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If you want to know how big affiliate marketers work online, and if you want to know the secrete behind six-figure affiliate marketers, then this post is for you, just follow up with me and read till the end. In this article, I’ll be revealing the top secrete affiliate marketing strategy of big affiliate marketers, which they use to generate at least 5 to 6 figures not only on a monthly basis but even daily.

What’s nice about this strategy is that anyone can get into it, you don’t need to be a big marketer. Anyone interested in affiliate marketing can start running small ads campaigns and scale up to reach 5 and 6 figures. Another nice feature about this strategy is that it does not require a website. Anyone from anywhere can start implementing the strategy I’ll share with you in this article. Let’s get busy.

The Top Secret Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The First Step

The first step is to find a successful affiliate marketing campaign. The idea is to go online, spy, and find someone who is running a successful campaign and duplicate it. In this way, you can guarantee a 95% successful affiliate marketing campaign for yourself.

How To Find A Successful Campaign

The idea is simply finding someone who’s running a native or paid ad campaign on native ads networks. A native ad platform is a platform to run paid native ads. There are lots of native ads platforms all over the internet, sites like,,, and much more.

What you’re going to do is to find people who are using these native ads networks, and are running a successful affiliate marketing campaign.


1. Do It Manually

Of course, you don’t want to do it this way. Personally, I think that it’s so complicated and mostly a time waster.

2. Use An Ad Spy Tool

Ad spy tools help you spy on successful campaigns of affiliate marketers. You can use tools like Adplexity, one of the top ads spy tools on the internet. You can spy on mobile ads, desktop ads, native ads, push ads, e-commerce ads, and so on. But in this strategy, we’re going to be talking about native ads, and all you have to do is;

I. Sign up with Adplexity if you haven’t, or log in if you have an account.

II. Navigate to native and click on it. After that, you’ll be taken to the main interface of Adplexity, where you can spy on other people’s ads and see what’s working. A lot of ads will be displayed, but to keep things short, simple, and stress-free, do step III.

III. On the left end of the screen, scroll down and select the affiliate network, for example, you can filter people who are promoting ClickBank offers. If you’re working for ClickBank, you can click on ClickBank. Adplexity will then filter ads running on ClickBank or ads promoting ClickBank offers.


IV. The next thing to do is to head over to navigate to filter at the top-right of the window, and select from longest-running ads or received more traffic. Click on one. For example, you can click on received more traffic, and Adplexity will filter ClickBank ads by the top traffic ads. What’s nice about Adplexity is that it shows you the native ad platform affiliate marketing promoters are using to promote their affiliate products and services.

You’ll find some duplicated ads on Adsplexity, the reason is that a lot of people are running the same ads because it’s successful. Other marketers are applying the strategy we’re talking about, simply because it’s one of the best to start working online and become a successful affiliate marketer.

What you’re simply going to do on Adplexity is just to spy on successful ad campaigns and duplicate them.


Before I tell you how, I do have something else I’d like to share with you. It’s a small piece of advice and I just want to share it with you, because I think it’s very important for you. When you work online, and especially in affiliate marketing, since you are promoting products for other people or businesses, a lot of times you may face someone who’s trying to lie to people, misleading products, and people who are trying to scam people, and so on.

Consider This

A little advice from me to you especially when you work in affiliate marketing and online, just remember that you’re a human, you must have some morals and ethics that prevent you from working in fields that may hurt other people or scam them. Always consider your actions and the result they will bring about. Whenever you work online, just be a human, always pick products or services that are really legit. My opinions though.

V. Select one of the campaigns you’d like, open it, and Adplexity will show you in detail the analytics for that ad. You’ll see in which countries it’s running, device types, landing pages (very important, you can just copy the landing pages and start your campaigns if you have the link), adtrend, publisher, and every detail about that ad you’ll need.

To learn more about the product, just click on show more and you will see the link, click on it, and it’ll take you to the landing page. You can learn more about the product from the landing page. What you’re to do is to copy duplicate the same campaign, you can get everything to promote with. You can sign up with the affiliate program the affiliate marketer is promoting, and you want to promote, and start promoting similar products.

Important Points To Consider

As a good practice, if the person is running the ad of Revcontent, head over to Mgid, Outbrain, Google ads, YouTube ads, or even Facebook ads to duplicate the campaign.

The strategy is simply finding a successful campaign, and duplicating it on other ad networks. That’s simple. I hope you got the idea, I know that this is somehow an advanced strategy, but am trying my best to make it as simple as I can, so you can get some benefit, and learn about advanced strategies on affiliate marketing.


Another important point I want to explain in this article is tracking. On the left-end section of the windows displaying the ads you filtered, you’ll find something called a tracking tool. As an affiliate marketer, whenever you run a campaign, it’s very important that you track your campaigns, know how many conversions you get, how much revenue you made, how much profit, to see if the campaign is successful or not. There are lots of tools like Volume, Thrive, Ads bridge, etc.

I know this is an advanced topic as I mentioned before, and it requires a step-by-step in-depth explanation. I was thinking to write a full premium article about this strategy, but I want to publish this before to see if you’re interested in such topics or not. So please if you’re interested in learning more about these strategies in-depth, and if you’d like me to publish an in-depth article on them, leave your answers in the comment section. With that, I can know how many are interested.

Summing Up

To sum up, go to Adplexity and spy on successful campaigns, and duplicate the same campaigns on different ad networks. Don’t forget to track them with applications like volume, Thrive, or whatever. This is how you can start a six-figure affiliate marketing journey.

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