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I believe everyone reading this post has a mobile phone, that has internet access. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 5 methods to make money online, or start an online business with your mobile phone only. These methods do not require any budget, you can start with zero dollars. Stick with me!

5 Methods To Make Money Online

1. Instagram

Before I tell you in detail what to do, I’d like to mention that Instagram is one of the best and most powerful places not only to start a business but, to market any business also.

How To Make Money Online With Instagram

In Instagram, mainly we have three methods to make money online and build an online business with only Instagram. And they are;

I. Selling shout-outs

In one of my previous posts, earn $33 per post on Instagram, I explained in detail how to set up and grow an Instagram account, I also shared some free tips and techniques to grow your Instagram account to reach at least a couple of thousand of followers, and how to sell a shout-out in detail. So you can check to find out how you can do it.

One thing I missed in that post or kind of neglect is, not mentioning where and how to sell shout-outs. Simply after growing your Instagram, you can visit a website called shoutcart and list your account as an influencer or account owner. Shoutcart is a place where you can buy and sell shout-outs. You can buy shout-outs from top influencers including celebrities to grow your Instagram followership and start selling shout-outs too.

The Idea

The idea is that you need to create an Instagram account, grow it to a couple of thousands of followers, get high engagements, and you can list it on Shoutcart . I discussed all these in my article earn $33 per post on Instagram. You can also sell your shout-outs on Fiver, you can sell your shout-outs as a gig. You can also visit, sign up as an influencer, and sell your shout-outs.

The idea is somehow simple, you just need to work 20 to 30 minutes a day with your mobile phone, totally for free on Instagram. Please read this article, earn $33 per post on Instagram, to learn in detail how this method works.

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II. Selling Products

As I told you earlier, Instagram is a great place to market anything you want, because it has about 56% more engagement rate than Facebook. For example, if you have 2000 followers on Instagram, and you publish any post, it will reach more than 600 persons per day. Imagine if you’ve grown your Instagram page too, let’s say about 10,000 followers, thousands of impressions. Instagram is an awesome free place to market anything.

You can sell products you own or affiliate’s products, just by adding the link to your store or affiliate links on your posts. You can pick any relevant products from any affiliate network like, and start promoting them on your Instagram profile.

III. Flipping Account

If you visit a website called, you can buy and sell Instagram accounts. This method is really great, especially for beginners. All you have to do is,

I. Open a new Instagram account.

II. Grow it into 1000 followers with some engagement. Read this article to find out how.

III. Visit,, or to sell your account. All these websites are marketplaces where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts.

So far, we’ve discussed only one method, which is using Instagram. Let’s move on to the next ones on the list on how to make money with your mobile phone.

2. Blogging And Monetizing Your Blog

You can do this with your mobile-only. I explain this method in one of my articles on how to earn $20 per day writing and monetizing your blog from Google. With your mobile-only, you can start a WordPress website or a Blogger website simply for free with free hosting. I recommend you read that article to see how you can do that. I explained it in steps.

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3. Providing Remote Support With Your Mobile

How’s this? What I mean here is to provide like consultation over a mobile phone, or maybe provide support technical support or tutoring like teaching English. There are websites like where you get paid to teach something or where you earn money for answering homework questions, where you can teach English, or where you can teach English online too.

All these websites will help you teach for example English, online with your mobile phone. You can open a session get into a conversation with someone who’s trying to learn English, so you can improve their English with conversation. This is one of the best ways.

To be honest with you, I haven’t tried teaching online, but I do IT support through a video call or just audio call to some of my friends. If you have an IT background or any technical background, you can start doing this through your mobile phone with Whatsapp.

4. Freelancing

I mentioned that you can work on Instagram with your mobile, blog with your mobile, and consult with your mobile. All of these tasks can be freelancing tasks, you can go to Fiver for example, and sell a gig about let’s say, managing an Instagram account or social media account. There are a lot of apps available today that we can use to manage social media accounts like contact studio, or hoodsuit, whatever you want, you can manage social media accounts from your mobile.

You can also provide blogging or writing gigs or services on Fiver from your mobile. Also, you can provide a consultation gig as we mentioned before on Fiver. There are tons of ideas or freelancing gigs that you can do with your mobile phone. Just use your brain, think a little bit, and you’ll work only with your mobile

5. Application Testing

There are tons of developers out there developing applications for mobile phones, and they need someone to test them before they can publish them, to ensure they have no bugs, they are working perfectly on different mobiles, and so on.

There are websites like, where you can make money online at around $10 for every 20 minutes of app testing. To be honest with you, this website does not just accept anyone, you need to have qualifications like knowing how to test an application. You can learn how to do this by going to for example, and searching for a course on mobile app testing to get the knowledge and qualifications, before visiting and getting accepted to start testing apps.

Wrapping Up

These are ways you can work from home with your mobile and zero dollars, starting from today. The only thing you’ll need is just to get started, just take action. 90% of those reading this post will certainly not take action, and that’s why they fail. Maybe they just try for 10 minutes or 10 days and after that, stop because it’s not producing an instant result.

If you want to change your life, you’ve got to think differently, change your mind, start from somewhere, and you’ll succeed. These are ways you can work from home with your mobile and zero dollars, starting from today. The only thing you’ll need is just to get started, just take action. 90% of those reading this post will certainly not take action, and that’s why they fail. Maybe they just try for 10 minutes or 10 days and after that, stop because it’s not producing an instant result. Happy Hustling

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