is to create a space and share articles. The second method is to search for questions in your niche and answer them. For example, you can search for affiliate marketing, head over to questions, a lot of questions will appear, you can answer and link back to your links. But again, Quora doesn’t allow direct affiliate linking, so make sure to create landing pages, bridge pages, or funnel pages. You can use to do all that for free.

Also inside Quora, you can be a contributor, for example, you can search for affiliate marketing, navigate to spaces, a lot of spaces will appear in the niche you searched for, you can join as a contributor and start writing inside these spaces. Quora also has paid advertising, just navigate to ads manager and run paid ads.

Also, inside Quora, you can post on your Quora wall in your profile, you can ask a question or share a link directly inside Quora. Again make sure to use your own landing pages, bridge pages, or funnel pages whenever you want to paste on Quora.


You can utilize forums on the internet to get traffic and promote your links. Search for online forums relating to your niche and start engaging with people and promote your links. Again, make sure to use your own landing pages, bridge pages, or funnel pages, collect and build an email list and build a strong affiliate business online.

I hope this article has been informative. Am curious, what are some other ways to get traffic to affiliate links without an audience? Leave your answers in the comment section.

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