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If you post a story you’ll earn $7.20, if you post a photo you’ll earn $18, and if you post a video you’ll earn $33. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the easiest way on how to make money with Instagram.

You don’t need a website, you don’t need to sell any product, you don’t need to create videos and go on camera. This method works from any country, and from your mobile phone with Instagram, and you can make money online. So with that said, let’s get started.


Honesty is one of the main rules here on my blog. To make money on Instagram is not that simple as I explained in the introduction just by posting, you need to do some work. But I believe that this method I’ll show you in this article, is one of the easiest methods, and anyone can do it with only a mobile phone on Instagram.

I’ll advise you to stick with me till the end, I will explain everything you need to know on how to work, how to start, and I’ll share with you some free tools that you can use to grow on Instagram. So please, don’t miss any minute, this article might really change your phone and Instagram account into a money-making machine. Let’s dive in.

How to make money with Instagram.

I believe that everyone reading this article has an Instagram account. If you don’t have one, you can just go to Instagram and create one. It’s free and it’s simple. The idea about this article is basically getting an Instagram account, getting some followers, having a good engagement with your posts, and then you can simply sponsor other people. Like posting a sponsored post, video, or image on your Instagram profile and making money.

The first step here in this strategy is to build a good Instagram profile, and that’s what am going to share with you in this article, how to build an Instagram profile, how to create posts very easily and for free, and how to sponsor others and know the value of your Instagram profile so you can charge people.

How To Create High Engaging Posts

For example, let’s say you want to create a post with quotes and background images. You might be saying that you don’t know any quotes, I don’t want to search and find, I don’t know how to get free images. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to create such posts in a minute.

What you’re going to do simply is,

1. Go to Canva. It’s totally free and you don’t need any premium membership to use.

2. Navigate over to the create a design button and click on Instagram post.

3. You will be taken to a window where you can start creating designs, with the optimal or best size for an Instagram post. Head over to photos and choose a free photo for background by right-clicking on it, and clicking on set image as a background image to set an image as a background image. Canva has a mobile application, so you can do all this on mobile.

Adding Quotes

Just add the background and add the quotes to it. You might be wondering from where you can get the quotes. You don’t need to think and search a lot, I’ll share with you a free website where you can hundreds or even thousands of free quotes so you can use them. This is how it’s done.

1. Head over to a website called Brainyquote. Here you’ll find a lot of free quotes.

2. You can search for any quotes or you can just find them by the categories. Let’s say you want to add some motivational quotes to your background image, click on motivational posts, and lots of them will appear for you. Just copy and paste. You can use Brainyquote to create your post, you can find some free images also, but it’s I think you should use Canva because it’s more professional.

3. Select one of the image texts.

4. Copy the text and head back to Canva.

5. Click on the text field and paste the text you copied. You can change the font and the font size, and you can also change the position of the text to any position you wish to by dragging it to your desired position.

You can add emojis and icons by navigating to the left side of the screen and click on elements and type in the kind of emojis or icons you like to add. Choose from the ones that appear by clicking on it. You can resize it and reposition it.

6. When you’re designing your image, click on the download button to download and post on your profile.

What Next?

What you’re going to do is to post at least three to five times per day on your profile. Post something that people love to get a high engagement on your profile, so later on, when you want to post a sponsored post, your price will be higher and you can earn more money if you have higher engagements on your profile.

The Main Question

So now you have your Instagram account, and you’ve learned how to create an Instagram post using Canva and Brainyquote. If you have some ideas you can use, just make sure to post every day like 4 to 5 times to get a higher engagement on your Instagram profile. Now we have the profile, we have the post, and you’ve started posting. The main question is how to grow your Instagram account and get at least 1000 followers, so you can get like $10, $20 per post.

How To Grow Your Account

In general, there are two main rules t grow your Instagram profile. The first one is to post on a daily basis and add appropriate hashtags. When you post on Instagram, for example, let’s say you want to post the image you just created from Canva, you can click on the plus icon to add a post, select the image you made with Canva and click on next. You can add your hashtags according to your post, for example, you can add quotes as one of the hashtags.

When you’re writing on Instagram, it’ll give you some relevant hashtags and suggestions that will show you the number of posts we have in each hashtag. It’s very hard to rank on hashtags with a higher number of posts, you have to get low competition tags.

To help you, I’ll be sharing with you a tool that can give you a big list of hashtags with post numbers, so you can choose the best for your account as a beginner and start to rank easy hashtags.

How It Works

1. click here to download the tool.

2. Open the application and a new window will appear.

3. What you’re going to do simply, let’s say you want to post about quotes, type in the hashtag in the keyword search box, and click on find. In less than 3 seconds, a big list of hashtags will show up, you can simply filter by post or hashtags and go scroll down to find the hashtags with the lower number of posts.

As a small piece of advice, also be specific. Select a niche, a target topic, so when you want to sponsor you’ll have a targeted niche and people would love to sponsor their photos and video on your profile. You can build a library of hashtags that can be used whenever you want.

So this is how you can start on Instagram, create a profile, create a post using Canva for free, use Brainyquote to get some quotes if you don’t have any ideas to generate quotes to post on your profile.

Keep Learning

Am not an expert on Instagram but am sharing with you my knowledge, you can watch some videos on YouTube concerning this topic to get more information on growing your Instagram to reach at least 1000 followers in a specific niche and get a high engagement rate. This might take you about 2 to 3 weeks, it depends on you. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes a day. Just try it.

Checking Your Value

After getting up to at least 1000 followers, go to a website called and search and check your Instagram’s profile value. Just sign up and connect your Instagram account, and your account’s post cost worth will be displayed. The worth depends on your profile.

How To Find Sponsors

Before I tell you this, just one important point, don’t turn your transform your Instagram profile into an ad directory or a profile just filled with ads. Don’t post a story, photo, or video for someone else every day. Keep things normal and let people love your content. You can do this maybe once or three times per week and not every time. As you grow, you will earn more with only one post.

Now, about finding someone that may be interested in our profile, and how we can connect with other people? Let’s see together.

1. Contacting People: This is something you can do, you can contact people and ask them if they want to sponsor something on your profile. You can use cold emails to connect with people, or you can simply contact them on Instagram. You can search for people in your niche and ask them if they are interested in posting on your profile or promoting something in your profile.

2. Automated Services

When your profile is visible on Instagram, there are services like, where people can find influencers. People will be able to find you automatically.


Don’t worry a lot now on how to promote someone’s post, just focus now on promoting and growing your Instagram profile, getting high engagement rate, and getting higher number of followers. Later on, you’ll see how people will contact you automatically to promote something on your profile.

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      Yes. In fact if you can put in the work required, you’ll make more than that. to be honest, it’s not easy but it’s doable and more than possible. Ali, just give it a try and follow each step accordingly. in no long time, you’ll have outstanding results. Here on this blog we don’t talk about getting rich quick we share with you real life case studies. Hope you find it useful. thanks for your comment.

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