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You don’t have any online skills, no money, and you have no website and you want to start your online business today. Can you still make money online? The answer is YES.

In this article, I’ll show you how to start from scratch. You don’t need a website, no money down, and no online skills. All you need to do is, just to read this article till the end where I’ll be revealing to you a short strategy on how to make money online right from the first month, and in some cases from the first week.

Making money online has never been easier today, and with this strategy am about to share with you, your earning potentials are unlimited if you can just stick to it.

Not too many intros let’s just dive in shall we.

The general strategy is selling a product to an audience.

Yeah, I get it there’s a problem with this strategy,

You don’t have a product to sell, no audience because you don’t have any website or YouTube channel. And you probably haven’t worked online before. Products and audiences seem to be the major problems with this strategy. Since we need the traffic to a product and we need a product for our audience.

The solution to the problem is what I am going to share with you in this article. How to get a product, a selling page, and how to get an audience to get traffic to the product.


90% of the people reading this will not apply what they learn. They’re maybe afraid to apply this strategy or maybe just too lazy to apply it. Only 10% will apply it and out of this 10%, only 5% will succeed because they are the ones with the will to continue for at least a month.

What I am sharing with you only requires just one hour each day for at least one month to see direct results.
This is not a get-rich-quick strategy and I am not going to tell you that you’ll make $10000 even though it’s possible. In 90% of cases, you’ll earn like $100 or $200 or maybe $500 for the first month or two.

The $100 or $200 can be used to reinvest in the business by running paid ads campaign. So, just dedicate an hour or more per day for 30 days to apply what you’ll learn from this blog. THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE.

Make Money Online With No Money, No Skill, No Website

Dealing With The Problems Proper.

As we’ve seen earlier there are two main problems with this strategy, products, and audience.

Let’s start by solving the first problem.

How to Get The Product.

I am going to assume that you’re a complete beginner and you don’t have a product but if you do, it’s perfect. The question is, where can you get a product to sell? The best choice is to go with affiliate marketing, finding affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is simply according to Investopedia, an online advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. As an affiliate marketer, you promote a product or services and earn commissions from sales. Click here to read more on affiliate marketing.

Today, I’ll be discussing three platforms to do affiliate marketing with and get products to promote.

  1. Shareasale

Shareasale is probably the number one affiliate marketing platform available for beginners, you can simply visit Shareasale and sign up with them to start promoting products and services.

Now, just get the idea. We needed a product, and with the help of Shareasale, we could get tons of products to sell.

Shareasale is available in every country.


CJ affiliate is another affiliate network like Shareasale. visit the website using this link and sign up to start promoting products.

Both Clickbank and CJ affiliates are big companies in the affiliate marketing world, let’s say you don’t want to partner with these big businesses, we can go with an awesome alternative like,

  1. WarriorPlus

Just like Shareasale and CJ affiliates, Warriorplus is an awesome affiliate marketing platform to get products from. All you need to do is just sign up and look for available offers to pick the best products to promote. You have the freedom of picking a product that fits you or what you love to promote.

After picking a product to promote, all you have to do is just click on the request approval, and the company that owns the products you pick will approve it. You can also view the sales page.

Now about the sales page, it acts as the website for advertising the product which is already made for you by the company which is why you don’t need a website to promote the product since you have one made for you by the company.

All you need to do is just copy the sales page link from your account and promote it. As simple as this, just get the product and get the link to promote it. We get the product and we get the free website to promote it, we’ve solved the first issue.

Now the second problem,

How To Get Traffic to Your Sales Page.

We need at least over 5000 or 10000 visitors(not sales) per month to our sales page so we can get some conversions and see profits like $200 to $600 per month.

Since you have no website, no email lists, no YouTube channel, you literally have no source of traffic, the easiest path to get traffic is through two places FORUMS and Q&A sites. Follow carefully from here on as this is the most crucial part of your journey.

Quora And Reddit

Getting a product can just take you like 10 to 15 minutes per day but promoting it needs more time, and the best place to start with as I said earlier is forums and Q&A site, and one of the best places to start with is simply Quora the number one Q&A site on earth and the second website is Reddit.

Quora has about 500 million views per month which makes it a very important place to promote your product. With this platform, you could get results from the first day since you’ll have about 1000 to 2000 views per day from this site alone.

Reddit on the other hand has about 1.5 BLN views per month. A huge market indeed.

Note this, don’t try to spam anyone. Just one to two hours a day on these platforms with the strategy I’ll be teaching you on how to use them to promote your products will guarantee your profits.

How To Use Quora and Reddit For Affiliate Marketing

The best way to start promoting your affiliate products on quora is by answering questions related to the products you’re promoting.
For example, say the product you’re promoting is about weight loss, you’ll search on quora about weight loss and you’ll find a lot of questions about weight loss.

All you have to do is just simply answer some of the questions on that topic. As I said earlier, don’t spam, just give real value.

Some might say, “but Prince ……

Yeah, I get it…

You don’t know anything about the topic, you love it and you just want to sell, so you don’t know what answers to give.

What you can do

You can just get the questions, for example, benefits of weight loss. You can just copy the questions and search for them on google, read about the question, rephrase it and post your answers on quora. Just give some value and you can mention your links as a possible solution.

As a best practice in quora, don’t mention your links in each answer you provide. Each day you’re going to answer at least 5 to 10 questions and you should mention your links in 1 or 2 questions so as to not to get banned or classified as a spammer.

Another tip on how to use Quora for affiliate marketing is to go into spaces. Spaces are like groups in quora where people discuss a specific topic. You could go into one of those spaces related to your product and post an article about the topic.

Another great tip is to search for new relevant questions, and answer them first so people will get to see them first when they read the questions. You could get thousands of views with this strategy daily. Just go and check it out.

I don’t own quora or trying to market it, but am just trying to help you get traffic to your sales page for free.

The second one is Reddit. Here you can find Reddits, they are like communities you can join and post things that help people and share your links. Don’t spam, just try your best to help people answer their questions, share some valuable pieces of information, and share your links when necessary.

So far, I’ve talked about Quora and Reddit, places where you can get traffic for free and fast from the first day to your offers or products.


Initially, I just want to talk about quora and Reddit, but I just feel like adding this one, HERCULIST.COM.

Herculist is an email marketing website that gives you access to about 1000 emails daily you can advertise your products to and it’s free. They have a paid plan which gives you access to over 200,000 emails daily for a little fee per month. It’s easy to use, they send the emails for you and you get the traffic to your site and maybe some conversions.

You could use the free plan and maybe when you make some profits with it, you could switch to the paid plan ASAP.

Just A Tip

Just to add, don’t just share the affiliate link directly, you can create a small blog site for free using a website called blogger. This is optional but I think it’s somehow a good tip to go with.

Go to, a company by google where you can create a blog site for free without a domain or hosting. Just sign up with your Gmail account and create a small page where you can share more about your offer and offer link, and paste inside Quora or Reddit.

A lot has been mentioned here, just decide and set out time for yourself each day to execute this strategy. You could read over again in case you missed some points.

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