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Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate marketing is simply all about picking up a product, promoting it, and earning a commission. What if I tell you with the same time and effort, but with selecting the correct product, you can earn up to 10X more money. In this article, I will be sharing with you the top 5 affiliate marketing products that you can select to earn more money.

These programs are so simple to join, anyone can join. You don’t need to request approval, you don’t need to do anything. Just sign up and start promoting, and see amazing results.


Before I start with the first one, I want to explain and tell you why the products I’ll mention in this article will enable make 10X more money. Simply put, the reason is that these products will give you recurring commissions. For example, let’s say you’re promoting a product that costs $50, and your commission is like 50%. What you’re going to do now is to maybe run campaigns and try to promote the product, and you get like ten customers. You’ll earn $250 for the ten customers.

Now, if you move to a recurring commission product like the ones I’ll be mentioning shortly, and let’s say the scenario, but we have a $50 recurring commission. Let’s say you promote the products only to 10 people, you’ll earn $25 recurring payment.

You’ll get this number every month without promoting again and again. You’ll earn recurring commission every month and promote and for promoting only once. So with the same time, one effort, and with the products, I’ll show you, you’ll earn every single month with the same product. This is like building a stable business with only one affiliate product. Let’s get talking.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Get response

Get Response is a great email marketing service. After visiting the website, if you navigate to the affiliate, you’ll see that they have two programs and both are really awesome. For the first one, you’ll be given $100 for each sale. Alternatively, you can use the second program which is 33% recurring commissions for every customer you refer.

What’s nice about GetResponse is that you just sign up, you don’t need to request approval. Just sign up and start promoting. The next awesome feature of Getresponse, if you navigate to the affiliate dashboard, you’ll find the tools, and everything you’ll need to start promoting, tools like email templates, text ads, videos, etc. You have everything you’ll need to start promoting it.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is also one of the top email marketing services. After you visit their website, navigate to the footer in the active campaign section, and you’ll find the partner program. You can open it and click on the affiliate program, to earn up to 30$ recurring commission. Just click on get started and join the affiliate program in the Active campaign.


There’s an important point in Active Campaign and in Getresponse that I’d like to share with you. Why are they important. Simply because when you refer a customer; to an email marketing service, it’s somehow difficult to leave the service. Why? Because they’ll import their contacts, build their sales funnels, etc. All their data will be saved. So leaving such service is somehow hard and you can ensure almost 90% that the customer will stick to these services and you’ll earn the recurring commissions on a monthly basis. The services will make the customer stick to them because all the data will be saved in the service.


SEMrush is an SEO service company that provides tools to rank websites and get free organic traffic. On visiting the site, scroll down to the footer and click on the affiliate program link (their affiliate program is called BErush), you’ll see that they offer up to 40% recurring commission on the SEMrush affiliate program. Every month you’ll earn a 40% commission for the same customer referred.

In this way, you’re not only doubling your revenues, but you’ll be earning every month without promoting again.

Click Funnels

Click funnels is one of the top services in creating sales funnels on the internet, it also gives you an opportunity to earn a 40% monthly recurring commission. This software is very powerful to create sales funnels. It costs around $97 for the basic plan, and you earn up to a $40 recurring commission every month per customer.

For example, you can create content around it on your blog, YouTube channel, answer some questions about it on Quora and mention your affiliate links, and so on. You can check out my articles on affiliate marketing to find out more ways to promote your links.


TubeBuddy is simply a tool to help YouTubers grow their YouTube channels. The cool thing about TubeBuddy is that it gives you up to 50% recurring commission. Under the company section in TubeBudy, click on the affiliate program link and sign up with them. It’s 100% free to join from any country, and nothing is required.

Just sign up in one minute and start promoting it to earn commissions with affiliate marketing. You can create email campaigns, social posts, videos, blog posts, etc that contain your affiliate link, telling people about TubeBuddy.


I believe this article has been a little bit informative, you can start right away as a beginner and never worry about being approved or not. The five products we discussed GetResponse, Active Campaign, ClickFunnels, SEMrush, and TubeBuddy, all have recurring commission programs to earn up to 10X more money with affiliate marketing. Go ahead and try them out. Happy Hustling.

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